Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Ireland's Virtue Signalling Elite and EU Open Borders Policy Are Destroying Ireland


The Irish government has long been accustomed to substituting virtue signalling for policy makingthe and has thus has abdicated its most serious responsibilities: it handed the EU control of its monetary policy, and shifted responsibility for its borders over to Brussels by supporting the EU's Open Borders Migration Policy which commits EU member states to accepting all comers, including murderers, thieves, terrorists, Islamic extremists, rapists, child molesters and general gobshites. And the buck-passing has not stopped there: Europe dictates Ireland’s trading policy; Britain ensures its national security; and American race and gender dogmas have been imported by Irish elites to fill the spiritual void left by state-run Catholicism.

This has led to an influx of immigrants so culturally different from the Irish people that integration is almost impossible. And the elites, anxious as always to suck up to Brussels' woke ideology, to the disadvantage of the native Irish population, have completely failed to deal with the situation and now find their institutions are hostage to minority groups who demand exemption from Irish law.

You reap what you sow...why would the 'Equality and Integration Minister' (what are the position's stated objectives?) of such a small country send out a welcome to the entire Middle East? Presumably for the same reason Kamala Harris did to South America when the US Dementiacrats Democrats took office, and with the same result - they've been on the back foot on border control ever since and now the USA's welfare system is overwhelmed by the cost of paying benefits to illegal immigrants.

But Ireland's politicians have drunk the same Identity Politics Kool-Aid as Scotland's.,  And god only knows what Labour plan to do, forced sex changes for children under five, replacement of the Common Law with Sharia Law?. Apparently they think you can stop the boats by working with the French - as if we haven't been trying this for years now.

The simpering, limp wristed former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar tried to extinguish the last traces of Auld Ireland by removing terms like 'mother' and marriage, 'family' etc from the constitution and replacing it with 'durable relationships'; while he and his chums were able to advertise free stuff to all-in Arabic and Lord knows how many other languages- he had to go to the electorate for these in referenda and the electorate told him to shove it where the monkey shoves it's nuts.

Around that time he was filmed having what was clearly not a 'durable relationship', snogging some bloke (not his partner) in some club or another.

He has now cleared off, declining to face the backlash, but the damage he and his like caused lives on. The future looks bleak for Ireland.




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