Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Intecept Asked "Will Bernie’s Supporters Stay Home on Election Day?"

Alternative news website The Intercept likes to present itself as anti - establishment. But are they, recent evidence suggests The Intercept is just another liberal website slavishly devoted to The Democratic Party and its presidential candidate "Crooked Hillary" Clinton.

In an article questioning the voting intentions of Bernie Sanders' supporters now America's last socialist has sold out to the establishment (as all socialists eventually do) and endoresed "Crooked Hillary", calling on his supporters, many of whom supported him precisely because they could not countenance Hillary Clinton as a possible President of the United States. Clinton's career in both business and politics has been dogged by scandal and even as she was preparing to accept the Democratic Party nomination, with a State Department internal inquiry into her mishandling of security classified documents, an FBI investigation into financial irregularities and an investigation into the suspected murder of a Party official who was due to testify in a case relating to voter fraud in the promaries, a new scandal erupted as the US Internal revenue service announced their own investigation of The Clinton Foundation's tax affairs.

As an outsider to this election I find it bizarre that a publication like The Intercept which trades on its reputation as being anti establishment is trying to persuade voters the election is a straight choice between Clinton and Trump. It is also bizarre that most people assume that because I detest Hillary Clinton I must support Donald Trump. While I found the primaries campaigns of both Trump and Sanders fun to follow, Bernie Sanders has turned out to be not as anti - establishment as he liked to pretend, and the billionaire Trump was never really anti - establishment, he is simply of the business establishment rather than the Washington establishment. I did not think Sanders or Trump would have been a good president, but simply not as bad as Hillary Clinton or one of the republican clowns that lined up at the start.

With a significant number of voters now turning to alternative media for information to fail to mention there are two other candidates, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson.

Neither is likely to be elected president, but with enough support for them, it might stiffen the resolve of congress members to hold the executive to account and resist the trend to rule by Imperial Decree that has taken hold during the reign of The Emperor Obama.

Can this omission be interpreted as meaning that like Bernie Sanders, The Intercept has sold out to the establishment. Or did Glenn Greenwald perhaps have a chance encounter with Bill Clinton on an airport runway somewhere?

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