Sunday, November 06, 2016

The Boss And Huma: Huma Abedin On Hillary Clinton

posted by Arthur Foxake

We don't do many memes on this blog, but earlier today we came across one that is worth passing on. We don't know if it is genuinely the words of Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, there are a couple of statements that make us somewhat sceptical. But then we in Britain are not voting next week, we can look on with amusement as the American political establishment conducts its election debate in a style more fitted to a squabble between five year olds in a school playground.

Having said that, there is plenty in the text shown on this image to make us think it is worthy of attention. We offer no opinion other than the advice given by The Buddah: Believe nothing you read or hear until you have tested it against your own experience and common sense.

Make up your own minds readers ...

Clinton Foundation hack an inside job?
Vladimir Putin was not the Clinton Foundation hacker
The dark reality of Hillary Clinton Clinton: Polling companies cheating to support Democrat candidate
Wikileaks emails reveal Cinton treason
The Great American Trump
Clinton Trump war for America
FBI to indict Clinton
How Obama and Clinton created ISIS
How Democrat primaries were rigged for Clinton
Clinton links to Soros
Clinton versus Trump
Hillary Clinton plans tyranny for USA
Clinton campaign voter fraud cheated Bernie Sanders
Hillary Clinton's Benghazi scandal
Elitist contempt for ordinary people
Left wing intellectuals have always despised the masses
Lawless Libya, the result of Hillary Clinton's very own war.

The Unenviable Choice Facing Americans: Chaos or chaos with a side order of war.
Former Apprentice Contestant Paid $500,000 By Gloria Allred To Accuse Trump?
After A Month Of October Surprises, Next The November Surprise?
The Clinton Crime Syndicate Scandals Keep Piling Up
Judicial Watch Leaks Reveal More Clinton-Abedin Email Exchanges of Classified Information
Mainstream Media Still Ignoring Clinton Crime Syndicate Stories
US Media Giants Caught Skewing The Polls For Hillary
Latest Clinton Email Shock Not From Wikileaks or DC Leaks But The FBI
Hillary Leaks - What She Promised Wall Street
Obama Leads Down The Path To Nuclear War - Hillary Clinton Runs To Keep Up

US Green Candidate Jill Stein Slams Hillary Clinton’s Foreign Policy As “Scarier Than Trump’s”
As Promised Wikileaks Just Dropped The Big Bomb On Hillary Clinton
The Hillary Clinton Health Saga
Clinton E-mails Show When Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton Allowed George Soros To Dictate Foreign Policy
Clintons Threatened Attorney General With Her Life
Hillary Clinton’s Latest Attack on Freedom of Speech
Bill Clinton, Blair, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger All In Epsteins ?Black Book’
The Clinton Girls Sing The Spice Girls

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