Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Germany Opens Gates, Welcomes ALL Syrian Asylum Seekers: Urges UK To Do The Same

Germany has thrown open her doors to Syria, declaring it will welcome all that country’s asylum seekers. In doing so, it has overturned a EU convention which insists that asylum seekers must register in the first country they reach.

Germany will now cease handing out forms which ask new arrivals to declare where they landed in the EU.

Under the Dublin Convention of 1990, migrants seeking asylum within the EU must usually register with the country they first enter. The system was put in place to ensure that migrants didn’t submit multiple applications in a number of member states, and is binding under law.

However, according to the Independent, yesterday the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees ratified an order suspending the protocol. “Germany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims,” a government statement said, adding that all current expulsion orders for Syrian asylum seekers would be revoked. In addition, new Syrian arrivals will no longer have to fill in forms informing the German authorities which EU member state they first entered.

In the first six months of 2015, Germany received 44,417 applications, the vast majority of which have yet to be processed. But even before yesterday’s declaration, it was expected that most of the Syrian applicants would be granted asylum.

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Thank goodness Juncker is so deeply stupid

There was a howl of anguish from the EU's unelected senior official, Herr Juncker, yesterday at the suggestion that Europe's nations might once again man their borders.

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