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Sometimes You Just Have To Wonder What Planet The Left Live On

A couple of days ago on our main Daily Stirrer page one of our regular contributors, Arthur Foxake, posted an article from The Anti-Media, which releases its posts on Creative Commons licence. This was our headline beefore we cut to the AM article.

The FBI Just Indicted Hillary Clinton over Libyan War Crimes - sadly this article was an April Fool

by Nick Bernabe, The Anti - Media, posted here by Arthur Foxake

Clear enough then that the post was not to be taken seriously. We don't have a comments section on The Daily Stirrer because we can't be arsed setting one up, but someone did email us a snottogram about the high crimes and misdemeanoursa of Hillary Clinton calalogued by The Anti-Media telling us in a tome of outrage that it is all lies and Hillary is a wonderful woman and, a tireless campaigner for truth and justice. And then the idiot referred us to 'factchaecker' site Snopes for authoritative rebuttals of all the allegations.

One really has to wonder what planet these crazy fuckers live on, they are certainly not aware of what has been happening on this one. Take a look at this report from August 2015 and then think about whether SNOPES can honestly describe itself as an unbiased fact checker:

SNOPES busted - sold favors, slanted opinions

SO MUCH FOR SNOPES!!! (Here's yet another 'trusted source' that should have never been trusted in the first place. From their kitchen table, this wacky leftist couple spread disinformation far and wide in the name of truth.

CEO arrested on charges of fraud and corruption - LOS ANGELES, CA - owners Barbara and David Mikkelson were detained by police today after an unrelated investigation of a editor lead police onto a paper trail of corruption, bribery, and fraud at the very heart of the fact-checking organization.

Evidence obtained by police has revealed that, which markets itself as "the definitive Internet reference source for urban legends, folklore, myths, rumors, and misinformation," has a history of accepting money and favors from left-leaning and pro-Islamic political groups and individuals for helping them to advance their cause by rigging public discourse with selective fact-finding and deliberate manipulation of public opinion.

Late Monday morning, Brian Williston, a editor, who also doubles as the accountant, found himself at a flea market on the outskirts of Los Angeles. As he was browsing the different tables and tents looking for antiques, an old mechanical piano began playing Dixie's Land, a song that was adopted as a de facto anthem of the Confederacy during the American Civil War and is now considered offensive by some due to its link to the iconography and ideology of the Old South.

The tune sparked an outrage in Williston, who began yelling and cursing those who "would like to bring back slavery and racial separation," and ordering the vendors to "turn off that racist music." When no one nearby claimed to know how to turn off the one-hundred-year-old machine, Williston became violent. He started grabbing various antique objects from the vendors' tables and throwing them at the antique piano in an attempt to silence the music.

A bystander, later identified as William Barksdale, working as a courier for the L.A. Messenger Service, attempted to calm Williston down, saying that "someone is just trying to see if that the piano still works" and "it's only a song, don't shoot the pianist," but that only prompted the infuriated editor to redirect his rage to the messenger. Williston, who is white, began to choke Barksdale, who is black, while screaming "Shut up! Shut up!" as the mechanical piano continued to play Dixie's Land in the background.

After some of the shoppers intervened and pried Williston's hands off the courier's throat, the editor fled the scene of the incident. READ MORE >>>

Needless to say, SNOPES 'debunked' this story. While we do not know if it is true or not, we can state that it did not originate on The People's Cube satirical website, we tracked an earlier and significantly less embellished version to an overseas news site funded by a national government. What is notable is that the news item is entirely believable given SNOPES track record of politically biased reporting.

The lesson here is one taught by Guatama Siddartha (The Buddha) 2500 years ago: "Believe nothing you read or are told without first testing it against you own common sense and experience. When people start ranting that a story is not true, even though the words APRIL FOOL are in the title, we can clearly see that there is an agenda to prevent rational debate, ironic or satirical comment and free speech on some topics.


Only Whites Can Be Racist? Google Rewrites Dictionary As Well As History
if we look at the Huffington Post article that 'establishes beyond reasonable doubt' it is not possible to be racist to a white person, we find the "credible" sources quoted in defense of their controversial conclusion on reverse racism is actually one black supremacist, the auteur of the 2014 film, "Dear White People." The racist hatred of whites portrayed in the film is palpable.

The FBI Just Indicted Hillary Clinton over Libyan War Crimes - sadly this article was an April Fool
Unfortunately its only an April fool joke but this article provides are rare chance to see all that despicable, arrogant, spoiled bitch Hillary Clintons recent ethical violations catalogued so people can see she really thinks she is above the law. The USA is on the road to tyranny, thankfully we have Vladimir Putin to defend freedom.

Trump's Crass Politics, Hillary Clinton's Litany Of Scandal

You think British and European political systems are FUBAR? Take a good long look at the mess this year's US Presidential; Election campaign is turning into as a loudmouthed megalomaniacal bully squares up to a spoied, rich bitch who thinks she is above the law and acts the part of Tyrant perfectly.

With Hillary Clinton’s Email Lies Unravelling, 147 FBI Agents Are On Her Heels

E-mail exchanges between Senior Coordinator for Security Infrastructure Donald Reid and the NSA show Clinton was intent on obtaining a secure BlackBerry that she could use in restricted areas. Although Clinton would of course be given a desktop computer on which she could safely conduct state business, Reid said the Secretary had become “addicted” to her BlackBerry during ...

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