Monday, June 06, 2016

Mayor Of Paris To Help Illegal Migrants Get To Britain

In European politics there are many fascists posing as 'liberals' and 'progressives'. Benito Mussolini once said that socialism is the same as fascism, but the loony lefties don't like to be reminded of that. One area in which the fascists of the 1930s and 1940s differ from modern paternalistic liberal fascists is that while the old fascists merely craved power, the modern version not only want to shit on the masses, they expect the masses to be grateful for being shat on. Hypocrisy and self righteousness have been incesteous lovers for thousands of years on course.

But even by the usual standards of the left, the misanthropy, hypocrisy and self righteousness being shown by the emotionally needy and self hating Mayor of Paris takes some beating. The first citizen of France's capital city is hatching a plan to shit on bothe the people of France and Britain while turning the beautiful city that elected her, into a version of the third world slums that infest places like Brazil, Philippines, Nigeria, India and Bangla Desh. This sill cow is actually planning to build a shanty town in the centre of Paris.

At a press conference on May 31, Hidalgo said the camp would be built in northern Paris "near the arrival points for migrants." She was referring to Gare du Nord — one of the busiest railway stations in Europe — from where high-speed Eurostar trains travel to and arrive from London.

That will do wonders for the tourist trade.

Notre Dame de Paris with migrant camp on the forecourt

Mayor Anne Hidalgo has unveiled plans to create a "humanitarian camp" (aka shanty town) next to one of the busiest train stations in the city, so that thousands of illegal migrants bound for Britain can "live with dignity." She seems not to care that once these animals are set loose among civilised people, the permanent inhabitants of Paris will not be able to live with dignity (which is a totally alien concept to the illegal arrivals in Europe from the third world, as we have already witnessed in the lawlessness and rape epidemics experienced in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Belgium.

Hidalgo, whose insane self hatred, translated into a hatred of French people and culture, has led her into conflict with French Socialist President François Hollande over his refusal to accept more migrants, says her plan to help illegal migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East is a "duty of humanism." A humanitarian duty to make sure French women and vulnerable people are 'culturally enriched' by immigrant rapists, muggers and murderers perhaps?

Critics counter that Hidalgo's plan is a cynical ploy aimed at positioning herself to the left of the current president, as part of a political strategy to wrest leadership of the Socialist Party from Hollande, whose approval ratings are at record lows. Ah, now we are getting to the truth, this evil vache does not care who she hurts so long as her personal ambitions are advanced. How absolutely typical of a left wing politician.

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