Saturday, April 09, 2016

Black Belgians Refute ‘Poverty, Discrimination’ As Causes Of Arab Terror - It's A Cultural Thing

Proud to be black, and proud to be Belgian

African residents of Brussels have refuted claims made by 'white-hating', 'left wing' cultural Marxists who support the destruction of European culture through mass Muslim immigration, that local Muslims are drawn into terrorism because of “poverty” and “discrimination”. Belgium's non Muslim black minorities blame cultural values for the prevelance of religious extremist and sex crime among Muslims.

“You know, we hear a lot about how the Arabs are a fragile community that suffers, but we, ‘les blackies,’ are discriminated against, too, and we hurt nobody”, Nico Atoba, an African Christian living in Brussels told the National Post a Canadian newspaper.

As Mr. Atoba points out, any alleged “discrimination” faced by Arabs is surely faced by black Africans too. Furthermore, Matonge, the Congolese quarter of Brussels from which he was speaking, is easily as run down as the Muslim areas.

Muslim dominated Molenbeek, however, has become know as the ‘European capital of Jihad’, and has produced numerous Islamic terrorists who went on to commit the Paris and Brussels attacks.

According to many left wing academics and publications “poverty” and “discrimination” are a major factor driving such men towards hate and violence. Left wing academics are, however, largely responsible for the political brainwashing of schol pupils and university students that has led to the idiotic situation where we have young people in the 16 - 25 age group becoming racist, but against their own race, and thus prepared to take sides with dark skinned interlopers whose sectarianism (not just against Christian Europeans and sub - saharan Africans, but Hindu's and orientals) is documented down fifteen hundred years of history.

The pursuit of 'open doors' mass immigration policies by national governments and the EU bureaucratic dictatorship, backed by the brainwashed generation, added to social leaders being in total denial about the fact that mixing people of incompatible cultures is bound to lead to race related tensions, has led to the growth of many Muslim majority ghettos across Europe, most notably in Germany, Sweden and France.

“Molenbeek, Belgium's most notorious Muslim ghetto, has been in trouble for years. Poverty levels are high, and street and drug crime are common… These problems go hand-in-hand with a bleak outlook for residents”, The Atlantic reported last November, continuing: “As of January this year, 350 Belgian residents are known to have joined ISIS in Syria—a minuscule fraction of the country’s Muslims, but nonetheless more per capita than any other state in Europe. This trend can in part be explained (albeit, of course, not justified) by conditions in places like Molenbeek”, the aryicle claimed.

So why is it that non-Muslim, but equally discriminated and disadvantaged, Africans are not seeking to kill and attack Westerners?

“There are a lot of victims in Belgium but you can’t always be playing with victimization and use it as an excuse to justify going out and harming others”, a female African migrant in Brussels, who did not wish to be named (for reasons that should be obvious even to brainwashed cultural Marxists) told news reporters.


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