Saturday, May 21, 2016

France Says No to Ukraine-EU Visa-Free Travel

The best laid plans of mice and men and E U bureaucrats gang oft a-gley, Scottish poet Robert Burns might have said had he, like us Boggart Bloggers set himself the task of being an EU watcher. It is a sign perhaps that the European Union is disintegrating when the once seemingly unstoppable bureaucratic dictatorship in Brussels is losing more than it wins.

Just a few weeks after Dutch voters resoundingly rejected closer economic links with Ukraine, and as the much hyped deal with Turkey on controlling the flow of illegal immigrants into Europe, France has now said no to a deal that would give visa free travel within the EU to the people of Ukraine. 
French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said Friday that the timing was not right, Europe Online reports.

"This subject cannot be dealt with in the coming weeks and months. That is not the wish of France," Cazeneuve  said when meeting with his EU colleagues in Brussels.

The European Commission has urged member states to lift visa requirements on the three countries, as they have met all the bloc's benchmarks.

The reforms laid out by the European Commission provide for a snap-back mechanism that would apply to any country granted visa-free access, allowing the benefit to be suspended for six months in case any problems arise.

To take effect the proposal requires the approval of the European Parliament.

German Interior Minister Thomas De Maiziere said during Friday’s meeting that no new visa liberalization decisions should be taken before the snap-back mechanism is in place.

Georgia and Kosovo are also hoping to be granted visa-free access to Europe in the coming months.

The French ambassador to Russia, Jean-Maurice Ripert, earlier said that France was ready to lift visa restrictions with Russia as there was no risk of any big migrant flows from this country.

But France cannot do this alone as the move “requires the approval of all members of the Schengen Protocol,” the ambassador added.


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Federal Judge Censures US Department Of Justice Over Unethical Conduct In Immigration Case

Justice, The Old Bailey, London
(The welfare of the people is the paramount law - Marcus Tullius Cicero)

It should have happened a long time ago, Barack Obama's contempt for US law, The Constitution, the principles of democracy, and his penchant for ruling by executive edict in the manner of a third world tyrant ought to have ended his Presidency before he reached the half way point in his first term.

But American voters are as patient and tolerant as we British it seems , though some people might say both nations are stuck in hendonistic apathy and jus t can't be arsed doing anything about the crimes of their leaders. Things are much the same throughout Europe we are told.

Since the early days of Obama's presidency, the Department of Justice has been one of the government agencies that has shown the most contempt for US law (so its true that Americans lack a sense of irony) from Eric Holder's pro-black bias to the current obstruction by Loretta Lynch of FBI efforts to indict Hillary Clinton for violations of national security protocols while Secretary of State, the DoJ has lived up to Obama's 2008 campaign pledge that under his presidency justice would be delivered with prejudice towards member of people and groups that supported him.
That policy seems to have now come to a head.

The US federal judge hearing a challenge to Barack Obama’s executive orders on immigration threw the book at the Department of Justice yesterday in a show of judicial force, the National Law Journal’s Zoe Tillman reported. In a judicial order that details material misrepresentations made by DoJ attorneys in his court, Judge Andrew Hanen has demanded a full list of illegal immigrants granted benefits in the lapsed time. Hanen then blocked DoJ attorneys from appearing in any court in the 26 states involved until they take an ethics course, and further demanded that Attorney General Loretta Lynch to report within 60 days about how she plans to correct the failures in the Office of Professional Responsibility:


But Hanen did not finish there. His order went on to accuse government attorneys of a pattern of dishonest behavior and “bad faith,” and of deliberately deceiving the plaintiffs in the lawsuit in order to prevent an earlier request for a restraining order being granted:

This Court has found no authority to support the concept that it is ever ethical and appropriate conduct to mislead a court and opposing counsel; nor has the Government provided any authority to that effect. That being the case, the Court finds no need for a comprehensive dissertation on the duty of candor and honesty because counsel in this case failed miserably at both. The Government’s lawyers in this case clearly violated their ethical duties.

To say that the Government acted contrary to its multiple assurances to this Court is, at best, an understatement. The Government knowingly acted contrary to its representations to this Court on over 100,000 occasions.11 This Court finds that the misrepresentations detailed above: (1) were false; (2) were made in bad faith; and (3) misled both the Court and the Plaintiff States.
Both the Court and the attorneys representing the Plaintiff States relied upon February 18, 2015, (the implementation day for the 2014 DHS Directive specified by the Government attorneys) as the controlling date...

Hanen, seeking an appropriate remedy then really embarrased the Obama administration. Striking all of the government’s pleadings would have sufficed, but the judge recognized the importance of this debate to the national interest and chose to go for the throat.

Ordereing the government to provide a list of all 108,000+ people who were granted benefits because of the Obama administration’s misrepresentations, so that those benefits could be reversed if the White House loses at the Supreme Court, he also demanded a redress for the insult to the court as well. In order to litigate in any of the 26 states bringing the lawsuit — in either federal or state court — any DoJ attorney has to first take an ethics course, in a classroom, taught by someone outside of Justice

Judge Hanen, may the Boggart Bloggers enquire if there is any chance of you moving to Britain, we could really use somebody willing to sort out our politicised legal system.


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