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Father of A.I. Shocks Everyone With His Newest (Scariest) Creation

We are told at least once a week that 'scientists' have made some great advance in computer technology and in just a few years we will have been overtaken in terms of intelligence by the machines we created. Strangely, computer scientists were saying exactly that when the first program I wrote was loaded to a LEO computer from punched paper tape just over fifty years ago. and yet we seem to be no nearer creating any software that can be compared to human intelligence, (nerds may argue with that, but nerds are not human.)

Computers have advanced enormously since I wrote that dodgy bit of COBOL of course, what has not changed is our total inability to define what makes us intelligent in a way that animals (and nerds) are not. What I'm talking about is our ability to deal with abstract ideas and imagined situations.

Will humans be overwhelmed by the power of Artificial Intelligence? Not only do many scientists believe we will but they seem eager for it to happen. So far however, we have many perdictions of what A I will do, but in practical demonstrations tests have to be rigged to favour a machine that can parse and filter vast amounts of data very quickly over a human brain that actually thinks. So is it really likely we will become Slaves To The Machine any time soon?

Well, Dr. Louis Rosenberg – founder and CEO of Unanimous AI, believes that human swarming may be able to amplify human intelligence and buy us some time, if not change the outcome entirely.

During an 86 interview with Dr. Louis Rosenberg, CEO of Unanimous AI, singularity blog explored a variety of interesting topics with the self - styled "Father Of Artificial Intelligence," such as: how and why he got interested in AI, virtual and augmented reality; his motivation and main goals; why groups are smarter than individuals (oh no, not the wisdom of cowds (aka mob mentality) again; his dream of amplifying human intelligence; the dangers of software based AGI; being a vegan and respecting [i.e. not consuming] other intelligences; his latest company Unanimous AI; the definition of a swarm mentality and its differences from both a herd and a crowd; his platform computer interface for human swarming called UNU; predicting the Oscars with a human swarm; flocks of birds and schools of fish versus swarms of bees; swarms of experts as a super-expert; Miguel Nicolelis‘ brain-to-brain computers; collective intelligence and the Borg…

(You can listen to/download the audio file above or watch the video interview in full.

In my estimation the man is clueless. He says we "need to be cautious." WTF does that mean? If these 'God complex' scientists were truly cautious, they would stop what they are doing altogether. They are the quintessential useful idiots, doing the bidding of their corporate masters without question. Scientists do not do these things for money, fame maybe, but the main motivation seems to be that they are obsessed with doing something difficult. The people who financially support their work are motivated by the wealth and power, but the scientists are too detached from reality to see the sinister agenda behind all this technology push.

We have already come too far too fast. Human societies evolve as animal and plant species do and technology has imposed more change than our societies can adapt to in the time we have had. It goes beyond the laws of nature and natural progression. Without humans or beings of consciousness, all that exists is meaningless. No, the tree does not make a sound if it falls with nobody to see or hear it. No, the sun setting behind the mountains is not beautiful unless a creature that can handle abstract concepts such as beauty can see it and understand beauty. Our newest creation implies purpose. Our waning lack of humanity is proof that we have failed to keep up. I'm seeing my peers and more alarming, youth who just find no reason to exist anymore. And it is alarming how many among the generation we call The Millenials simply do not understand the central metaphor behind the zombie movies and TV series of the past twenty years, such as 28 Days Later and The Walking Dead. We are becoming obsolete because we have outsourced our business to machines and willingly accepted the collectivist lie that all which makes us human is irrelevant. There is a time to say, no more.

One of the thoughts that occurred to me as I listened to this interview was regarding his statement about values and A.I.; he said the software incorporates human values. The question is, "Whose values? Which human? Jesus, Hitler? Hillary Clinton, Jeffrey Dahmer, Fred West, St. Teresa, a Mafia crime family or someone like Mohandas K Ghandi. All are human beings, but fundamentally different values. Do we kill unwanted babies, the sick and the elderly? Or do we teach them all humans have intrinsic values inherited from our pagan ancestors who created the earliest civilisations?


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