Sunday, January 25, 2015

Greece Votes On Whether Its People Have Any Future

 Syriza party rally hails leader Alexis Tsipras, is he on his way to victory in Greek election (Source)

The voters of Greece will choose today, whether their country, the cradle of democracy, has a future of not. They are voting in a general election which could result in Greece trying to renegotiate the terms of its bailout with international lenders and even quitting the EU if the expected victory for hard line left wing party Syriza.
The leader of Syriza, Alexis Tsipras, has pledged to write off much of Greece's huge debt and revoke austerity measures.

This has outraged other EU leaders such as Germany's Angela Merkel and the controlling bureaucrats of the Euronazi regime in Brussels, but Tsipras is unrepentant. He sees his job as to do what is best for the people of Greece and for that I applaud him and hope his party wins a stunning victory.

This may surprise many of my readers, especially those Facebook Sheeple who think that because I have been recommending voting for UKIP in the coming UK General Election I have become a supporter of the extreme right. This is not just a stupid assumption, it is downright idiotic. I am and always have been anti - establishment and because the establishment is firmly globalist and supportive of an authoritarian system that closely resembles the Oligarchical Collectivism of George Orwell's dystopian novel "1984".

I am against all the sacred cows that quasi religious movement has established, the need for global totalitarian government, one - party states, multiculturalism, pseudo - diversity (the idea that bunging people of different races and religions together will result in a harmonious monocultures), the dogma that mass immigration enriches us economically and culturally, and the belief that the masses are ignorant, infantile and irredeemable and need to be told how to live our lives by the kind of cupid stunts who have spent all their lives in the ivory towers of universities or the political centres.

So I say go Syriza and lets have an end to the meritocratic twattery of New Labour, Compassionate Conservatism and pan - Europeanism.

Not everyone agrees however, the current conservative prime minister of Greece, Antonis Samaras, says the austerity measures are working. He has urged voters not to take Greece to the brink of catastrophe.

Is he right? This snippet reveals a lot about how bad things have become in Greece thanks to multinationalism, multiculturalism and the Euronaziism of the EU.

"When you read about female doctors(!) feeling forced to prostitute themselves to feed their children, about the number of miscarriages doubling, and about the overall sense of helplessness and destitution among the Greek population, especially the young, who see no way of even starting to build a family, then I can only say: Brussels is a bunch of criminals." Read full article

Those words were written before the EU announced another massive Quantitative Easing (creating money) program which will help the bankers but will be bad for Germany and force even greater austerity on basket case economies like Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

So you see I'm not right wing, I love the ordinary working people of those countries which is why I want to see their nations and economies being run by their elected representatives in the interests of the citizens, not in the interests of international bankers and global businesses by elitist bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.


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