Saturday, May 04, 2024

If You Don't Already Believe Western Leaders Are Determined To Start WW3 ...

 May 4, 2024 (may the fourth be with you)
by Mac Slavo, SHTFplan

French Ruler’s Insane Idea Could Ignite WW3

The ruler of France, Emmanuel Macron, has been parroting some ridiculous ideas about involving the West further in the war between Russia and Ukraine. If any of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members actually follow through with this insanity, it will ignite World War 3.

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto agreed with this assessment. He has condemned the latest remarks from Macron about the option of sending troops to Ukraine and has warned such a move could ultimately spark an all-out nuclear war.

While speaking to French broadcaster LCI as reported by RT on Thursday, Szijjarto was asked for his take on Macron’s renewed threat to deploy his country’s troops to back up Kiev against Russia. The diplomat strongly condemned the idea, saying that the French leader’s comments themselves have contributed to escalating the situation. ... Continue reading >>>




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