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Curency Wars: China To Settle $582,300,000,000 in Yuan Worldwide In Push to Circumvent US Dollar

 The currency war we have been reporting on for ten years at least, the bid by China and its allies led by Russia and Iran, to replace the US$ as global reserve currency is hotting up.

For some time now China has quietly been making deals, first with its BRICS partners but more lately with all takers, to abandon the Bretton Woods convention by which international trades are customarily settled in U S dollars. A few years ago China, in collaboration with Russia and Iran, created the Petroyuan as a rival for the Petrodollar, the vehicle in which all crude oil futures contracts were made since the early 1970s.

Gradually at first, but now at an accelerating rate, nations are agreeing to trade in Yuan or in the currency of the vendor's nation. The Chinese government says it’s now signed $582.3 billion worth of global currency settlement agreements that will exclusively utilize the yuan.

According to a new report from the Chinese state news organisation, China Daily, the country’s central bank has inked deals with more than 40 countries and regions since 2016.

As for the countries involved in the pacts, China highlights Russia, Venezuela, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

China says its moves are designed to boost the yuan’s role in international trade and circumvent the need of developing nations to depend on the US dollar and thus be vulnerable to coercion by the US government. The Mafia - like way Washington operates its resrve currency scam has been illustrated by the response to the war in Ukraine. The American government tried to stop weaker nations doing business with Russia by threatening economic sanctions on those countries which broke US imposed trade embargoes.

A statement from China's overseas trade department reads: “There is a need to promote cross-border yuan settlement to make bilateral trade more efficient and boost the yuan’s internationalization process…

To be sure, cross-border trade settlement in the yuan will reduce many countries’ dependence on the US dollar.”

China says direct settlement in the yuan will also shield countries against the “weaponized dollar”, pointing to sanctions levied against Russia in the aftermath of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

As should now be clear to anyone who follows international news, the sanctions imosed on trade with Russia by the USA, EU and NATO has backfired badly and harmed the sanctioning nations more than those targeted. This is because business that previously have been conducted directly between Russia and nations involved in sanctions is now being routed via China, India, Pakistan, Itan, Syria and Turkey.



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De - Dollarisation: China, Brazil Make Deal To Ditch US Dollar For Bilateral Trades
China and Brazil this week concluded a deal to conduct trade between their nations in their own in their own currencies, ditching the established reserve currency for global trade, US dollar as an intermediary, the Brazilian announced said on Wednesday. This is Beijing’s latest strike against the almighty greenback in its currency war aimed at shifting the balance of geopolitical and economic power from west to east.

NATO Rhetoric About Russian Threat is 'Absurd'
The reasons being given for the latest NATO military buildup in Eastern Europe, the idea that the Russian 'Russian threat' to Eastern Europe grows every day is "simply absurd," according to former US diplomat and Senate policy advisor Jim Jatras. Effectively, Jatras says, the buildup is an attempt by the US to keep Germany and France on board with Washington's world domination agenda and ...

The Demise Of Dollar Hegemony: Russia Breaks Wall Streets's Oil-Price Monopoly
Significant moves in the global chess game have just rendered the huffing and puffing of warmonger Obama meaningless and will break Wall Street's monopoly in controlling oil markets. The move is part of Vladimir Putin's long-term strategy of decoupling Russia’s economy and especially its very significant export of oil, from the US dollar, in effect ...

Naked Bankers Go For Gold
... That gold sale in 2013 was a naked short. The seller had no gold to sell. COMEX reported having gold only equal to about half of the short sale in its vaults, and not all of that was available for delivery (quite a lot of it belonged to the german government) In effect the naked shorting of gold could only work because really the right hand was selling to the left hand.

The Demise Of Dollar Hegemony: Russia Breaks Wall Streets's Oil-Price Monopoly In a move that went almost completely unreported in mainstream media, Russia has recently opened a market for the trading of physical and 'paper' oil (futures) in Moscow in Roubles. This is the most blatant challenge yet to the domination of the US dollar in world trade.

WMD in Mayfair
Recalling yesterday's Machiavelli Blog which commented on events surrounding the unfortunate death of the alleged former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, it seems the murder investigation has now found evidence of many caches (well OK, traces) of radio active toxins in various fashionable establishments in London's West End frequented by former Russian intelligence agents.

China launches global yuan payment system
China’s Central Bank has started a global payment system which provides cross-border transactions in yuan. The China International Payment System (CIPS) intends to internationalize the yuan and challenge the US dollar's dominance.

Refugee Crisis Or Existential Battle With USA for Europe
It has been clear for some years now that the USA, backed by its main NATO and EU military allies the UK and France (the FUKUS axis has been trying to provoke Russian into firing the shot that will be heard around the world and recognised as the startiung signal for World War Three.
Nothing is ever as it seems to be however, and views from middle east and far eastern journals suggest the USA is also working at destabilizing EU nations in order to force their support in its wars.

EU and US talk of war with Russia
The European People’s Party (EPP) is the largest political group in the European Parliament, and they are unerringly supportive of America's efforts to start a war with Russia. “The time of talk and persuasion with Russia is over," MEP and Vice-President of the EPP told a meeting on Tuesday, 21 April, “Now it’s time for a tough policy, and concentration on defence and security ...”

The Mediterranean Boat People Crisis - How Does Europe Deal With The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis
The numbers of migrants trying to cross from the Libya on the coast of north Africa to one of the EU's southern nations is increasing. Europe's impoverished southern nations can't cope. And in the better off nations of northern Europe immigration is a toxic issue which is fuelling the rise of anti EU parties from France to Finnland in the north and Hungary in the east. What can be done?

Monday, May 29, 2023

Unelected, Unaccountable WHO Advances Globalist Tyranny Through Health Scaremongering

 by Arthur Foxake, 29 May 2023

It is satisfying to learn today that UK Medical Freedom Alliance is throwing in its lot with grassroots campaign groups in the UK and around the world, and with US , UK and EU, politicians, in strongly opposing the proposed World Health Organisation Pandemic Treaty (CA+) and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

It is important to understand that these are two completely different legal instruments, but individually and combined they add up to a major power grab and a serious threat to national sovereignty and individual liberty from the unelected and unaccountable WHO (which is currently led by Tedros Ghebreyesus, an Ethiopian communist and former terrrorist leader who is accused of being involved in genocide according to The Times. There has been no national or international public comment or vote sought as part of the negotiation process, just as there was no public debate around whether it is appropriate to have a man who is linked to genocidal terrorist groups as head of an organisation supposedly tasked with preserving life, but the public are considered not to be relevant ‘stakeholders’ in the (largely secretive) negotiation process at the World Health Assembly (WHA), the decision-making body of the WHO (a wholly owned subsidiary of the World Economic Forum.

Unlike the proposed Pandemic Treaty, which is bad enough but must be scrutinised by Parliament at least before being ratified by the Government, the IHR (2005) is already embeded in international law which is legally binding on 196 countries. As such, any adopted amendments will require no UK Parliamentary scrutiny or vote. All proposed amendments (307 in the working draft) will simply be adopted at the 77th WHA meeting in May 2024 if a majority of the countries’ representatives vote yes.  

Take note of that: "a majority of the countries' representatives vote yes", not "the deal must be ratified by the elected parliament of each country," but a simple majority of hand picked bureaucrats. No democratic oversight, no national referenda, simply a majority of bureaucrats who in turn are picked by bureaucrats, and whose career interests will be advanced by complying with the globalist agenda.

Protesting will achieve nothing, zilch - the deal is done, politicians want this, as another excuse to remove the rights and liberties their populations have over many centuries and generations fought and died for - the Right to Free Speech, the Right to Assembly, the Right to Free and Fair Elections. All of these are just inconvenient when politicians, who are certain of one thing above all else - that they and their advisers know what is best for you and me and that we are infantile simpletons incapable of thinking for ourselves. Thus it is from the goodness of their hearts they in collaboration with unelected bureaucrats want to do is govern and decide what YOU can and cannot do. Comply, it's for your own good is the message.

To understand how the WHO works and why its decisions always point towads global governance we need only follow the money - many commentators have pointed out that the WHO, a UN group is funded in the main by “voluntary private contributions” - in 2022, $6.72billion was its budget - that’s a lot of voluntary cash, and no one gives this generously unless they are expecting something in return. Google funding details for the WHO and do not be surprised that the names of the biggest funding sources are the billionaire psychopaths who promoted the COVID non-pandemic and profited from coercing so many of us into accepting an untested, experimental vaccine that was never going to immunise anybody against the disease but was likely to have serious and long term side effects for many people. mRNA vaccines had been around sine the 1980s but had never been release for general use on humans because of disastrous results from tests on animals.

WHO therefore does not set the global health agenda for the benefit of 'We The People' but in order to secure funding has to do the bidding of rich donors such as self appointed vaccines tsar Bill Gates, and other obscenely rich philanthropies, whose ideals and objectives may or may not include basic human freedoms and of the corrupt and secretive corporations that make up the Big Pharma cartel.

Over the past few years have shown Governments just how easy it is to effectively lockdown their populations, and exercise the control over life or death this fascistic power grab gave them.

Having supped from the cup of the Gods and got excessively drunk on power, the most addictive drug of all, they have no intention of letting an opportunity like this 'enabling act' proposed by WHO to slip thru their fingers. Place the country in lockdown - “we are only doing this because the WHO say we have too”, how long before the Common Cold becomes a source of another Scamdemic lock down and all it’s associated suspension of freedoms.

It is not the execrable communists of the WHO we have to be wary of but our utterly useless self serving elected representatives packed into government offices and debating chambers so eager to sign us up to permanent unaccountable undemocratic globalist control - remember Whitehall has been acting as a fifth column for decades and it truly is the enemy of a sovereign democratic Britain and will remain so until someone clears out the whole globalist, authoritarian cesspit from top to bottom and everywhere in between.

Non compliance is the only way to resist. Do not accept dodgy vaccines (i.e. any vaccines launched within the past 30 years, do not buy a heat pump (you'll only end up cold and smelly,) do not get an electric car, adopt a vegan diet, or give up foreign holidays that involve flying. Do not cooperate, obstruct whevever you can without breaking the law or inconveniencing anybody, especially yourself. Fight for your rights, defend your freedom, AND VOTE FOR ANYBODY BUT THE MAINSTREAM PARTIES.  



The Great Genocide: Dutch Govt Plans to Shut Down Up To 3,000 Farms To Comply With Euronazi Union Green Law
As we reported earlier in the year, in order to comply with new, economically suicidal European Union environmental laws the Dutch government’s plans to force the closure of thousands of dairy and livestock farms in order to comply with the latest and most insane to date batch of EU environment laws which aim to limit notrogen as well as Carbon Dioxide emissions. The European Union green agenda directive has been branded as the “Great Reset turned up to eleven”.

Lockdowns, The Great Reset and the Unfolding Disaster That Is Globalism

In late 2019 and early 2020 and during the COVID era of lockdowns, mask mandates, etc., trillions of dollars were handed over, (via COVID-relief packages,) to elite interests while lockdowns and restrictions were imposed on ordinary people and small businesses.The winners were the global corporations like Amazon, Big Pharma and the tech giants. The losers were small enterprises, communities and the bulk of the population, deprived of their right to work and the entire panoply of civil rights their ancestors struggled for.

EU Vows To Retaliate if Nord Stream Gas Pipeline Blasts Were Sabotage - But against whom, the USA?
Yesterday's shocking news that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 gas poipelines between Russia and Germany immediately triggered speculation about who is responsible, but as the facts emerge the knee jerk blaming of Russia has failed to convince because the attack bears all the halllmarks of a false flag event engineered by the usual suspects ...

Legal Complaint Filed Against Food Retailer’s “Orwellian” Facial Recognition Surveillance SystemA report last week that a major UK retailer, The Co - Operative Society (Co - OP) was planning to install in - store surveillance systems with facial recognition capabilities, supposedly to reduce shoplifting by repeat offenders, caused quite a stir in the media and the privacy protection community. Privacy rights campaign group Big Brother have denounced the scheme which would capture and store biometric scans of “thousands of shoppers” is “unlawful” and “Orwellian in the extreme.”

Legal Complaint Filed Against Food Retailer’s “Orwellian” Facial Recognition Surveillance SystemA report last week that a major UK retailer, The Co - Operative Society (Co - OP) was planning to install in - store surveillance systems with facial recognition capabilities, supposedly to reduce shoplifting by repeat offenders, caused quite a stir in the media and the privacy protection community. Privacy rights campaign group Big Brother have denounced the scheme which would capture and store biometric scans of “thousands of shoppers” is “unlawful” and “Orwellian in the extreme.”

A Mostly Wind- & Solar-Powered US Economy Is A Dangerous Fantasy
When President Biden and other advocates of wind and solar generation speak, they appear to believe that the challenge posed is just a matter of currently having too much fossil fuel generation and not enough wind and solar; and therefore, accomplishing the transition to "net zero" will be a simple matter of building sufficient wind and solar facilities and having those facilities replace the current ones that use the fossil fuels.

Europe's Depleted Gas Storage Might Not Get Refilled Ahead Of Next Winter
While mainstream news reporting of the conflict in Ukraine continues to pump out a torrent of anri - Russia, pro - war propaganda the catastropic effects of this war that could so easily have been avoided are not mentioned. Well why would warmongering governments admit they have inflicted an energy crisis, food shortages and soaring living costs on their people for no good reason ...

While Crazy Joe Biden Claims Victory Over Russia, NATO's Expansin Plans Have Been Derailed By PutinJoe Biden (or his handlers because we all know Joe's mind is gone,) have been trying to spin reports of Russian troops withdrawing from positions close to the Ukraine border as a diplomatic victory for the USA over Putin but in the geopolitical game things are seldom what they seem to be ...

Beware the dangers of a cashless society
As the country celebrates tradition and prepares for change, one major shift is closer than ever – our move towards becoming a cashless society. It is hard to imagine money without the Queen’s profile proudly embossed, defining our Elizabethan generation in a centuries-old British tradition, but the monarch’s face is fast disappearing from our pockets.

Novak Djokovic is no victim but Australian government 's political opportunism is disgusting
While the world divides more deeply into two camps over the COVID mRNA vaccines, one of the most shameful incidents of the whole pandemic has been playing out in Australia where the world No 1 tennis player has been subjected to a medieval with hunt over his refusal to accept vaccination. The persecution of Novak Djokovic has been engineered purely because the nation's leaders want to put it at the forefront of the push towards global vaccine tyranny.
Continue reading >>>

Thousands Protest In Germany Ahead Of COVID Measures Set To Go Into Effect Tuesday
Thousands of people took to the streets of Germany on Monday in protest over COVID-19 restrictions that are set to go into effect on Tuesday.The demonstrations were biggest in Mecklenburg, northern Germany, where roughly 15,000 demonstrators took to the streets to protest against tighter measures, according to local reports. In Rostock, a city along the Warnow River on the north coast of the country, roughly 6,500 people demonstrated, while in Schwerin there were roughly 2,700 and in Neubrandenburg, around 2,400 joined a demonstration. Continue reading >>>

Government To Weaponise Welfare Benefits To Enforce Vaccine Mandates
As evidence piles up showing that the COVID vaccines have failed, or at least are nmot what we were told they are, because data shows that the vaccinated rather than being ptotected from infection are actually more vulnerable to COVID, government and Big Pharma are growing more desperate in their efforts to coerce people into getting vaccinated. Continue reading >>>

Breaking: Brazilian Military Moves Against Socialist Lula After Corrupt Court Refuses Election Audit
For a few days now we have been seeing unconfirmed reports that the Brazilian military, which strongly supports right wing leader Jair Bolsonaro, has taken action to overturn the result of the recent election which was narrowly won by far - left former President Luiz Ignatio Lula da Silva (Lula), was corrupted by extensive vote rigging by Lula's supporters. This follows news that Brazil's Supreme Court, which Lula packed with his communist supporters during his presidency, refused to authorise and investigation into strongly evidenced claims of vote switching

Julian Assange Loses Appeal: British High Court Accepts U.S. Request to Extradite Him for Trial

Press freedom groups have warned Assange’s prosecution is a grave threat. The Biden DOJ ignored them, and today won a major victory toward permanently silencing the pioneering transparency activist. In a London courtroom on Friday morning, Julian Assange suffered a devastating blow to his quest for freedom. A two-judge appellate panel of the United Kingdom’s High Court ruled that the U.S.’s request to extradite Assange to the U.S. to stand trial on espionage charges is legally valid.

The Absurdity Of Vaccine Passports, Lockdowns and Segregating The UnvaxxedAfter reintroducing lockdowns from the beginning of this week in its two regions with the highest rates of COVID cases, Austria today became the first country in western Europe to reimpose a full, national lockdown which will start on Monday, November 22. The Austrial government is likely to be quickly joined by neighboring Germany, a statement from Berlin warned [...] Some commentators in Austrian capital Vienna were cynical enough to ask if the whole point of this latest escalation is justify more restrictions
Continue reading >>>

Insulate Britain protesters jailed for defying an high court injunctionAnti-civilisation activists chant 'we are unstoppable, another world is possible', as police officers lead them from the court to the cells.
Continue reading >>>

SStarmer Outs Himself As More Fascist Than Boris Bonkers or Dementia Joe Biden
The leader of the UK’s official opposition party, Labour, Sir Kier SStarmer after a year of starring in a remake of The Invisible Man has finally decided to let us see who he is. Responding to remarks made by Home Secretary Priti Patel, SStarmer said education authorities should be allowed to use exclusion orders to stop anti-vaccine activists from protesting outside schools ... Continue reading >>>

Goodbye Freedom, Hello Global Governance.
If at any time during the chaos the past eighteen months you have wondered what kind of idiots are running the world and have gleefully trashed economies, disrupted social and commercial life and stripped citizens of their rights and liberties only to bring us, in late October 2021, right back to where we were in late February 2020 when the words pandemic and COVID crept into our consciousness ...

We need a referendum on net zero to save Britain from the green blob

from The Daily Telegraph
As with membership of the EU, the political elite is imposing a revolution on the public without consent. Does the blob never learn? Voters don’t like being treated like naughty children

Ireland to Jail ‘Hate Speech’ Offenders for Up to Five Years, But New Laws Are Arousing A Lot Of Hate">
Government of Ireland announced new hate speech laws which will permit courts to jail ‘Hate Speech’ offenders for up to five years, but still cannot decide on a legal definition for what constitutes hate speech. Meanwhile the Irish government is finding itself accused of suppressing free speech while its new anti - hate laws are arousing a lot of hate

Who Blew Up The Nordstream Pipeline
So whodunnit? Sabotage of undersea gas pipe will escalate tension and move the world closer to nuclear war, but who is behind it, Russia in a bid to put more presure on Europe, Ukraine in an attempt to drag NATO into direct action, or the USA using a CIA false flag event to advance its own agenda.

“Science” no longer trustworthy: BMJ suggests treating all health research as fraudulent until proven genuine
Former The British Medical Journal (BMJ) editor Richard Smith penned an opinion piece suggesting health research has become so corrupted people should just assume it is fraudulent. Entitled “Time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?” Smith’s article reveals how research fraud is a systemic problem that dates back decades – and is only getting worse.

Conspiracy Theories, reality and null hypothesis
Cast you minds back about 18 months, there was a conspiracy theory going round that a 100% Safe and Effective Vaccine had been developed by pharmaceutical corporations, to be freely administered by governments and injected into billions of people around the globe ostensibly to save their lives from a deadly virus pandemic was in fact not a vaccine but a gene editing technology that would alter DNA, lead to millions of early deaths and usher in an era of global tyranny under an authoritarian world government.

A Mostly Wind- & Solar-Powered US Economy Is A Dangerous Fantasy
When President Biden and other advocates of wind and solar generation speak, they appear to believe that the challenge posed is just a matter of currently having too much fossil fuel generation and not enough wind and solar; and therefore, accomplishing the transition to "net zero" will be a simple matter of building sufficient wind and solar facilities and having those facilities replace the current ones that use the fossil fuels.

While Crazy Joe Biden Claims Victory Over Russia, NATO's Expansin Plans Have Been Derailed By PutinJoe Biden (or his handlers because we all know Joe's mind is gone,) have been trying to spin reports of Russian troops withdrawing from positions close to the Ukraine border as a diplomatic victory for the USA over Putin but in the geopolitical game things are seldom what they seem to be ...

As the COVID narrative crumbles under the weight of evidence that the vaccines do not work, masks are useless and lockdowns kill more than they save a new scaremongering narrative - or a revamped old one - is emerging as the threat of war with russia is the latest fear and panic vehicle to scare the people into compliance with tyranny. Continue reading >>>

Algorithms Are No Better At Telling The Future Than Tarot Cards Or A Crystal Ball
According to a new report “An increasing number of businesses are investing in advanced technologies that can help them forecast the future of their workforce and gain a competitive advantage”. Almost every day we see more bollocks being written by supposedly intelligent people who believe that by using things called ‘Data Science’, ‘Artificial Intelligence,’ and ‘Big Data’, machines can already be relied on to make better decisions than humans, and that soon computers will equal or even surpass us in actual intelligence. ...

Thursday, May 25, 2023

The EU is deepening the energy crisis

 by James Woudhausen in Spiked, 25 May 2023

Brussels' Net Zero obsession will make Europe poorer, colder and darker.

James Woudhuysen

Topics Politics Science & Tech World

Earlier this month, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen hailed the ‘amazing progress’ being made by the EU’s Green Deal legislation. It is a funny kind of progress, however. The Commission is pushing through countless regulations in its effort to ‘decarbonise’ Europe and to force member states towards Net Zero by 2050. The pace of regulation is now so great that the leader of Europe’s manufacturing employers’ association has described it as a regulation ‘tsunami’. He says it has severely damaged his members’ competitiveness on world markets.

As I show in ‘Lights Out: Is the EU Failing on Energy Policy?’, a new white paper published this week, the EU’s commitment to green objectives is not only harming businesses, it is also deepening Europe’s energy crisis. The main problem is that instead of trying to improve energy production – save for subsidising and incentivising renewables – the EU is investing almost all of its political capital in trying to cut corporate and personal energy consumption.

Apparently, these cuts need to be made to fight the so-called climate emergency. In Brussels, there is no talk of how best to maximise coal or gas production, and no will to build new nuclear reactors. All of which are desperately needed to help keep Europe’s lights on. Energy policy has become entirely subservient to climate policy, regardless of the consequences. ... Continue reading >>>



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Germany Is Turning Against The EU's Green New Deal


Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

Fresh on the heels of a sensible request by France to pause new green regulations comes an even stronger pushback in Germany...

The Spectator asks Is Germany turning against the EU’s Green Deal?

Last week it was President Macron who was rowing back on green measures. In a speech he asserted that Europe has, for now, gone far enough – if it introduces any more regulations without the rest of the world following suit then it will put investment at risk and harm the economy. This week, the European People’s Party – a centre right grouping which includes the German Christian Democrats, the party of Commission President Ursula von der Leyen – seems to be joining in.

The party is reported to be considering withdrawing its support for the European Commission’s Green Deal. That is the set of proposals which includes, for example, an EU-wide target for eliminating net carbon emissions by 2050. Whilst 11 EU countries have already set themselves legally-binding targets to reach net zero by 2050 (or 2045 in the case of Germany and Sweden), if the Green Deal were to go there would be no obligation on the other member states to follow suit.

Germany now seems to be taking over from France as the seedbed of opposition towards zero carbon policies, not least because it has more severe policies – and because its self-imposed, earlier target of reaching net zero by 2045 is increasingly looking out of kilter with reality. 

last week a new party, ‘Burger in Wut’ (Citizens in Anger or BiW) took 9.6 per cent of the vote in state elections in Bremen. As with the Dutch Farmers-Citizen’s Movement (BoerburgerBeweging, or BBB) which came top of the country’s regional elections in March in protest at the government’s efforts to close down farms in order to meet nitrate targets, it was the speed of BiW’s rise which caught many unawares. ... Continue reading >>>




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Monday, May 22, 2023

One By One The Lights Are Coming On All Around The World

 Our absence these past couple of weeks has, to be perfectly honest, been due to lack of enthusiasm. We Boggart Bloggers are a small group who keep this and a number of other pages going for our own interest but without ever discussing it or making a collective decision we all got bored with trying to challenge and expose the narrative spun by mainstream media in order to advance the authoritarian, globalist agendas of the ruling elites.

We were sick of reporting, analyzing and commenting on COVID, Net Zero, the war in Ukraine (which BTW Ukraine is not winning, the nation is in ruins,) Climate Change, Sustainable energy, de - dollarization, culture wars, transgender ideology and all the important topics that are regularly pushed out of the news by Harry and Meghan's antic, celebrity gossip, the latest fake story about Donald Trump or arguments over whether a long dead Queen of Egypt was or was not an African American.

But in the short time we've been gone there are encouraging signs that people are waking up, refusing to swallow the bullshit and are demanding accurate, balanced reporting of what is really going on in the world. One of the biggest emerging stories concerns the disastrous, long term side effects of the mRNA non-vaccines that did not prevent anyone contracting, passing on, getting ill from or dying with COVID19.

It is reported today thatexcess deaths in the past year were thousands higher than in the pandemic year of 2021 – 67,724 vs 54,770 above the pre-pandemic five-year average – and just a quarter were from Covid. Lucy Johnston has the story in the Express.

Unexpected deaths are more than 10% higher than the pre-Covid average, with experts warning we are facing “a catastrophe of equal proportion to the pandemic itself”.

They are calling for an urgent investigation into the causes, with figures showing that there were more excess – or unexpected – losses last year than in 2021.

There were 67,724 extra deaths in England and Wales between April 30th 2022 and April 28th 2023. That is 12.8% above the pre-­pandemic five-year average.

Of these, a quarter were attributed to Covid, with three-­quarters given as non-coronavirus causes.

This excess is higher than the number of excess deaths during the pandemic in 2021. Then there were 54,770 extra, mostly Covid deaths compared to the pre-pandemic five-year average – a 10.3% increase.

Experts have puzzled over the cause of the post-pandemic rise, which has been largely attributed to heart problems or diabetes.

Some blame the long-term effects of delayed healthcare due to lockdown measures, while others point to the record NHS waiting lists.

Cancer specialists are also increasingly alarmed over the delayed diagnoses or treatments translating into increased mortality.

In December, Professor Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Officer for England, blamed reduced prescriptions for statins and other cholesterol-lowering drugs during Covid restrictions.

However, other experts argued that statins take a long time to have an effect on reducing heart disease, while an Oxford study ­found there was no reduction in those prescriptions.

Some have blamed an ageing population. But figures show most excess deaths over the past year have been in those under 75, with fewer than expected from conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s.

Last week oncologists re-stated their alarm about a “cancer time bomb”, with thousands of people losing their lives to the disease due to delayed diagnosis and treatment. They predict tens of thousands of excess deaths over the next decade.

Professor Gordon Wishart, a breast cancer surgeon of private diagnostic service Check4Cancer, carried out the cancer research. He said: “The levels of excess deaths we are seeing is a catastrophe of equal proportion to the pandemic.”

Professor Richard Sullivan, at King’s College London, said: “We fear the cancer death waves will get bigger and bigger leading to tens of thousands of lost life years.”

The Department of Health said it had published a recovery plan to combat waiting times, adding: “We are fully focused on improving cancer outcomes.”

Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine said: “How high do excess non-Covid deaths have to go before we do anything about it? We need to urgently investigate what is causing this rise as well as immediately prioritise cancer diagnosis and treatment.”

Worth reading in full.


Cancer expert says U.K. seeing spike in “non-covid deaths,” nobody willing to call out vaccine elephant in the room
Excess mortality in the United Kingdom is off the charts, and yet nobody is willing to call out Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” as the culprit. Cancer expert and Prof. Carl Heneghan describes the current situation in Great Britain as a “national scandal.” A shocking 9,300 more people than usual have died in the U.K. over the past several months, and officials are blaming everything else except the injections. Continue reading >>>

In A Fit Of Honesty Italian Institute Of Health Reduces Official COVID Death Toll By 97%
Italian newspaper Il Tempo has published a shock report, claiming that the country's Institute has reduced the official figure for the number of people who have died from COVID from 130,000 to under 4,000. This may surprise many people who bought into the "killer virus" narrative and unleashed torrents of pure hatred on those of us who declined vaccination, having studied the figure for reported "COVID related deaths," and the methodology used to arrive at that figure ... Continue reading >>>

A newly published study from researchers in Sweden reveals that the immunity to COVID gained from vaccination, is dissipated by natural biological processes within months. Immunity, although it would be more honestly called temporary respite, from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections is short term at best, and completely gone within months, this confirming the doubts raised by vaccine sceptics (or Conspiracy Theorists as mainstream media likes to call us Continue reading >>>

Surge in Emergency Hospital Admissions from Vaccinated People Suffering Acute Organ FailureThe USA's taxpayer funded broadcaster National Public Radio (NPR) is claiming to be mystified by a siginficant increase in hospital emergency admissions across the United States but does not find the fact that these medical emergencies are all among people already vaccinated against COVID-19 and also all due to people experiencing symptoms consistent with the acknowledged side effects of the vaccines.
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Analyst Reports ‘Hundreds of Thousands’ of COVID Vaccine Injury Reports Backlogged in VAERSThe latest episode of “Doctors and Scientists” on CHD.TV, features regular host Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., interviewing Jessica Rose, Ph.D., a Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) analyst and computational biologist who specializes in biomathematics and molecular research. OK, I know this publication does not have much time for mathematical modelling, but that is because so much of it is obviously rigged to support propaganda narratives. We will always give an honest scientist a fair hearing even if we do not agree with their contribution to debate.
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SHOCKING JUMP in Vaccine Deaths Reported This Week at CDC-Linked VAERS Tracking Website
There are more US deaths related to vaccines in 2021 in less than 5 months than there were the entire past decade.
The number of deaths linked to vaccines this year has absolutely skyrocketed. According to the CDC’s own data, in 2021 n the first 3 months, the VAERS website recorded over 1,750 deaths due to vaccines in the US. That number is now at 5,997.

10,570 DEAD 405,259 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines”14 May 2021 - The European database of suspected drug reaction reports is EudraVigilance, which also tracks reports of injuries and deaths following the experimental COVID-19 “vaccines.”Here is what EudraVigilance states about their database:
This website was launched by the European Medicines Agency in 2012 to provide public access to reports of suspected side effects (also known as suspected adverse drug reactions). These reports are submitted electronically to EudraVigilance by national medicines regulatory authorities and by pharmaceutical companies that hold marketing authorisations (licences) for the medicines.

Vaccine Adverse Reactions – Not Reported By Mainstream Media
The UK Government’s COVID-19 vaccination programme is now in full swing and the general public is being bombarded with the official line that to stop the COVID-19 pandemic and regain their freedom, people must be vaccinated. In fact they are told they must be vaccinated twice. …

Vaccine: More cases of rare blood clots, but regulator says benefits still outweigh risk
Reported cases of rare blood clots occuring in people soon after they received a shot of the AZ COVID-19 vaccine has risen to 168. The UK’s medicines regulator said the overall case fatality rate was 19%, with 32 deaths up to April 14. Note the dishonesty in the style of reporting again. Nowhere does the official press release make clear that the figures apply only to adverse reactions of blood clots, both non fatal and fatal. People are still suffering and dying from allergic reactions, heart attacks, organ failure and respiratory failure soon after being vaccinated.

Study Reveals mRNA COVID Vaccines Link To Prion Disease & Brain Degeneration
from Great Game India A shocking study has revealed the terrifying dangers of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines inducing prion-based disease causing your brain to degenerate progressively. The mRNA vaccine induced prions may cause neurodegenerative diseases because long-term memories are maintained by prion-like proteins. The study concluded that mRNA based vaccine may also cause ALS, front temporal …

Evidence of Problems With Covid Vaccine Grow And Te Real Agenda Becomes Clearer.
Mainstream media have been distracting us with stories of successful mass vaccination campaigns, but as ever things are not quite what they seem to be and though the claimed 999% take up of the vaccines is not verifiable, the deafening silence regarding the huge numbers of serious adverse reactions to all type of vaccine and the significant numbers of unexplained deaths which have occured soon after people reveived the jab suggest there will be worse news to come in the future ...

Backflipping Boris Says Vaccine Passports for Will Be ‘Feature of Our Life in the Future’ March 11, 2021 Contrary to what other ministers in his government have been saying recently, Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted earlier this week it is highly probable that vaccine passports for international travel will be a feature of Britons’ lives in the future. Speaking at a Downing Street press event on Monday evening, the Prime Minister Johnson acknowledged … Continue reading 

Twitter Thought Police Will Ban Anyone Who Repeatedly Tells Truth About COVID Vaccine In future anyone who “repeatedly posts misleading information” about SARS-COV2 (Covid-19) vaccines on Twitter will be put on a watch list and given five chances to chaine their opinion or self – censor their comments and opinions before being permanently banned from the social media platform, the company recently announced. A True to form however, … Continue reading



Council of Europe Decrees Vaccines Must Not be Mandatory and Non-Vaccinated Must Not be Discriminated Against The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – the international body of which Britain remains a member) – has passed a resolution that recommending that governments refrain from enacting laws that make any vaccines mandatory and stated that nobody should suffer discrimination on account of not having been vaccinated. The resolution obviously refers to … Continue reading

Why Is There A Correlation Between The Vaccine Rollout And Increased COVID–19 Mortality? from UK Column Since the UK government began its rollout of the COVID vaccine regular reports of unusual death events occuring shortly after the deceased had received a shot of the vaccine have been reported in care homes and by doctors’ surgeries across the country. The Official line has been that the vaccine shot and … Continue reading 

Pfizer COVID vaccine killed 40 times more old people than the virus itself would have – Report March 4, 2021
posted by The Defender The experimental Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccines from Pfizer that were rushed into production and distribution via Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” program are killing far more elderly people than the so-called “virus” itself would have. A re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry concluded that Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger … Continue reading

Monday, May 15, 2023

In The Future You Will Own Nothing - If We Sit Back And Let It Happen


Originally published at Alex Krainer's Substack

They have a plan for us, and they announced it in terms that could not be clearer: you will own nothing… With the pandemic, they set the wheels in motion and through a wide variety of weapons - some more and some less subtle - they’ve unleashed the plunder and the looting. The pandemic brought ruin to millions of small and medium-sized businesses across the world. In Holland and elsewhere in Europe, farmers are being expropriated under duress, ostensibly to fight climate change. In Canada, banks can now freeze people’s accounts without any due process. And inflation will gradually render everyone’s life savings and retirement accounts worthless.



The challenge could be existential!

In last week's "International Man" articleDoug Casey diagnoses the broader crisis as “the collapse of an overextended and corrupt empire,” and does what few analysts do, but which is absolutely essential for people trying to navigate the mind-boggling changes: he applies clear thinking and cuts to what is ultimately the most important challenge in the circumstances. "The real question," writes Casey, "is how to profit from the collapse…"

But the challenge of safeguarding our portfolios and preserving the purchasing power of our savings could be more important than merely squeezing a profit from the crisis: it could be existential.

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Friday, May 12, 2023

A Lot Of People Are Angry About Their Bevaviour In The Pandemic Being Compared To Germans In The Nazi Era

 I came across this post in a comment thread online, the poster who uses a joke name, said it was an article posted on Twitter. It seems rather long for Twitter but I've never used that site so I still associate it with one liners of no more than about 150 characters. Anyway as my title suggests it deals with the aftermath of lockdowns and the great pandemic hoax of 2020 to 2022 and the compliant reaction of the general public to gross violations of their rights and liberties.

We must learn from the experience because you can bet the corrupt, greedy, contol freaky ruling elites having got away with it once will be planning to pull a similar stunt, with even more fascistic measures being introduced, sooner rather than later.

So with a very big hat tip to the original author (if I ever find out who it is I'll buy them a drink for posting such an excellent article,) here it is:

“A lot of people are getting upset having their conduct during covid compared to Germans supporting the rise of Nazism.

Let’s recapitulate.

A fifth of the population was legally classified as unclean. They were barred from most public spaces, including theatres, restaurants, movies, pubs, clubs, swimming pools, sporting events, concerts, conventions, etc.

To access public facilities, people had to carry a digital mark with them so authorities could confirm they weren’t unclean. 

The unclean were fired and barred from most jobs: education, healthcare, courts – all public sector work, most major union jobs and a wide smattering of major private employers. When they were fired, the unclean were denied employment insurance, the reasoning being that they had been fired for cause on account of being unclean.

The unclean were banned from travel on public transport, trains, planes, and chartered boats. They had no legal means of leaving the country. Even if they wanted to, they could not escape the country that obviously hated them so.

It became illegal to socialize with the unclean. They weren’t allowed to attend weddings or funerals, or visit sick relatives or friends in hospital. 

Special laws were made for the unclean subjecting them to house arrest if they were around a person who had recently had a positive PCR test. The unclean had to continue to cover their faces in public when universal masking was dropped.

It became socially acceptable to wish death upon the unclean in social media and in major news organizations. Public health figures and other politicians gave press conferences to shame and insult the unclean. The public developed shared pejorative names for them, and relished in insulting the unclean.

News media regularly ran polls asking if the unclean should be arrested or fined. Public figures openly and proudly spoke about witholding medically necessary healthcare from the unclean – letting them die. The unclean were removed from organ transplant lists, condemned to almost certain death. 

No end date for these measures was ever suggested, no timeline given. To the contrary, this was called the “new normal”.

Criticizing any of these developments made you a social pariah, and likely cost you most of your friendships and family relations, if not your job.

The lesson of the Holocaust – and of covid – isn’t that Germans or Albertans or people of the 21st Century are uniquely gullible or evil. It’s that for most people, “morality” is not a matter of principle, but rather of compliance with what they perceive to be the dominant group ideology – even if that ideology is marked by wanton irrationality or brutal inhumanity.

Indeed, as in certain cults or gangs, the brutality or irrationality of the acts or beliefs required to signal group inclusion further entrench people into the ideology, rather than repel them; a kind of perverse sunk cost fallacy writ large.

So, yes, if you’re a typical person – Albertan, Canadian or otherwise – it is overwhelmingly likely that you would have been a Nazi if you were born in Nazi Germany. If you cheered along lockdowns and mandates, that likelihood approaches certainty.




Vaccine Safety: Germany Unleashes Spike Protein Bombshell
A new report from Germany has launched this bombshell at the parties stil promoting the vaccine in spite of the fact that almost every day new evidence emerges that this untested and experimental medication, (which is not truly a vaccine as it does not make recipents immune to the virus,) should never have been approved for use on humans or animals. [...]  A review of autopsy reports revealed "The existence of highly unusual tissue inflammation in individuals who died soon after receiving the vaccine" ...

Will Swiss court action over vaccine injuries turn the worldwide tide?
CRIMINAL charges have been filed against the Swiss drugs authority on behalf of six people allegedly injured by the Covid vaccination. A team of lawyers and scientists have compiled a comprehensive evidence report and have made publicly available around 1,200 items of evidence, arguing that Swissmedic has created a risk to public health which significantly exceeds that of SARS-CoV-2.
They assert that the authority approved the new gene therapeutics, although the minimum standards required by law were never met ... Continue reading >>>

Rishi Sunak Reveals How Boris Sold Us Out To Big Pharma and Globalism
it seems most people in Boris Johnson's cabinet during the run up to lockdowns were kept in the dark about many things, including the fact that 'The Science' on which lockdown policy was based was not science at all. Government was effectively reduced to a “quad” of ministers and their 'scientific advisers' deciding on Britain’s future. Rishi Sunak, at that time Chancellor of the Exchequer (finance secretary) was one of them. There were rumours at the time that Sunak repeatedly warned that lockdowns would inflict economic damage that was likely to endure for decades.

Britain is Breaking Down; The Economy Is Struggling, Living Standards Are Falling, Institutions Are Failing
Successive governments have brought Britain to its knees.This article will focus on Britain as representative of the general malaise that is afflicting almost all the developed world. Our current crop of politicians have discarded the resources that brought the country out of the post war decline ... In spite of being rich in energy resources Britain is now in an energy crisis, our leaders have sacrificed prosperity on the altar of Net Zero, committing the nation to our reducing our 1% contribution to harmful emissions still further ...

The Conspiracy Theorists Were Right Again: UK Gov. report admits 19.2 million people in England have not had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine,
For two years this blog has insisted that the published data on COVID cases and deaths were fabricated, an essential part of a massive campaign of scaremongering propaganda. There were numerous attempts to make those of us wise enough to refuse the killer vaccines feel as if we are oddballs or freaks. In November 2021 the government's Chief Scientific Advser, back by the chief medical adviser announced that just 5 million people in the United Kingdom were unvaccinated for COVID, having declined the offer of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Bill Gates Developing Virus and Vaccine For Next Pandemic, Wants Global Surveillance Pact with W.H.O. to Track Vaccine Refusniks
Even though the efforts of politicians, the health industries and media doom mongers to keep up the fear factor over COVID looking increasingly desperate in the face of public scepticism, billionaire psychopath and wannabe vaccine messiah Bill Gates, whose 'charitable' foundation owns several for-profit biotech companies and who made $£€billions out of COVID, is already planning his next pandemic scam ...

Leaked Documents suggest Moderna created its Coronavirus Vaccine BEFORE Covid-19 was known to exist
A confidentiality agreement shows potential coronavirus vaccine candidates were transferred from Moderna to the University of North Carolina in 2019, nineteen days prior to the emergence of the alleged Covid-19 causing virus in Wuhan, China.And now further evidence suggests the American pharmaceutical and biotechnology company that has made billions through the sale of said experimental injection, is actually responsible for creating the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

How COVID Corrupted Science
Politicians who criticised AstraZeneca vaccine 'probably killed hundreds of thousands', says Oxford scientist in an outburst that reveals how the science acedemy have been totally owned by corporate money and thus have been guilty of lying, scaremongering, fabricating evidence, publishing fake statisics and spreadsing misinformation. And the politicians who told us to 'trust The Science' are just as guilty. ...
Continue reading >>>

[ Coronavirus fear and panic ] ... [ Covid vaccine harm ] ... [ Covid vaccine fascism ] ... [ Health Tyranny ]

French Police Use Teargas As Freedom Convoy Brings Thousands Of Protestors To Paris
Inspired by Canada's freedom Convoy, a sponaneous protest by drivers of heavy trucks against the fasistic and oppressive curtailment of individual freedoms by Prime Minister Trudeau's regime, French truck drivers protesting President Macron's similarly authoritarian measures converged on Paris where they were met by riot police enforcing Macron's ban on protests against government policy ...

COVID cover-up: UK media refuses to report that 4 of 5 coronavirus deaths over the past month occurred in the vaccinatedEarlier this evening Prime Minister Boris Johnson, in a broadcast to the nation, implored British citizens to continue doing what they’ve been told to do throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately everything the government has told us to do: Stay at home, Work from home, Wear masks, wash your hands every twenty seconds, do not touch anything, Shun your friends and relatives especially if they are sick, Get a vaccine, Get a second, vaccine, Get a booster vaccine, ... etc, etc, etc,
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Covid Vaccine Refusers 'Thrive On Attention' Says Prime Attention Seeker And Chief Clown Boris JohnsonIronic isn't it that the one person guilty of telling more lies and spreading more misinformation about COVID throughout the pandemic, our so - called Prime Minister and according to observable evidence, the chief idiot Boris Johnson launched another attack on 'anti - vaxxers' today, saying they “thrive on the attention”? This outrageous farrago of lies and calumnies spewed at people who have simply chosen not to be injected with a shot of toxic shite that does not immunise anybody against anything
Continue reading >>>

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Friday, May 05, 2023

The Green Revolution's Dirty Secret


Much of the chatter in mainstream media these days revolves around achieving 'net zero', completing the transition to a clean, green, prosperity free world in order to 'save the planet.' Whether the planet needs saving or not is moot, the powers that be have decided there is big money to be made from 'net zero' and the switch to 'sustainable' energy and also that granting themselves powers to ban freedom to travel, the right to refuse untested and potentially dangerous medication, and the right to speak our minds, criticise the government's policies, call out the pseudo - scientific bollocks cited by certain minorities in support of  ideologies that deny basic scientific truths offers a path to establishing the authoritarian, technocratic world government they have craved for almost a century.

 All around the world politicians, banks, global corporations, electricity producers and healthcare providers have merged into a unified machine around the idea that the new, clean, green economy can be achieved via a just transition to a global energy system free of carbon emissions.

Unfortunately there can be no energy transition without critical minerals: no batteries, no electric cars, no wind turbines and no solar panels. The sun provides raw energy, but electricity flows most economically through copper. Wind turbines need manganese, platinum and rare earth magnets. Nuclear power requires uranium. Electric vehicles require batteries made with lithium, cobalt and nickel and magnets. Indium and tellurium are integral to solar panel manufacturing.” And the mining and refining of these minerals is a series of environmentally disastrous processes involving the release of vast amounts of substances among the most toxic known to science being released into the environment. And the manufacturing processes involved in making the products these materials are needed for are even more damaging.

But hey, we're not talking about measures to eliminate nasty toxic shite from the environment, the real enemy, according to academics, politicians and all manner of experts is Carbon Dioxide. OK, it may be a trace gas in the atmosphere, the presence of which is essential to the continuance of life on earth. The Science has declared CO2 the enemy and so we must strive to eliminate CO2 emissions from all human activity to create a clean, green, brave new world and never again dare to be so arrogant as to question The Science.

But exactly how clean and green is the net-zero economic strategy?  A commentary by veteran Canadian environmental journalist Andrew Nikiforuk. Writing in The Tyee, a Vancouver-based online publication, Nikiforuk reviews the work of academics and a “rising chorus of renewable energy sceptics” who believe that the great transition to a renewable energy future is a green pipe-dream that is “vastly destructive.”

He is not the only one thinking along these lines. The International Energy Agency (IEA) published a special report recently, setting out its proposals for achieving ‘Net Zero’ carbon emissions. One of its headline demands is that gas-fired domestic boilers should no longer be sold after 2025. This echoes one of the main policies in the UK government’s Net Zero plan. This is no coincidence. National governments, including the UK, draw all of their climate policies from faceless global agencies like the IEA (as well as domestic quangos like the Climate Change Committee). This process leaves out one important constituency: the public.

A ban on gas boilers will impose serious costs on ordinary people. A backlash is highly likely. You might think the practicalities of the policy would be of interest to journalists and the media. But journalists have taken the IEA’s proposals at face value, and have mainly reported them without scrutiny.

Nikiforuk is not writing for NetZeroWatch. Nor is he in the same camp as anti-renewable author Alex Epstein, whose book, Fossil Future, rips the renewable alternatives and champions oil and gas. At The Tyee, Nikiforuk continues his work as an anti-fossil-fuel environmental writer whose books include Tar Sands: Dirty Oil and the Future of a Continent, and The Energy of Slaves: Oil and the New Servitude.

In his new commentary, which has received far too little attention in the media and among policy-makers, Nikiforuk spares no one and pulls no punches. “For largely ideological reasons,” he writes, “many greens and ‘transitionists’ have presented the transition to renewables as a smooth road with no potholes.” Drawing on the work of an array of analysts and scientists, Nikiforuk describes the destructive forces that will be unleashed by the global push to replace fossil fuels.

Even If The Climate Threat Was Real And Not Grossly Overstated, Net Zero Is Unaffordable

Trillions of dollars need to be spent every year for almost three decades to hit net zero targets, according to consultancy McKinsey. On top of current spending, the equivalent of half of all corporate profits will have to be invested to tackle global warming, it says. McKinsey highlights that gaining acceptance will be tough, especially from those paying energy bills.

But the alternative is more extreme weather, scarmongering experts warn. Such warnings have been debunked many times of course, statistics show there are no more extreme weather events now than the annual average going back to the beginning of reliable records. The difference is that run of the mill local disasters are sensationalised by media to make them seem like global crises.

The McKinsey report estimated that the annual cost of getting to net zero - when carbon dioxide emissions are completely reduced or offset - will be $9.2tn (£6.8tn).

The world is already spending $5.7tn a year to lower the impact of fossil fuels and use alternatives.

However, an extra $3.5tn, every year from 2021 to 2050, will need to be put towards alternative energy sources and land use including agriculture to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees, it said.

Much of the impact of the renewable crusade should be obvious. Solar panels, windmills or electric cars cannot be built without mining more copper, lithium, iron and aluminium. “That means vastly more destructive scraping and digging of ocean floors, rainforests and tundras on a scale inconceivable to most environmentalists.”

Nikiforuk then highlights the inconceivable scale of the taskes involved in replacing current infrasructure with 'net zero' compatible systems, citing various sources, including Simon Michaux at Finland’s Geological Society. Michaux calculates that to replace 46,423 power stations run by oil, coal, gas and nuclear energy would require the construction of 586,000 power stations run by wind, solar and hydrogen.

Another example: “Every electric vehicle contains about 75 kilograms of copper or three times more than a conventional vehicle. A single wind turbine generally contains 500 kilograms of nickel. That nickel requires 100 tonnes of steelmaking coal to be refined. And every crystalline silicon solar panel contains 20 grams of silver paste. It takes 80 metric tons of silver to generate approximately a gigawatt of solar power.”

On copper, Michaux states that current copper reserves at 880 million tonnes are equal to approximately 30 years of production. “But industry will need 4.5 billion tonnes of copper to manufacture just one generation of renewable technologies,” he estimates. “That’s six times the volume of copper mined throughout history.”

When the cost of keeping supply chains stable during the energy transition, as well as broad energy investment is accounted for, calculation of how much the transition to a CO2 neutral energy system is much higher than estimates quoted by economists working for governments.

In spite of these realities more than 130 countries have pledged net zero emissions by 2050. However most of these are socially developed nations that have de-industrialised over the past 30 years because it is cheaper to manufacture in low labour cost nations and ship goods half way round the world (on ships that emit Carbon Dioxide every inch of the way.) Others are small, economically undeveloped nations with small economies. Large carbon dioxide emitters such as China and India aren't part of the group.

There are also concerns thatof developed countries may shut down even more  their energy-intensive industries, and import these goods from other countries.

That means even if they get to net-zero, the world's emissions will not be reduced in the process. The whole farrago is so ridiculous it could be the script for a surreal comedy.


Climate Scaremongers Have Taken Over Where COVID Scaremongers Left Off
Boggart Blog can announce that the winners of our coveted Scaremongering Bollocks of The Month award goes this month to BBC News. Not only did the BBC report in one of their regular climate catastrophe scare stories that river levels across the UK have been at record lows, they broadcast that news story on the same day as The London Weather Centre announced that March 2023 was set to be the wettest March since records began.

Eminent Oxford Scientist Says Wind Power "Fails On Every Count"
It could be argued that the basic arithmetic showing wind power is an economic and societal disaster in the making should be clear to a bright primary school child. Now the Oxford University mathematician and physicist, Professor Wade Allison has done the sums. “Wind power fails on every count,” he says, adding that governments are ignoring “overwhelming evidence and resorting to bluster rather than reasoned analysis”.

Europes Tractor Protests Spread To Germany And Now Include Fishing Trawlers
Hundreds of farmers have descended in their tractors on a small German coastal town to protest measures imposed by the European Union as part of the bid to 'save the planet' by reducing CO2 emissions from cow farts. 400 tractors reportedly gathered in B├╝sum on Wednesday to protest what is probably the most insane environmentalist policy dreamed up by the EU idealogues to date ...

Germany haemorrhaging cash to keep country running on as ‘net zero’ becomes zeroeconomic activity
Germany was so desperate to achieve 'net zero' CO2 emissions that for years the country's government closed its fossil fuel-fired and nuclear power plants,replacing those plants with wind and solar power — as well as impoorting huge volumes of natural gas and oil from Russia. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, when NATO (aka the U.S.A.) mandated that the West impose retaliatory sanctions on Russia, including a ban on importation of Russian gas and oil, Germany found itself in a hole:

Europe's Cold Spell Exposes Green Energy Policy Failure
So far the autumn of 2022 has been unusually mild which has had eco-warriors getting worked up and gluing their arses to motorways and airport runways to demand that we stop using oil. However winter temperatures across Europe predictably dropped sharply in late November and through most of December to date have been positively arctic. Scientists have offered the opinion that the cold weather spell the ongoing European gas crisis is now “likely” to worsen significantly as usual seasonal weather spreads across the northern half of the continent, bringing with it an increased need for domestic heating.

Minister's Claim That 40% UK Energy Comes From Renewables Is Technically Illiterate
Britain's newly installed Secretary of State for Energy, Grant Shapps, is still learning the job so perhaps we should cut him some slack, but even so a statement he made on our energy supply today shows astounding ignorance of technical details relating to his portfolio.
Answering a question in Parliament this morning about Britain's ability to reach its target of getting 40% of our energy needs from sustainable sources, Shapps sneered that it was not possible for us to reach 40% now as we already get 43% from wind. Unfortunately the sneering sarcasm was misplaced but served to reveal the man in charge of energy policy does not know the difference between energy and electricity.

Amazing Increase in Global Sea Ice Confounds the Net Zero Warmageddonists

Has The Green Blob's War On Fossil Fuels Been Lost On The Battlefiels Of Ukraine?

German NatGas Consumption Too High To Avoid Energy "Emergency", Regulator Warns As Norway Increases Gas Production

Europe's Depleted Gas Storage Might Not Get Refilled Ahead Of Next Winter
While mainstream news reporting of the conflict in Ukraine continues to pump out a torrent of anri - Russia, pro - war propaganda the catastropic effects of this war that could so easily have been avoided are not mentioned. Well why would warmongering governments admit they have inflicted an energy crisis, food shortages and soaring living costs on their people for no good reason ...

Has Biden's Afghan Surrender Handed The Future To China
5 September: The abrupt and ill - considered withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan ordered by President Joe (Dementia Man) Biden and the susequent return to power of Islamic fundamentalist The Taliban hands control of the vast Afghan litium reserves to China and is a blow to the green agenda of the G7 nations

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An Energy Crisis In Tandem With A Food Crisis On Top Of An Economic Crisis And A War. This Cannot End Well
As politicians in North America and Europe try to deflect from their own failure that have contributed to the current plethora of crises by blaming Russia and Vladmir Putin for all the current problems, while the war in Ukraine is a contributory factor in each, the real blame lies closer to home.

Swedish Media Outlet Publishes Leaked U.S. Document On How to CRUSH Europe Economy via Ukraine War Effort
Swedish news organisation Nya Dagbladet has published a leaked top secret US plans to use the war in Ukraine and an induced energy crisis to destroy European economies. The report claims the RAND Corporation a defence and foreign policy think tank founded by military aircraft maker Douglas has the official aim of improving policies and decision-making, is the source of its evidence.

Has Putin Has Pushed Europe Into Economic Depression, Hyperrinflation and Currency Collapse?
Though it was entirely predictable and indeed had been expected for some time, the news over the weekend that the Nord Stream 1 pipeline which feeds gas from Russia to northern Europe via The Baltic route had been shut down completely by The Kremlin in retaliation for the continued financial and military support given by NATO and EU member states to Ukraine in the conflict with Russia. The European Commission, governing body of the EU, immediately put the community on something close to a war footing, ...
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The True Cost Of The Green Energy Boom Is Now Being Realized
For four decades we have been fed a constant stream of propaganda assuring us that green energy was the only way forward if we wanted to secure supplies of the energy essential to a modern society while preventing the environmental catastrophes that would be the inevitable consequence of climate change caused by the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emitted by human industrial, commercial and social activity. ... Continue reading >>>


Green Energy & Net Zero: A Herd Of Elephants In The Room

The Cuadrilla Lancashire gas exploration wells yielded very high-quality natural gas from just a few fractures [ ... ]Claims that less than 1\100th of the gas resource of 37.6 trillion m3 could be extracted has been shown to be false, no actual UK data on gas recovery is available the claim was based on pre-2010 US data. Just 10% gas recovery from Bowland shale could supply 50 years’ worth of current UK gas demand.

Just When We Need It Most, Renewable Energy Disappears
In an encouraging sign of a great awakening, million of people in the UK are now, after a week of brutally cold, absolutely windless weather asking "Why have we wasted so much money on wind turbines and harvesting solar energy."
  Yet when politicians are asked directly: "How do we keep the lights on and our homes warm when the wind does not blow and the sun is too low in the sky to make much impression on photovoltaic cells that do the business in solar panels?

SunEdison Plummets On Imminent Bankruptcy; Axiom Sees "The Beginning Of The End" And 85% More Downside

Another item in the 'legacy' Barack Hussein Obama plannede to leave the world looks like going down the pan as a solar energy hedge fund he backed with $$$hugenumbers of taxpayers money prepares for bankruptcy.

IMF Attempts to Hide True Cost of Renewables
A new report ffrom the International Monetary Fund (IMF) claims Fossil fuel companies are benefiting from a global subsidy of £3.4 trillion a year. The figure dwarfs that of government handouts aimed at encouraging investors to put money into unprofitable renewable energy sources such as wind turbines. Total subsidies for renewables are stated to amount to £77 billion a year.

House battery to store energy will 'change entire infrastructure of the world' - or maybe not
Another costly new product hailed as a breakthough in technology, this time a clutching-at-straws exercise from the failing electric car company Tesla, completely fails to live up to the hype under scrutiny. Hailed as a super battery, a mjor advance in battery technology that will change the world to store power for a household, it turns out to be nothing more than a streamined car battery. It will run the average home for about 2 hours.

Researchers Discover How to Use Living Plants to Generate Electricity.
Most of the hyped green energy solutions to generate electricity from wind or sunshine are so obviously flawed the only thing that makes them economically viable is that governments offer huge subsidies to generators. This in turn makes the sustainables so expensive that consumers cannot afford the intermittent energy they produce.

Renewable Energy: So Useless That Even Green Loons At Google Have Given up on it
The sandal wearing, tree hugging, bearded puritans call it "renewable energy", the zealots of the Church Of Scienceology call it sustainable energy, those with smarter heads on their shoulder call it "alternative energy" because that's what it really is: an alternative to energy that actually works (eg nuclear and anything made from cabon-rich fuel from organic matter laid down in pre-history and left to brew for a few hundred million years.)

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