Friday, May 17, 2024

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Ukraine Formally Asks NATO To Send Troops For First Time

Zero Hedge

The continued inevitable and disastrous slide into a WW3 nuclear-armed confrontation between Russian and the West continues as The New York Times reports NATO appears to actually be seriously mulling sending troops to Ukraine to serve in the role as 'trainers' at a moment Kiev is desperate to tap and train up new manpower. And this would be closer to front line positions as well. ... Read full article

Russia, China Reveal Their Global Agenda

 Moon of Alabama

The two sides pointed out that the great changes in the world have accelerated their evolution, the status and strength of emerging powers in the “global South” countries and regions have continued to increase, and the world's multipolarization has accelerated. These objective factors have accelerated the redistribution of development potential, resources, opportunities, etc., developed in a direction conducive to emerging markets and developing countries, and promoted the democratization of international relations and international fairness and justice. ... Read full article


Government Set to Deny Parliament a Vote on WHO Pandemic Treaty

Daily Sceptic

Comforting though it would be to imagine a critical mass of parliamentarians with the time, inclination and effective opportunity to apply proper scrutiny to these international agreements of generational significance, the reality, laid bare during Tuesday’s House of Commons debate on the topic, is that Parliamentary scrutiny of the WHO’s new instruments will be — at best — brief and inconsequential. ... Read full article

It’s about to get colder and CO2 levels may drop to dangerously unproductive levels