Thursday, August 03, 2017

Pulitzer-Prize Winning Reporter:FBI Report: It Was Seth Rich, Not Russians, Who Gave DNC Emails to Wikileaks

Just as left leaning political pundits in the USA are starting to crow about the apparent chaos in The White House (OK, so Trump has fired three senior staffers within two week, big deal. It's what he does, it's in the job description. You're fired!) the fates once again conspire to knock the idiots who have not yet accepted they lost the election off their high horse.

As everyone is aware the main thrust of the Dems efforts to have Trump impeached have been trumped up (sorry, couldn't resist,) accusation that his collaboration with the Russian government was behind the alleged hack of Democrat campaign and Clinton Foundation computer systems which resulted in thousands of damaging documents being released to Wikileaks.

And like other blogs that reported the same thing, when Boggart Abroad revealed it was not the Russians, but a Democrat campaign worker disgusted at the way the party had cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination, who leaked the emails, we were called conspiracy theorists. Seth Rich, who was murdered soon after the leaks began to be published, was not even a hacker, he had legitimate access to the computer networks and released the information in the public interest as any responsible citizen should.

Well now it is out in the open, an FBI report (that's the post - Comey FBI of course) has identified Rich as the leaker. Which means if there is still such a thing as justice in Washington DC, some senior figures in the Democratic party should be looking at "Conspiracy To Murder" charges soon.