Monday, June 17, 2024

People Are Abandoning Mainstream News - Here's Why


BBC News today published in its Culture section, an article about the dramatic decrease in the number of people using its channels, those of rival broadcasters, and the print and online editions of traditional nrewspapers as their preferred way of accessing the news. The article presents the findings of resulting from a huge survey which collected the views of 97,943 people.

More and more people are turning away from news, described news content as depressing, repetitive and boring, the study suggests. Almost four in 10 (39%) people in the study, which covered several national communities said they often actively avoid the news, compared with 29% in 2017, according to the report by Oxford University’s Reuters Institute.

Wars in Ukraine and the Middle East may have contributed to people’s desire to switch off the news, the report’s authors said. This is despite there being strong reasons for expecting concerns about the wars esclating to global conflict might case people to be more rather than less interested, in the news:

Publication of the study's findings comes at a time when billions of people around the world have been going to the polls in national and regional elections, another reason why at this time, pepple might have more cause to follow news coverage..

The report found that elections have increased interest in the news in a few countries, including the United States. However, the overall trend remains firmly downwards, according to the study.

In the U.K., interest in news has almost halved since 2015. “The news agenda has obviously been particularly difficult in recent years,” the report’s lead author Nic Newman told BBC News.

This development will come as no surprise to those of us who have created a hobby or retirement career for ourselves as reoprters and commentators in the alt_nres community and no only because we all regularly (too regularly unfortunately,) report on misinformation, disinformation, downright lies, propaganda, biased reporting and othr bollocks pumped out by government and corporate press officers and faithfully parrotted by mainstream news outlets.

 People now demonstrably have trust issues with various things; politicians ( as evidenced by the polls and what’s happening across Europe and the U.S ), Big Pharma ( it’s often reported there’s been a downturn in people rocking up for childhood vaccinations and the Covid booster uptake has been in decline for some time ), and a distrust of all types of authority is naturally going to follow, because who has been the biggest, most influential mouthpiece when it comes to spreading government/globalist propaganda and lies? The media. 

 There’s a definite lag effect when it comes to the reporting but this just confirms what is happening in real life, and we should not expect any othe.r outcome



Much like if you find out your other half has been having an affair with your best friend, would you really continue to vote for a party that continues to let you down, election after election, never keeps their promises and lies to your face? What intelligent person is going to just stay in such a toxic relationship like a right mug and not break free from the whole dysfunctional cycle? Any right-minded person would ditch their partner ( and their bestie ) just like they’d go vote for some totally different party/person for the first time in their lives. People don’t /have to stay put and continue to be shat on from a high height like they’ve no control over the matter. So why anyone would even bother with MSM nowadays is beyond me. It’s just insane, but I think we know by now the correlation between MSM muppets and the following of the various government agendas. The cultists need to step away from the Kool-Aid and detox their minds.

They should do a survey at the next ‘protest’ or when the ‘Just Sod Off’ idiots are next glued to the road and ask them if they’ve got a BBC license or if they read the papers. Surely the results would be entirely predictable.



Chaos Erupts In Brussels As Rubber Bullets Fired At Farmers Protesting Outside EU Parliament
Belgian police used Rubber bullets and water cannons against hundreds of farmers who had travelled from around western Europe to protest outside the EU Headquarters in the city on Thursday. The farmers threw eggs, set off fireworks, and set fire to staw bales and rubbish fires near the building while demanding that European leaders stop punishing them with more taxes, rising costs and the loonytoons 'green' policies imposed to push the continent towards the ruling bureaucrats impossible and irrational 'net zero' targets

Protest Becomes Open Rebellion In Europe As Farmers Uprising Against 'Green' Policies Spreads To Other Industries.
As this blog has been reporting since the late summer of 2022, farmers across many european Union member states including France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Romania, have been gradually esclating a campaign of protest against the globalist policies beimg imposed by the EU and implemented by far left governments.

Hottest Ever UK January Day - In One Small Village
Today’s high is not due to ‘climate change’ although Warmageddonists and climate alarmists have been quick to claim it is, but is a result of a rare phenomenon known as the Fohn (or Foehn) effect (literally ‘the hairdryer effect’) that sees isolated spots near mountains hit with a narrow blast of hot air.

The Never-Ending War On Cash
In the last few decades the global elites have been pushing to shift financial activity from cash and paper cheques towards a cashless world. Physical currency is under constant attack and the majority of the world’s money supply exists in intangible electronic form. Governments and financial institutions are actively promoting a cashless society, raising concerns about individual financial freedom

New Poll Of Super - Rich Shows The Elite Hate Us Ordinary Folk
... the real enemy, is not a political party but a group that stands outside the political arena to exert its malign influence. A shocking poll exposes the utter contempt in which the elite holds the general public, with more than three quarters wanting to ration food and energy to combat ‘climate change’ and a majority wanting air travel for holidays banned.

Net Zero Is Dying Says The Manhattan Contrairian - But Is It Taking Western Civilisation With It?
We Boggart Bloggers have always been sceptical of the Climate Change scam. And as most of our readers will be aware, the scam had to be rebranded as 'Climate Change' because after a brief (and statistically insignificant,) warming trend in the 1980s and 90 the apparent warming stopped until 2016 when there was a brief blip because of an El Nino event on the Pacific region before global mean temperatures started flatlining again ...

Impartiality? The BBC’s Blind Spot
The year has got off to a poor start for the BBC Identity Hub, led by Jon Buckley. Despite their clear significance, it decided against including several stories in its coverage. This is a specialist team ostensibly covering issues around gender identity, remember. First, there was the Women’s Rights Network report on trans-identified male police officers’ rights to search women’s orifices, which was so solid it led to an apparent shift in policy ...

Sweden SCRAPPING Agenda 2030 goals - Peter Sweden
The new right-wing government [ in Sweden ] is dismantling the goals outlined by the UN. They have scrapped renewable energy plans and have been pushing for more nuclear power. In the new year, Sweden REMOVED climate taxes on fuel, reducing diesel prices by over 4 SEK per litre. After the government removed climate taxes, prices reached almost as low as 17 SEK per litre.

War On Cash To Escalate In 2024
Early last week Boggart Blog learned Globalists within the US Government and the banking and finance industry have announced a plan to launch a Digital Fiat Currency that would enable seamless transfers of funds between banks and tax jurisdictions as a major step towards banning cash. Bankers and politicians claim this is essential to protect business and private funds against the actions of hostile nations and to eliminate money laundering by organised crime networks ... Continue reading >>>

Furious French Farmers Stage Shitfest Protest In Toulouse
Inspired perhaps by the protests of farming communities in Germany and Netherlands, angry French farmers gathered in the historic city of Toulouse, South - west France this week and dumped piles of farmyard manure on the steps of City Hall and in the streets and squares in fron of other public buildings. Such shitfest protests are a favourite tactic of French farmers when they want to let their government know its policies stink ...

Thousands Of Tractors Blocks Berlin Traffic Over Plan To End Diesel Subsidy
Thousands of German truck drivers, farmers, and agricultural workers parked in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin yesterday as another massive protest over the government's 'green' plans to end tax breaks on diesel fuel and subsidies to farmers prevented from getting the best out of their land by loonytoons EU 'rewilding' policies.

German Farmers target nation's vice chancellor in subsidies protest
German farmers angered by cost-saving plans impacting the country's agricultural sector blocked the EU state’s vice chancellor from disembarking a ferry on Thursday, in a protest that was criticized by both government and opposition figures. The farmer's ager was triggered by financial cutbacks imposed by EU policy on member state’s agricultural industries have.

Destroying The Planet To Save It
In the stampede towards achieving 'Net Zero' perhaps a reality check is long overdue for the delusional Green Blob and the virtue signalling politicians. In order to save the planet from a largely imaginary threat based on an ideology behind which there is very little scientific and absolutely zero empirical evidence the solutions proposed by the Green Blob, apart from being so expensive they would destroy every functioning national economy on the planet, are going to be more damaging to the planet than continuing to burn coal and gas ...

NATO Considers Stricter Sanctions As Russia Sidesteps Oil Price Cap
The European Union is considering toughening up the sanctions on evaders of the price cap on Russian oil, almost none of which now trades below the ceiling of $60 per barrel.The price cap mechanism set by the G7 and the EU says that Russian crude shipments to third countries can use Western insurance and financing if cargoes are sold at or below the $60-a-barrel ceiling ...

Germany Burns Net Zero Pledges And Fires Up Coal Generating Plants Ahead Of Winter Peak Electricity Season
On Wednesday this week Germany's coalition government approved putting coal power plants back online until the end of March 2024 to ensure energy security when natural gas supplies cannot meet demand. Though Germany has for at least a decade vied with Britain to claim leadership of Europe's ill - advised push for net zero, the Berlin government has been forced into this move ...

Even The Fully Ordained Members Of The Branch Covidian Cult Are Starting To See The Light
Regular readers of this blog and anyone else who has more active brain cells than testicles or tits as the case may be will have known beyond reasonable doubt that the Covid-19 killer virus narrative and its sequel the vaccine that saved the world but did not stop the spread of the kilers virus (that didn't actually kill) was a fake since before the pandemic was declared ...

There has been a huge increase in the use of facial recognition technology by police and businesses in the UK despite independent studies raising concerns about human rights violations, anddiscrimination, and numerous incidences of entirely innocent people being identified as criminals or people of interest in connection with crimes ...

Will Artificial Intelligence Lead A Race Of Humandroids To A Golden Age Or Plunge Surviving Humans Into Dystopia
Around 60% of us ordinary punters in Europe, North Americans and the few other liberal democracies scattered around the world believe that AI poses a serious threat to humanity’s future, an impressive figure given the torrent of propaganda that flows past us each day aimed as persuading us to believe that Artificial Intelligence will usher in a golden age for humanity and that transhumanism, the merging of man and machine is the future for humanity ...

Government To cash In Emissions Credits To Keep Net Zero On Track While Relaxing Targets.
While many people welcomed the relaxations to Government 'Net Zero' policy announced by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, others pointed out that it would be illegal to abandon commitments to reducing carbon emissions as they are enshrined in law The Green Blob gleefully seized on this and attempted to undermine Sunak's small step towards common sense by claiming his initiative was merely a political ploy

Climate Scare Profiteer Bill Gates Makes Sudden U-Turn On Climate Doom Narrative
Microsoft co-founder, philanthropist, and climate alarmist Bill Gates has backtracked on 'climate doom' prophecies. The writing is on the wall for the political and financial elites, who have long championed imminent climate doom, realizing that the public sees through the charades.

"Go To Hell": Brave EU Politician Tells Globalist Politicians And Billionaire Psycopaths
As the pushback against an elitist power grab that would end democratic government and establish an authoritarian, technocratic global government struggles to gain momentum in the face of a torrent of scaremongering propaganda, Anderson, a member of Germany's AfD party, has been a consistently vociferous opponent of Klaus Schwab’s Word Economic Forum (WEF) and its ‘Great Reset’ and agenda 2030 power grab.

Will Germany be the first to ditch its net zero commitments?
Things are not going well in Germany’s bid to reach net zero by 2045, five years earlier even than Britain’s own unrealistic target. For months, the German government has been trying to devise a way to save its heavy industry from high energy prices which are sending production fleeing to Asia. Last year, chemicals giant BASF announced that it would invest in a new £10 billion plant in China, due to the cost of energy.

If You're Afraid Of Nuclear War You're Not Supporting Ukraine Enough Is Zelensky's Latest Message
The follow up to Elon Musk's refusal to open his Starlink satellite network for the benefit of Ukrainian military leaders as they fantasise about attacking Crimea and driving out the Russian occupying force this past week showcases how completely unhinged and dangerous the Ukrainian government's desire to escalate the war has become.

The Offshore Wind Fiasco Sets New Records For Government Incompetence
In an article on wind powered generators last week a science & technology writer showed himself in need of remedial education in basic literacy:"Meanwhile, 14GW of installed capacity puts us second in the world behind China," he burbled The problem here is inability to understand the meaning of 'installed capacity.' If it means a capability of generating 14GW of electricity, as it would if we were discussing gas, nuclear or coal that would be lovely ...

NatWest Imposes New Cash Limits In Latest Push Towards A Cashless Society
NatWest RBS banking group, which owns Coutts, the bank involved in the debanking of Nogel Farage story, and itself largely owned by the government on behalf of We The Taxpayerssince 2009, has granted itself “sweeping new powers” to limit the amount of cash customers can deposit and withdrawal, triggering warnings that banks are operating as a cartel to force customers towards abandoning cash completely and accepting a “cashless society” which would pave the way to electronic surveillance of our financial activity.

Pandemic Preparedness And The Road To International Fascism
The World Health Organization's broad definition of health embraces physical, mental and social well-being. Expressed in its 1946 constitution alongside concepts of community participation and national sovereignty, it reflected an understanding of a world emerging from centuries of colonialist oppression and the public health industry's shameful facilitation of fascism. But somewhere along the way those high minded ideals were lost ...

Brace Yourselves: The Impact Of The Ukraine War Is About To Start Hitting Us HarderWhile mainstream media in western Europe and North America continues to sing the paraises of Ukraine's armeed forces more perceptive people recognise that although the Ukrainians, supported by American and European weapons and cash, have fought bravely in resisting the onslaught faced over the past eighteen months, there is no doubt that in reality Ukraine is not winning, the country is being reduced to rubble.