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German Farmers' Day Of Protest Causes Chaos Nationwide

Farmers' tractor protest blocks the road through the Brandenburg Gate in the heart of Germany's government district (picture via DW)


As yesterday's Boggart Abroad story predicted Greman farmers today launched a week of protest when hundreds of tractors and agricltural vehicles invaded the city and blocked streets and main roads in protests against proposed cuts to the agricultural budget which would been reduced subsidies to farmers. The farmers piled on the misery for Chancellor Olaf Scholz's fragile coalition coalition as it struggles to hold together a fragile coalition which includes the Green Party who want to abolish farming altogether and go back to a hunter - gatherer economy (that may be an exaggeration, but only a slight one,) and the Free Democrats, a pro - business party which supports market economics and unrestrained capitalism.

The government is also trying to contain the burgeoning popularity of the AfD (Alternatif fur Deutschland,) and anti - open borders and EU sceptic party, having failed to dent AfD's ride by smearing them as 'far right'. The calition's latest move it that they have, somewhat idiotically, put in motion moved to have AfD banned as a danger to democracy, thus identifying the governing coalition itself as a danger to democracy.

Convoys of tractors and trucks today gathered on roads around Berlin and most of the 16 federal states, in sub-zero temperatures in while protesters clashed with police and senior politicians warned that the unrest could encourage extremism.

The protests have so far forced Scholz's deeply unpopular government into promising policy changes to head off further unrest on the unrest while sticking to fiscal discipline after a constitutional court ruling in November threw its spending plans into disarray.

Needless to say these protests have been played down by German mainstream media and hardly reported outside Germany except by the alt_news community

"No beer without farmers," read one protest banner, while another tractor had a poster from the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party that read "Our farmers come first."

Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck, who was prevented from leaving a ferry as he returned from holiday last week when furious farmers tried to storm the vessel he was on, warned in a video message on Monday that farmers' right to protest could be exploited by fringe groups but thus has become a regular theme from EU member state governments facing mass dissent as they try to impose the extremist policies imposed by Brussels.

Farmers called the protests in response to the government's decision to phase out a tax break on agricultural diesel as it tries to bring its 2024 budget over the finish line while complying with the constitutional court ruling.

"For a farm like mine, I would lose about 10,000 euros," said a farmer from Bavaria, Ralf Huber. "For our businesses, it's a catastrophe."

The AfD party, preparing to launch campaigns in a string of federal state elections later this year, is supporting the protests, claiming it proves German voters dissatisfaction with current government and hoping to make enough gains to be able to force the Scholz administration to resign.

Hermann Blinkert at the German Institute for New Social Answers (INSA) said the government was in deep scheiss because will look weak if it u-turns on cutting farm subsidies, but will appear to have lost control if the dispute continues.

"The government has the problem that it has already gambled away the trust of the population," Blinkert said.



EU Technocrats Plan To Shut Down European Agricultural Industry
European farmers will gather in Brussels on Tuesday to demand guarantees from the EU Commission that changes to policy will be made to ensure the European agricultural sector remains viable. They will also demand a relaxation of the regulatory regime, and for Brussels to abandon free trade agreements with countries outside the EU, which are now being used to bring cheap into European markets

Dutch farmers block roads with tractors in protest of government plan to seize thousands of farms over “climate change”
With the cost of energy and food prices already sky high and set to go higher, the , billionaire psychopaths have declared war on the food that sustains us. The European Union having failed to completely remove the gas essential to all lifeforms, Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, is now setting itself up to remove another esstential gas, nitrogen - which accounts for 70% of the air we breathe.

Playing God In The Garden. The Risks Of Messing About With Nature.
As the corrupt politicians, greedy corporate businesses and insane scientists stepo up their efforts to assure the public that food containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is safe, why is public opposition growning. OK, recently exposures of corporate corruption, scientific fraud and politicical dishonest have destroyed trust but is there more to it than that?

How Globalism and Big Agriculture Corporations Are Destroying Independent Farmers.
The push to impose genetically modified foods on us all is stalling, it hasn't failed yet, the greedy and corrupt politicians and the science whores who will seel their arses for a research grant are still collabourating with Corporate businesses to bullt the public. But the more the fascists bully, the more obdurate We The People become. So now the shits are trying to destroy small, independent farmers so we will ot have any choice about eating their toxic shit.

Grocery store smart shelves to target customers using facial recognition technology
Yet another truly bad idea from the world of science and technology where to be humnan is the greatest sin. This time they want to fill supermarkets with smart shelves to 'nudge' us towards buying certain goods. Fascist twats.

Hungry Nation: Britain's Use Of Food Banks Triples
After all the bullshit and bloated rhetoric from both ends of the political spectrum, today in Britain we have charity food banks multiplying rapidly to feed hungry families. After all the economists and 'experts' crap we are back in the 1930s.

Speed Up Introduction Of GM Crops Says Increasingly Stalinist Coalition Government The coalition is selling us out to the global government Nazis and the corporate fascists. This time is is over the introduction of GM crops which will not feed the world but will create a much greater environmental hazard than carbon dioxide. But GM crops were never about feeding the world, that are about power and control. A global tyranny is on the way if we do not start to resist now.

Dairy Farmers Ruined: Free Markets Versus Corporate DictatorshipnThatcherite conservatives in the UK and Reaganite Republicans in the USA love to talk of free markets and the utopia they create. But do fre markets ever exist. In response to one free market enthusiast and proponent of globaliation, the daily stirrer and ian thorpe show that what looks like a free market from above is anything but when viewed from the ground.upposed to protect the efficient has actually been hijacked by a cartel of food retail chains.Dairy Farmers are being driven to bankruptcy because the "free market" in milk in which market forces are s UK
See also: [ Daily Stirrer, June 2012 ]

Bansturbators Hidden Agenda - Abolish Meat To Make Way For Grey Goo.The bansturbators of Nanny State and the neo-Fascists of the New World Order are set on devivering us into the Brave New World promised a hured years ago by those who decided democracy would have to be superseded by a scientific dictatorship. Replacing natural meat in our diets with stuff made from grey goo grown in laboratories is the latest item on their agenda to go public.

Germany Burns Net Zero Pledges And Fires Up Coal Generating Plants Ahead Of Winter Peak Electricity Season
On Wednesday this week Germany's coalition government approved putting coal power plants back online until the end of March 2024 to ensure energy security when natural gas supplies cannot meet demand. Though Germany has for at least a decade vied with Britain to claim leadership of Europe's ill - advised push for net zero, the Berlin government has been forced into this move

"It is not a matter of what is true that counts, but a matter of what is perceived to be true.'—Henry Kissinger, February 1999" That is very significant quote by , or attributed to, Henry Kissinger and it is interesting that former Uk Prime Minister Tony Blair used a very similar line when selling his 'New Labour' schtick to British voters. No coincidence of course that both these figures have close links to the World Economic Forum. It has always been the case that perception overrides actuality, were it not so there would never have been any empires, religions or political parties.

From COVID To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism
As I have noted in the past, the western world came within a knife’s edge of being completely subjugated and placed under perpetual medical tyranny by a coalition of government officials, globalist interests and corporate partners. Liberty movement analysts have talked often of “open conspiracy,” but it was not until the pandemic response that we truly witnessed the mask come off and the greater agenda revealed.

Pandemic Preparedness And The Road To International Fascism
The World Health Organization's broad definition of health embraces physical, mental and social well-being. Expressed in its 1946 constitution alongside concepts of community participation and national sovereignty, it reflected an understanding of a world emerging from centuries of colonialist oppression and the public health industry's shameful facilitation of fascism. But somewhere along the way those high minded ideals were lost ...

German MP Vows To End WHO / Billionaire Psycopaths Influence On Government Policy
German Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Christine Anderson last week delivered a speech to the Citizens Initiative in which she excoriated the World Health Organization, calling it a group of "globalitarian misanthropists" who she - and a group of seven other MPs, have vowed to dismantle in order to oppose the WHO supplanting democratically elected governments.

French President Macron Narrowly Survives Confidence Vote Over Dictatorial Pension Reforms
Riots erupted agross France again today after French President Emmanuel Macron pushed through his pension reform act, raising the retirement age without bothering to present his proposal to the National Assembly so representatives could vote on bit. The public backlash has exceeded even the most pessimistic predictions, and there is now a good chance that a no-confidence vote this week could collapse his government.

More Globalist Psychopathy: How the Merging of Humans and Technology Will Define The Furure
A presentation at the World Government Summit (WGS) last week in Dubai, unveiled the conference organizers agenda for a Brave New World. Titled “Government in 2071 initiative" the plan was described as a roadmap for governments to interact with “citizens and stakeholders” in effecting dramatic changes in the way the world is governed and societies are organised. Drivers of these radical changes in the way we live will be Artificial Intelligence, robotics and climate change.

Is Switzerland About To Become First Country To Outlaw A Cashless Society?
As in neighboring Germany and Austria, cash is still king in Switzerland albeit a much diminished one. But the Swiss will soon have the chance to vote on whether to preserve notes and coins indefinitely.

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