Monday, April 25, 2016

As Anti EU Feeling Grows, Austria Seizes The Initiative From Britain

by Egbert Nobakon, 25 April, 2016

Image source: Daily News Hungary

Since the restoration of sanity after World War Two, Austria has been ruled by just two political parties the Social Democrats (SPOe) or their centre-right coalition partners the People’s Party (OeVP). The result of the presidential elction held over last weekend, if confirmed will, for the first time since 1945, mean Austria does not have a president supported by either side of this complacent binary system. The situation has been similar to the cosy duopolies if Labour and Conservative in the UK and Republican and Democrat in the USA.

As in the UK and USA both parties have gradually abandoned their philosophical bases and drifted towards a politically correct, globalist consensus. And as in the UK, the left has lost votes to a rebellious movement with a green tag, and the centrist conservatives to more traditional right wing movements. But no-one I think predicted the slaughter of the dying parties in the first round of the Austrian presidential election; between them they didn't even scrape 23% of the vote. This eclipse of the centre is similar to what happened in Poland at the last national election, when the former governing party was reduced to an irrelevant rump because it was perceived as being controlled by Brussels.

The winner of this first round and Austria's President elect, Norbert Hofer, from the radical right is anti EU and pro gun, and in the home of Glock where a pistol or handgun license is as easy to get as a shotgun license in the UK, he's not the only resident to pack a G19. In the second round of voting in May it is possible SPOe and OeVP voters will united behind the Green candidate (whom they hate slightly less that they hate Hofer) to deny the anti - EU vote its democratic victory. That outcome is by no means certain. The Green candidate supports the full package of wishy washy, immigrant loving, common sense hating, politically correct sentimentality that passes for a package of policies among Europe's consensus parties and so enough people who voted out of loyalty to parties they have supported in the long term could decide it is time to vote for Austria and reject globalism and the destruction of European civilisation.

A recent poll has given Chancellor Werner Faymann a 72% approval for his action in sealing the Balkans migrant route, a 180° about-turn from his previous alignment with Merkel. What is not in doubt is that the people of Austria are aligned with Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary in their attitude toward migrants.

And with last summer's migrant invasion via Italy about to start, Faymann faces a stark choice; seal the Italian border effectively, or lose power completely. We could well see some very angry Italian and EU politicians this Summer, andrdian's uber some squalid migrant camps filled with woman hating Jihadists around the Tuscan holiday home of left wing Guardian newspaper's politically correct hypocrite in chief, white guilt addict Polly Toynbee'.

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