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Daily Round Up Of Covid Crime Stories - 17 January 2022

MENU: [ Different Covid Rules For Politicians To The Rest Of Us ] ... Waste Of Time To Keep Vaccinating People Claims Former Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce ] ... [ Google Mandates US Workers Submit To Weekly COVID-19 Tests, Surgical Masks ] ... [ After 28 Days On Ventilator, Family Loses Legal Battle To Try Ivermectin For Dying Father ]

Different COVID Rules For The Elite And The Rest Of Us
The disconnect between the heart of the British state and the rest of the country explains how ‘Partygate’ happened

from The Financial Times via Reddit When Boris Johnson shut down the country on March 23 that year, life seized up for the white-collar economy. The City of London became a ghost town, but the City of Westminster had a rather different pandemic. Parliament may have gone virtual, with MPs holed up in their constituencies, but for many in government, office life rolled on. Those who continued to work in Whitehall argue they did so out of necessity, commuting for practical and security reasons. The closer they were to power, the fewer officials worked remotely. In Downing Street and the Cabinet Office — the heart of the British state — desks were occupied throughout the three lockdowns. This disconnect between Whitehall and the country lies at the heart of the “Partygate” scandal ... Continue reading >>> MORE posts on Death of Democracy

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Waste Of Time To Keep Vaccinating People Claims Former Head of UK Vaccine Taskforce

A very reputed physician from the UK has claimed that vaccination is a waste of time. Dr. Clive Dix who has a different perspective on the implementation of the vaccine discusses his opinions. Vaccinating individuals against COVID is a “waste of time,” according to the former chairman of Britain’s Vaccines Taskforce. Dr. Clive Dix, who aided pharmaceutical companies in developing the COVID-19 vaccinations, told LBC radio on Jan. 16: “The Omicron variant is a relatively mild virus. And to just keep vaccinating people and thinking of doing it again to protect the population is, in my view, now a waste of time.” Dix believes that the emphasis ought to be on safeguarding susceptible individuals, particularly ones over 60, amongst which 2% still remains unvaccinated. ...

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Google Mandates US Workers Submit To Weekly COVID-19 Tests, Surgical Masks

Authored by Naveen Athrappully via The Epoch Times,

Google has mandated weekly COVID-19 tests and surgical masks for employees at its facilities as Omicron infections rise, accounting for over 98 percent of cases in the United States.

“To help prevent the further spread of COVID-19 during this period of heightened risk, we’re implementing new temporary health and safety measures for anyone accessing our sites in the U.S.” a Google spokesperson said, according to Reuters.

For remote workers, Google is offering free at-home test kits for all members of the household. Full-time workers will have access to kits that give instant results from Cue Health, while contractors will get the mail-in BioIQ tests, according to a series of critical Twitter posts from the Alphabet Workers Union.

Omicron has spread fast across the country, but the highly-transmissible variant is characteristic of mild symptoms requiring significantly fewer hospitalizations than the Delta variant.

Several prominent organizations including doctors have suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic would turn endemic, and the disease could be treated on a seasonal basis, like the common cold, with Omicron signaling the beginning of the transition.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently came out in support of this argument.


After 28 Days On Ventilator, Family Loses Legal Battle To Try Ivermectin, Other Alternative Treatments, For Dying Father

Authored by Nanette Holt via The Epoch Times A Florida family fighting to give their loved one on a ventilator alternative treatments for COVID-19 have lost another battle—this time in Florida’s First District Court of Appeal. The wife and son of Daniel Pisano first squared off against Mayo Clinic Florida at an emergency hearing on Dec. 30 in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit. Before that, they’d been begging the hospital to allow them to try treating Pisano—who’s been on a ventilator now for 28 days—with the controversial drug ivermectin, along with a mix of other drugs and supplements, part of a protocol recommended by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). The family’s request for an emergency injunction to force the Mayo Clinic to allow treatments recommended by an outside doctor was denied by Judge Marianne Aho. They appealed the decision. On Jan. 14, Aho’s decision was upheld by Florida’s First District Court of Appeal. The three-judge panel deciding the case included Judge Thomas “Bo” Winokur, appointed by then-Gov. Rick Scott in 2015; Judge M. Kemmerly Thomas, appointed in 2016 by Scott; and Judge Robert E. Long, Jr., appointed in 2020, by Gov. Ron DeSantis.
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