Saturday, March 29, 2014

Intrusive Surveillance Technology, Internet control freaks and The Orwell-Huxley-Dick Dystiopianometer

Some time ago Boggart Blog invented the Orwell - Huxley - Dick index to chart our descent into a dystopian society that lets the oligarchs live in splendour while the rest of us poor punters try to scrabble a living in the lawless, uncleaned streets. We have reported on progress towards the total surveillance society, the use of mass media in manipulating behaviour and the development of new and ever more intrusive technologies to report our activities and get instructions and "advice" from data centres right in our faces.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Heading For The Last Roundup? GM crops a weapon of mass destruction

How did the title of a sentimental cowboy song take on such a sinister undertone in this Brave New World of The Scientific Dictatorship. Well when you remember Roundup is the brand of a herbicide based on the highly potent toxin glyphosate and genetic engineering has turned the food we eat into a delivery system for putting this poison into our bodies, you realise we could all be heading for the last Roundup sooner than we would like

Heading For The Last Roundup? GM crops a weapon of mass destruction

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Giant Whitewash Slick Sighted In Indian Ocean

The Malaysian Airlines missing Boeing 777 mystery is over, the mouthpieces of the New World Orderr declare. Though no wreckage has been found and technological data points to a very different conclusion, the powers that be have decided we must all accept the Boeing 777 few way beyond its range, into a remote area of the Indian Ocean well over a thousand miles from land where the pilot ditched it. and we can all stop asking difficult question or else - see!

Well the thing about the freethinkers of the blogosphere is we don't stop asking difficult questions, we keep hammering away and although we don't often get the whole truth, at least everyone is now aware our governments and the global elites are our enemy.

Read more on Indian Ocean Whitewash Slick

Journalism is reporting news somebody does not want reported - anything else is public relations: George Orwell

New World Order annexation of Ukraine

Is it true that the uprising in Ukraine was anything but the spontaneous rebellion of a disenchanted population? Was it is fact just another regime change operation orchestrated by the FUKUS axis on behalf of the corporate and financial cartel that has hijacked western democracy.

This post looks at some of the big players in the American / Ukrainian 'freedom' movement and examines their links to Big Ag, Big Oil, Monsanto and big big money. And the picture that emerges looks very dirty indeed.  So was the revolution in Ukraine all it seemed, or was it just another regime change campaign by the FUKUS axis that like Afghanista, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Yemen and Syria has not quite gone according to plan.

Read more:
New World Order annexation of Ukraine

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Science Moves In Mysterious Ways Its Wonders To Perform

Science Wants To Move In Mysterious Ways It's Wonders To Perform
It was looking as if the global warming scare was dead, then that Nazi shit Barack Obama, seeing his dream of being President Of The World slipping away, gave his science whores enough money to enable them to kick some life back into it. Now the “science” lobby, unable to put together an convincing argument against their challengers are demanding the abolition of free speech.
If you do not agree with the farrago of fake statistics, bogus observations and photoshopped images that make up the case for global warming, if you challenge the god – like status of scientists about the need for genetically engineered food crops, if you argue that Big Bang is only a theory, and evolution as outlined in Charles Darwin’s, “On The Origin Of The Species By Natural Selection” does not offer an explanation for the origin of life on earth and was never intended to, apparently you are not a scientist and so are not allowed an opinion.
Are today’s crop of scientists then so intellectually bankrupt, so piss poor in communication skills they cannot, with all their research funding and the mathematics and statistics, competently answer challenges from lay people.
It would seem so:
So Who Is Anti - science? Those Who Question Climate Change Or Those Who Would Abolish Free Speech

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 Flown To Diego Garcia?

The days go by and there is still not sign of the mission Boeing 777 aircraft, Malaysia Airlines flight 370 which went disappeared without trace, along with all 200 plus passengers and the crew on a commercial flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing ten days ago. Mainstream news is offering only diversions and misdirections, but in the linked post the Daily Stirrer is making a logical examination of the serious possibilities and at the same time cutting through the bullshit and demolishing the lies, deceptions and misinformation contained in official propaganda about the search for the missing aircraft and its passengers.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Search For missing Aircraft And Passengers Descends Into Farce

How can a modern aircraft equipped with sophisticated (and bomb proof) tracking and security technology which is designed to stay intact through a crash or in flight explosion and keep tramsmitting its location for up to 30 days after being separated from the aircraft, just vanish. Yet that is exactly what we are being asked to believe happened to a Malasia Airlines Boeing 777 en route to China.Leaks, denials, finger pointing, blame shifting, confusion, obfuscation, cover ups and lying. Well how else would you go about searching for a moden aircraft, a Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 equipped with the latest safety and tracking equipment that simply vanished into thin air? Where governments are involves the last thing we expect is competence ...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Malaysia Airline missing plane mystery gets murkier

How can a modern aircraft equipped with sophisticated (and bomb proof tracking and security technology which is designed to stay intact through a crash or in flight explosion and keep tramsmitting its location for up to 30 days after being separated from the aircraft, just vanish. Yet that is exactly what we are being asked to believe happened to a Malasia Airlines Boeing 777 en route to China. The deeper we delve, the murkier the story gets .

Read the full report on the Malysia Airlines mystery at boggart blog

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Paedo Loving Comrade Mr. Harperson In Trouble Again

In the 1980s three current senior figures in the UK Labour Party, Harriet harman (left) aka Hattie Harperson, Patricia Hewitt and Jack Dromey (not pictured) aka Mr. Harperson, campaigned for paedophile equal rights group (PIE - the Paedophile Information Exchange)

There seems to be no end to Labour's paedophile link woes. Allegations continue to surface about the three senior MPs, Patricia Hewitt, Harriet Harman and Jack Dromey who while working for the national Council for Civil Liberties supported an equal rights for paedophiles group which wanted the age of sexual concent lowered to FOUR. Meanwhile new revelations have now implicated a senior judge. The corrupt elitists have no morals.


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Thursday, March 06, 2014

The Science Fraud: Many Scientific Research Papers Are Pure Gobbledegook

The war between humanities and science goes on, both in academic faculties and internet comment threads. But in an environment that is increasingly politicised and influenced by corporate profit motives rather than the pure and unsullied pursuit of knowledge, can we trust either side? This article suggests not.
SciGEN is a computer program that generates scientific research papers. It's creators intended it to be a hoax with the intention of proving that scientific sacred cow the Peer Review Process is as corrupt as it's critics have always suggested.
Research they generated with the program was readily accepted for presentation and publication.
For fun the authors made their program a free download on the net. Now we learn many scientists are using it to gain prestige by submitting many nonsensical research documents to get their names seen.
As the article reveals in detail, it is clear nobody is reading this bullshit, but it gets favourable peer reviews anyway.

Read more on The Science Fraud

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

HAARP: Scientists Open Pandora's Box With Experiments In Changing The Climate

What do you think of the freak weather this year? Coincidence, climate change, solar activity or something more sinister. If you have heard the term HAARP chances are you're pretty sceptical about the official line. HAARP - the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program is a research programme that experiments with changing the earth's upper atmosphere. you don't have to understand much science to realise it proves that as John Lennon said the world is run by insane people.

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

World On The Brink - USA And Russia Square Up In Ukraine

It looks like this might be the big one. With all America's plans to destabilise non supine nations in ruins as phase 2, the installation of a puppet government proved impossible, Obama who has already been bested by Putin several times cannot back down again as Russia prepares to reverse the coup d'etat that took Ukraine with the support of USA, Britain and France. And this time the Russians have forced the crisis in their own backyard where the USA cannot possibly win. We truly do live in Interesting Times.