Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Hungary speeds up fence building as criticisms of its 'no more migrants' policy mount

Migrants demonstrate how to enter Hungary illegally (Image Source)

With the criticisms from Austrian and German leaders still echoing through the strets of Prague, likening their treatment of undocumented travellers who are trying to enter the country illegally to Nazi holocaust deportations, the Hungarians have been rushing to finish their razor-wire fence along the Serbian border.

The Hungarian government is also fast - tracking new laws criminalising illegal immigrants, and also deploying the army along the border to deal with migrant gangs trying to break through the border fence. It is an attitude that is attracting widespread condemnation both domestically and internationally.

Ironically both Germany and Austria have in the past few days scrapped their open borders and announced entry controls on non - EU nationals trying to cross their borders. It seems then that Germany and Austria are blaming Hungary for their immigration crises when in fact the faulkt lies with the EU itself for failing to enforce its own laws.

The Schengen zone, within which borders are open under EU law, was only ever intended to facilitate free movement of E U member state nationals, not to allow people who enter the EU illegally to go wherever they wish once they have illegally entered an E U nation.

“Either we continue to build these borders and treat people with brutality, deploying the army and putting them in detention camps, or we have to accept that asylum seekers will continue to try to come to Europe and have to be treated in a humane manner to claim their legal right to asylum,” said Human Rights Watch’s Peter Bouckaert.

In order to speed up the fencebuilding the Hungarians have pressed prisoners into service, with the southern section now forecast to be finished by September 15.




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