Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Invasion: Plans For EU Army Will Allow German Soldiers To Take Control Of Britain's Borders

A pan - European Army is a step closer to becoming a reality, 18 months after Liberal Democrat and former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg described warnings from Eurosceptics warnings that the EU was aiming to expand its powers by grabbing control of member nations' military defence capabilities a dangerous fantasy.

Europhiles like Clegg have gone quiet as the EU Commission President Drunkard (Jean - Claude Juncker who is reputed to have brandy for breakfast) has advanced plans for a European army. Having initially dismissed fears about this latest power grab by Brussels as Eurosceptic scaremongering and treated those who pointed out that these plans to expand EU central powers are never 'simply rumour with derision and contempt, the traitors who are pushing independent nations towards a Federal European Superstate are now exolling the idea.

More EU equals A Better World, the bleat mindlessly, in spite of evidence to the contrary amassed over the past forty years. The treatment of the EU army warnings when the plan was first announced is deftly swept under the carpet by media lapdogs, as top EU policymakers, using the middle east conflict as justification, have elaborated upon their ideas for a pan-European Border and Coast Guard force.

It is now apparent however that the plans are not just under consideration, but already well advanced, with the powers that would be given to an EU army going further than anyone thought possible. Documents outlining what an EU army would look like, including the ability to take control of national borders without the consent of the government of the nation in question have been leaked by parties concerned for the future of their nations.

In theory, if implemented in its present form the plan would mean EU army troops under orders from Brussels (i.e. Berlin) could take over border controls and sieze military installations from countries like the United Kingdom without consulting the country’s leaders or elected representatives. In reality we know all our top politicians and elected representatives are shits whose only concern is to stay on the gravy train, so they wouls sel out their country in the blink of an eye.

According to the Times, the proposals for a 2,500-strong border and coast guard force could see armed personnel first deployed to areas like Greece or the Balkans.

Critics of the plan liken the idea of primarily German soldiers seizing power across Europe to the Second World War. Bruno Waterfield and Francis Elliott report: “The force, wearing blue armbands and an EU and agency insignia, would be equipped with naval patrol vessels, helicopters and drones, according to plans tabled yesterday by Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president”.

Almost 18 months ago, UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, warned of the plans for an EU army in a big, pre-European Parliamentary Elections debate with then Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Europhile Clegg called Mr. Farage’s warning a “dangerous fantasy”. He said: “The idea there’s going to be a European air force, a European army, it is simply not true. This is a dangerous fantasy… it is not going to happen”.

The European Union’s chiefs have clearly seen the migration crisis as an opportunity for further expansion. The plans published are set to portray further EU expansion as a way to control, rather than open Europe’s borders further.

The news has been described as a “full frontal power grab” by UKIP’s spokesman Diane James MEP while Poland’s foreign minister has said: “For it to be a structure independent from nation states is astounding . . . an undemocratic structure reporting to no one knows who”.

Funding for the force would reach €322 million by 2020. The traitor and war criminal David Cameron is said to have already pledged his support for the new force which represents a further erosion of national sovereignty.

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