Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Are Sites That Criticise Hillbillary Clinton Are Being blocked By Google?

The Unrelenting Pundit-Led Effort to Delegitimize All Negative Reporting about Hillary Clinton ...

... read the headline to a  report on The Intercept. I did eventually find out what this was a ll about though it was an absolute bugger of a job getting on to The Intercept. A glitch on their website? you might well ask. Well maybe it was but this was the fourth time today I have tried to access an article criticising Hillary Clinton's secretiveness, greed, lack of familiarity with the concept of telling the truth, tendency to gloat, foul mouthed outbursts at people who ask her difficult questions (especially about her health), cronyism and WTF haped to those missing emails.

The excellent Mr. Greenwald was commenting on how, as opinion  polls relating to the US Presidential Elections later this year start to swig towards Republican candidate Donald Trump as the campaign proper begins, the usual suspects, the chatterati, showbiz luvvies, academics and assorted troughers of taxpayers money are closing ranks around the establishment's anointed candidate.

The Greenwald article focused on comments from the Nobel Prize winning economist and architect of the Greater Depression of 2008 to ongoing, which has now lasted longer than the Great Depression of the 1930s. As if wishing to show that he knows less about economics and how nations and corporations function, Krugman now claims to end the recession we need more policies based on his idiotic theories which caused the crisis in the first place. 

In politics, Krugman is expounding the view that all criticism of Hillary Clinton, her personality and policies is monstrously unfair and the work of 'conspiracy theorists'.
Here's a snipped of Glenn Greenwald's response:
In his New York Times column yesterday, Paul Krugman did something which he made clear he regarded as quite brave: he defended the Democratic Party presidential nominee and likely next U.S. President from journalistic investigations. Complaining about media bias, Krugman claimed that journalists are driven by “the presumption that anything Hillary Clinton does must be corrupt, most spectacularly illustrated by the increasingly bizarre coverage of the Clinton Foundation.” While generously acknowledging that it was legitimate to take a look at the billions of dollars raised by the Clintons as she pursued increasing levels of political power – vast sums often received from the very parties most vested in her decisions as a public official – it is now “very clear,” he proclaimed, that there was absolutely nothing improper about any of what she or her husband did.

Krugman’s column, chiding the media for its unfairly negative coverage of his beloved candidate, was, predictably, a big hit among Democrats – not just because of their agreement with its content but because of what they regarded as the remarkable courage required to publicly defend someone as marginalized and besieged as the former First Lady, two-term New York Senator, Secretary of State, and current establishment-backed multi-millionaire presidential front-runner. Krugman – in a tweet-proclamation that has now been re-tweeted more than 10,000 times – heralded himself this way: “I was reluctant to write today’s column because I knew journos would hate it. But it felt like a moral duty.”
As my colleague Zaid Jilani remarked: “I can imagine Paul Krugman standing in front of the mirror saying, ‘This is *your Tahrir Square* big guy.'” Nate Silver, early yesterday morning, even suggested that Krugman’s Clinton-defending column was so edgy and threatening that The New York Times – which published the column – was effectively suppressing Krugman’s brave stance by refusing to promote it on Twitter (the NYT tweeted Krugman’s column a few hours later, early in the afternoon). Thankfully, it appears that Krugman – at least thus far – has suffered no governmental recriminations or legal threats, nor any career penalties, for his intrepid, highly risky defense of Hillary Clinton.
That’s because – in contrast to his actually brave, orthodoxy-defying work in 2002 as one of the few media voices opposed to the invasion of Iraq, for which he deserves eternal credit – Krugman here is doing little more than echoing conventional media wisdom. That prominent journalists are overwhelmingly opposed to Donald Trump is barely debatable; their collective contempt for him is essentially out in the open, which is where it should be. Contrary to Krugman’s purported expectation, countless Clinton-supporting journalists rushed to express praise for Krugman. Indeed, with very few exceptions, U.S. elites across the board – from both parties, spanning multiple ideologies – are aligned with unprecedented unity against Donald Trump. The last thing required to denounce him, or to defend Hillary Clinton, is bravery.

Just as he got his economic theory arse first (when drowning in debt, spend more), Krigman has his politics the wrong way round. He seems to think democracy works by the establishment appointing a president and the electorate being given a chance to endorse that appointment. But woe betide you if you thing the elitists made the wrong choice by trying to hand the presidency of the USA to a proven crook, liar, traitor and war criminal. 

Oh BTW, I notice access to this blog's posts that tell the truth or ask the awkward questions about Hillary Clinton are rather difficult to access via Google.I've also noticed the modest traffic to this site has gone down the pan since the beginning of August, I'm still getting the usual from Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and other search Engines but hardly anything from GOOGLE, the US Government's Propaganda Dept Search Engine. Funny isn't it?



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