Thursday, May 23, 2024

Britain Votes - But Who Will We Vote For

 by Hugh Jarse, 23 May 2024

On July 4 voters in the United Kingdom will go to the polls to elect a government.

It is time for the Conservatives to go, they have have remained far too long (fourteen years,) for any good they have done, to paraphrase Cromwell. They will not get my vote. But Labour? They don't seem to have anything to offer other than the fact that they are not The conservatives.

The last time we replaced a Conservative government with Labour was 1997. Blair may have been a total gobshite but his team, with the exception of Gordon Brown, were a far better bet than Starmer and Co today. John Prescott took a man of the people role, the late Robin Cook brought to the Cabinet a brilliant, analytical mind, Mo Mowlam, sadly also dead, was a wonderful negotiator and David Blunkett, despite his blindness, excelled as an administrator.

Also, the economy was in good shape, combining steady growth with falling debt at around 30% of GDP, and Labour promised to continue Conservative spending plans. 

On top of all that trust in our institutions was high (the Civil Service, NHS, police and CPS, BBC and legacy media, education, etc), the relationship with the EU broadly regarded as a positive thing, unemployment was low, our country was involved in no major conflicts,  and immigration running at a tolerable level (if still of some concern in areas most heavily impacted. 

Despite this and perhaps because of the collapse of the Conservative vote, many (including me) believe that the policies and decisions of New Labour after 1997 are behind many of the challenges we face today and which will persist for at least a generation to come. I have been accused of trying to blame the last Labour government for all our current problems. This is not the case at all, I merely claim that many of our current problems are rooted in the globalist thinking that has blighted politics for fifty years or more, no matter who has been in power.

However none of those 1997 positives apply in 2024. Hence the next Labour government led by Blair mini-me, Keir Starmer (defender of terrorists, enabler or rapists, supporter of anti - Semitism, advocate of transgenderism, kneeler before extremists, and general arsehole, - and a far weaker front bench than Blair's team, will face much greater challenges than Blair did.

 If Trump wins in the USA as seems increasingly likely given the visible degeneration of Joe Biden's mental capacity, it is difficult to see how there would not be some sort of political payback for recent anti - Trump posturing by Khan, Lammy, and others, added to the self - destructoion of deputy leader Angela Rayner. And the Hamas-supporting bloc will expect a reward. As such, it is impossible to see Labour doing any better than the Conservatives, a good chance that they will do worse. So I cannot bring myself to vote Labour.

That leaves a choice between not voting, spoiling my ballot, or casting a protest vote for one of the minor parties. Almost all the minor parties are full of weird people who are best politely avoided, with childishly idealistic policies. The only minor party I would consider is Reform UK. Tice does come across as a bit weird, but Habib speaks well and so does Farage. 

At least they appear to have a genuine fondness for the UK and her peoples. We have no idea who most of their candidates will be, but as long as they avoid third rate Conservatives jumping ship to them for shallow career reasons, they can hardly do worse than the current HoC. If they can attract others of the calibre of Anderson (Badenoch would be a real prize), that would work brilliantly. 

A final point, if Reform can get around half the votes Labour does and even if they win very few seats, it puts them in a good position to challenge at the next GE by 2029. If the Conservatives fail to reform fundamentally they will disappear. If they instead shift towards the ground now occupied by Reform, either in coalition or by merger, then again we will have a better choice at the next GE.

So, my vote will be for Reform UK. Not for what they can achieve on 4 July 2024, but for what the might achieve at the GE after that.



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