Sunday, December 06, 2015

Has Turkey Invaded Iraq? No More Than Usual.

Turkish tanks in Iraq? Par for the course (Image source)

You may have read yesterday that the world's newest (well oldest really, but we are not allowed to tell the truth about NATO members) rogue state Turkey had invaded Iraq. The start of World War Three? The final provocation that would prod Russia into attacking a NATO member, thus legitimizing US attacks on Russia.

Putin would be obliged to respond to any US attack, all NATO members would have to support Turkey, China have pledged their support to Russia and Iran are already involved. So how serious it it?

Well Turkey sending troops into Kurdish territory Iraq is not really a big deal except to mainstream media which is part of the psy - op which is spreading fear and panic to trick us into accepting further sacrifices of our rights and liberties, and the more excitable alternative media sites. Turkey has had among its political aims the genocide of the Kurds for decades. They also have ambitions around the annexation of a slice of Syrian territory.

You might also remember from our previous posts on Turkey' links with ISIS, Know your Enemy ... Turkey Delivering Weapons To ISIS ... NATO Tolerates Turkey Helping ISIS ... Edrogan's son runs ISIS Oil Business and  that there seems to be some degree of collaboration when it comes to the laundering of ISIS crude oil into western markets. Technically the trade is "illegal" but because NATO and Washington are happy to turn a blind eye and because the 45,000 or so barrels per day that ISIS pumps are so inconsequential in the large scheme of things, it's easy for Islamic State oil to be "lost" in the much larger quantities flowing through Turkey's oil ports on the Mediterranean coast. This is great for those involved in the smuggling operation (Russia has presented evidence of what what Moscow says are other ISIS oil smuggling routes but that's for another article).

What Turkey and the Sunni Muslim monarchies on the Persian Gulf would like of course is to eliminate the Kurds. Ironically the Kurds in Iraq are to some extent complicit in the smuggling operation because the illegal sale of  Kurdish crude allegedly funds the Peshmerga's fight against Islamic State. As with every other aspect of the conflict in this region, the entire craptangle is impossibly convoluted.

But Turkish incursions into Iraqi Kurd territory occur as frequently as Kurdish incursions into Turkey's land. It's nothing to worry about.


Obama Launching Massive Military Intervention In Libya And Iraq
Almost five years after the United States and its NATO allies launched a campaign in Libya to overthrow Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, the United States is on the verge of massively escalating its military operations in the war-torn country.
We must vote for Brexit before Turkish accession.
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