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Woman Leaves Politically Correct Politicians Gobsmacked As She Claim Immigrants Prioritised Over Disabled People For Social Housing

An angry woman voters who claims her disabled mother has been bumped down the social housing waiting list because immigrants are prioritised, stunned politically correct Europhile politicians during the first Brexit TV debate broadcast by the BBC last night. Emily Wood laid into the smug, self righteous pro-Brussels politicians in a heated exchange on the EU in a broadcast dominated by the immigration issue and the effect mass immigration and huge nimbers of illegal immigrants has on Britain.

In a stunning attack Ms. Wood, a music producer, from Dorset, revealed her disabled mother had been bounced down the waiting list for a single storey house by town council bueaucrats who, allegedly acting on instructions from central government, prioritise immigrants for all social housing, demanding: "Where are we going to put them all?"

Anti EU cmapaingner Emily Wood who claims her mother is being blocked from social housing because priority is given to immigrants (picture source: Daily Express

Woods passionate plea to voters to support leaving the EU, Brexit, came just hours after official figures revealed that net migration has soared to 333,000 in the year to December, the second highest annual level on record. This is in spite of government promises to reduce net immigration to tens of thousands. One of the main campaign claims made by supporters of Brexit is that Britain cannot possibly regain control of its borders while the country is part of the European Union.

The point about immigrants abusing the social housing system at a time when Britain has a serious housing crisis is well made. Due to crazy purchase prices and rents in the private housing sector, many families and single people are unable to afford their own home, and social housing is being given to immigrants in order that they may cheat the system. All this week, 23 - 27 May 2016, on daytime TV (which us disabled, retired people have free time to watch,) the BBC has been running a documentary series on abuses of the social housing system. Day after day cases were highlighted in which unscrupulous people had fraudulently obtained tenancies of local authority or housing association owned properties, claimed housing allowance in the name of a fictitious tenant to cover the rent, and then sub - let properties designed for a couple of a family to three or four tenants.

As the other audience members supported Emily Wood and tried to make left wing politicians acknowledge the impact immigration has on access to housing for young people and lower income families, Miss Wood rounded on pro-Brexit former SNP leader Alex Salmond and Labour’s Alan Johnson, who said people were wrong to link the houseing crisis to immigration. Neither could satisfactorily explain what is causing it of course, maybe its because not enough of us believe in the 'house fairy'. Left wing and politically correct thinkers certainly seem to believe utopian can be delivered but only if everyone wished hard enough.

When Salmond replied to Ms Wood's point about housing ans immigration levels by saying: "I wouldn't make that connection - if we have a housing shortage, we should build more houses, not kick people out of the country." she hit back by saying:

"How the heck are we meant to house them when we haven't got enough houses as it is? Where are you going to put them? Where?"

The BBC debate was skewed by pro - EU audience member using the usual left wing tactic of trying to shout down anyone who opposed their views. Asked for his thoughts on the row, former Tory defence secretary Liam Fox said Britain should use the £10 billion a year we sent to the EU to pay for more housing and to boost the NHS.

He said: “Does anybody think we could not use £10billion to help improve the quality of health service, housing or anything else?"

UKIP’s Diane James, also representing Brexit, told another young voter that they stood virtually no chance of ever affording a home if we stay in the EU because immigration is pushing prices out of ordinary people’s reach.

Much like the referendum campaign itself, the conversation during a fractious and at time uncontrolled debate focused on the twin subjects of immigration and the economy.


German Streets Descend Into Lawlessness -part 1

During the first six months of 2016, migrants committed 142,500 crimes, according to the Federal Criminal Police Office. This is equivalent to 780 crimes committed by migrants every day. The data includes only those crimes in which a suspect has been caught. Thousands of migrants who entered the country as "asylum seekers" or "refugees" have gone missing. Many are thought to be engaging in robbery and criminal violence.

Useful Infidels Helping Fundamentalists Islamise The West
A left wing academic whose research was used to make the case for an investigation into Sharia courts in the UK has warned that liberals and 'progressives' are enabling fundamentalists to spead extremistS Islam in the West. Dutch legal scholar Machteld Zee said that if politically correct thinking stifles fair criticism of Islam, helping fundamentalist Muslims segregate Islamic communities and encourage them to be more religious and insular.

Migrants Consider Quitting Violent Sweden To Return To War-Zone Homelands For Safety
The Swedish ruling elite's politically correct obsession with immigrants has turned parts of this once peaceful, civilised and safe country into a lawless hell hole and borderline failed state. Perhaps the clearest indication of how bad things are in Sweden now is the news that Sweden is now so dystopian even migrants from some of the most violent and chaotic areas of Africa and the middle east want to return to their homelands

No Easy Answers For Immigration
The most sensible immigration policy is one that matches demand for labour with supply. While ensuring compassion and capacity for genuine refugees, we should take care that new arrivals looking for 'a better life' do not land in such numbers they become a burden on those that host them.
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Help! Immigrants have taken over our town, pleads German Mayor

The mayor of ski resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Bravaria, has sent a plea for help to the regional government begging for help in tackling the problem of crime among refugees. Police officers say "blacks are in charge of the town." The letter, intended to serve as a warning to authorities in Germany's immigrant hot spots, has been sent by Mayor Sigrid Meierhofer on Sunday, according to Merkur newspaper

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