Thursday, June 02, 2016

Russia Loses Patience In Syria, Unleashes Hell On ISIS

Russia's Su34 combat aircraft, the decisive weapon in Syria (Picture source: Sputnik )

According to the reports coming out of Syria, Russian Su-34 jets have destroyed a series of oil production facilities operated by terrorists near Raqqa."Russian Su-34 attack aircraft have destroyed terrorists' illegal oil production facilities in al-Taura located 42 kilometers [roughly 26 miles] to the southwest of Raqqa," the Russian Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

Raqqa is the self-proclaimed capital of the terrorist group Daesh, aka IS/Islamic State. The city also allegedly served as a hub for terrorist oil convoys making their way into Turkey. As er have reported, Turkey';s President Recep Erdogan was a key player in funding and arming ISIS and members of his family were directly involved in managing the trade in illegal oil. The Erdogan clan is alleged to have made many millions of dollars from their support for terrorism.u

On March 14, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the Russian Aerospace Forces unit had fulfilled its mission in Syria and that its withdrawal would begin the following day. Moscow does, however, maintain a military presence in Syria, as a deadline for a complete pullout has not yet been announced.

Last month, Russian and Syrian Air Forces carried out coordinated airstrikes against Daesh in the province of Raqqa.

With peace talks in Syria deadlocked and conflict still raging in the country's northern part, Moscow is currently proposing a remarkable diplomatic solution to the country's seething ethnic tensions. Having eliminated over 28,000 terrorists since the start of the Syrian operation last September, according to estimates, Russia is now attempting to sideline the USA's ineffectual Obama administration and take the leading role in negotiations on the future of Syria, the Danish newspaper Politiken suggested.

Although the NATO / EU alliance sees Russia as the main supporter of Syria's Assad regime, Moscow, has recently tabled proposals for a new constitution, which would decentralize Assad's power. One of the proposals is to limit the president's term of office to seven years, Danish newspaper Politiken wrote. According to a think-tank under the Russian Foreign Ministry, the Russian proposal aims at substantially limiting the Syrian president's power to make Assad's resignation unnecessary because his role after a transition period will be nothing but marginal.

Russia proposes that the president should be responsible to the elected parliament. The president will therefore lack any legislative powers, which will be in the remit of an elected parliament. The Russian draft constitution also omits the formerly crucial principle that the Syrian president must be a Muslim, Politiken wrote.

In the draft of a new Syrian constitution, which was recently leaked to the media in the Middle East, Russia suggested that Syria should change its official name from the Syrian Arab Republic to the Republic of Syria, in order to appeal to ethnic minorities such as Kurds and Turkmen, Politiken reported, citing Gulf News.

In the light of this, it seems the latest Russian blitzkrieg on Raqqa, apart from preparing the way for a final assault by Syrian and Iranian ground troops, may also be a means of sending a message to ISIS fanatics that resistance is futile.


Syria: Obama's Worst Mistake?

The real legacy of Obama's administration of course will be in the area of foreign policy, where the utter ineptitude of Obama and his liberal cronies have reduced his promise to usher the world to an era of harmony and prosperity to ridicule as he has stumbles from one disaster to another. A very special kind of incompetence was required to make the messes created by his predecessor George W Bush in Iraq and Afghanistan worse, but Obie managed to pull it off.

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