Monday, October 26, 2015

Pretend Gangsta Pharrel Williams Advises Europe's Politicians On Migrant Crisis.

Pharrell Williams: great at wearing silly hats, mediocre singer, shit at politics.

Whenever a multi - millionaire movie or pop music celebrity decides to dabble in politics it is always going to be worth looking at if only because we experienced bloggers know we will once again be given proof that you don't have to be intelligent even to an average level, in order to become a millionaire move or pop music star.

Latest in a long line of performers eager to prove that people who pretend to be gangstas, spies or other things they are not for a living should be content to recite the lines written for them and not offer us their own idiotic thoughts is Pharrell Williams who was once in some kind of boy band and now is famous for wearing silly hats. Mr. Williams has elected himself as spokesperson for oppressed minorities (like multi millionaire pop stars for whom the hits have dried up) on the topic of Europe's immigrant crisis.

The Hollywood Reporter, ran a story on how Williams – whose career has been on a downward trajectory since he was a member of the funk-rap band No One Ever Really Dies (N.E.R.D) – used his platform at MTV’s European Music Awards (EMAs) in Milan last night (26 October, 2015) to urge European nations to “let them in”. He was referring to the tide of undocumented migrants flooding into Europe from Africa and the middle east, a topic on which a 42-year-old, Virginia-born hip-hop producer is undoubtedly an expert.

The story continues, "Pharrell Williams closed out the ceremonies with a performance of Freedom, dedicated to 'the refugee crisis in Europe'. The crowds in both the Piazza Duomo and Mediolanum sang along with their fists pumped in the air, but crowds at these events are notoriously easy to manipulate and entirely unrepresentative of mainstream society.

As always when wealthy celebrities decide to pontificate on how mainstream society should deal with humanitarian crises one finds oneself wondering how many migrants Mr. Williams has welcomed into his Hollywood mansion, to share in the spoils of his $80 million net worth? 500? 1000? No, come on, it must be 5000. Surely someone as magnanimous as “Skateboard P“ isn’t just asking the lowly populations of Europe to shoulder the blame? Surely a man so humane and so concerned about those less fortunate than himself is going to step up to the mark. Or maybe not. Perhaps he thinks his wealth entitles him to tell us how to spend our hard earned.

The people Williams is addressing are, in a most cases, less wealthy than the migrants he is telling them to help. When they can pay up to $10,000 to be ferried across the Mediterranean in flimsy, unseaworthy craft surely they are not as desperate as the attention seeking celebs and their sheep like followers are telling us they are. But I’m sure Mr. Skateboard’s geopolitical advisors had filled him in on that point already.

He started the song with a new refrain of “Let them in!”

“Freedom is something you’re born with,” he continued. “No one has to give it to you.”

While it is refreshing to hear an MK Ultra Hollywood liberal (he is of course supporting the uberNazi candidate Hillary (Benghazi Bitch) Clinton for next years U.S. elections - come on Bernie Sanders, FFS) admit that government is not the progenitor of freedom, I’m afraid he makes a fairly basic error: many of the migrants entering Europe illegally aren’t looking for freedom, they’re looking for a free ride.

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