Thursday, October 20, 2022

Latest Act In The Shakespearean Comedy 'The Merry Whores Of Westminster'

So Liz Truss has resigned as Prime Minister after only 44 days in office, thus reducing British politics, once noted for its stability and the level headed and respectful was in which political business was conducted to the commedia dell'arte that passes for democratic government in Italy.

It was an ignominious exit even for somebody who, though she had promised little, we expected less but in the end, to paraphrase Elton John: 'she had the grace to throw herself while those around her fall.'

Liz Truss delivers her resignation speech outside Downing Street as her husband looks on
(Source: Screenshot from BBC News)(

If we are honest, few people would claim they expected Truss to be a successful Prime Minister and many of us actually predicted she would only be in office for months rather than years. Was it sexism, anti - Conservative prejudice or,  pure snobbery that gave people such a negative impression of Truss, you might well ask. 

In fact it was none of these things. Liz Truss was the latest in a line of mediocre politicians, big on ambition, light on talent, experience, charisma, communications ability and interpersonal skills to worm their way into political prominence. Yet they do, quite simply they will say or do anything they believe will advance their interests, they will serve any master or often many masters simultaneously.

Consistency and principles, which ought to be essential to the delivery of government with the consent of the people, have become utterly irrelevant in politics these day - all that matters is power and the agenda they want to push forward in the interests of whichever  global corporation, financial institution or unelected cabal of billionaire psychopaths is offering the most money. Politicians have become Machiavellian creatures - supporters of 'the ends justifies the means' approach to pushing their agendas. It is undeniable that the vast majority of modern British politicians are dishonest by nature. Worse still, they cannot even tell when they are being dishonest and few actually care. 

I have now passed the point at which all trust in politics and government, including the state institutions such as the Health Service, Police, Education, the Judicial system have evaporated. Though never a Labour or Conservative or even a floating voter, I can no longer care about which bunch of crooks and liars wins the next general election because the charge of hypocrisy against both parties has lost all the power it once had which signals to me a complete breakdown in British politics as a whole.

There was a time in politics when principles and integrity were important because credibility mattered. When we stopped punishing the hypocrites in politics that was the unscrupulous and amoral benefitted and took over. Principles and consistency no longer matter when you are led by self-serving hypocrites who whore themselves around the World Economic Forum and the financial hubs of the west and east. All that remains in politics these days is tribalism and polarisation. Complex and nuanced debate has been reduced to false binaries - A is wrong because it is A, thus it is proved that B is right - at this rate it won't be long before we witness a level of politics similar to rival tribes of Chimpanzees throwing turds at each other in the House of Commons.

When we replace principles and consistency in politics then there is no longer any real credibility and what we are left with and what we are witnessing increasingly within western political leadership today which is authoritarianism.

 If we want to get back to talking about ideas in politics instead of personalities then we need to get back to principles and integrity once again, to preserve what little political credibility we have left in Britain we must get back to debating facts, elevate political dialogue based on evidence and reason, ,start fighting for ideas once again instead of personalities and crackpot ideologies  for this we need to get back to consistency and principles . If we could do that maybe then we will also see the emergence of political leadership once again.



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Hit Brake On Net Zero, Voters Tell Wannabe Prime Ministers
A majority of Conservative party members who will vote in the leadership contest want the next prime minister to pause and review the push for Net Zero, a new poll has revealed. These results increae pile pressure on leadership hopefuls Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak to strengthen their stanceon the cost likely of transitioning from coal and gas fuelled electricity generating plants to inefficient, unreliable, intermittent 'green power' sources.

New Figures Show Brexit Has Failed To Take Back Control Of Immigration
Just over six years ago the nation's attention was focused on immigration, and particularly the 'Brexit' campaign's promise to 'Take Back Control' of our borders. Today the immigration issue is as predominant in many people's minds as news this morning revealed record numbers of migrants entered the country last year, while yesterday a record number of people were trying to make the hazardous crossing from France in small boats to enter the country illegally.

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