Friday, June 17, 2016

Top Derivatives Analyst Warns The Controllers Are Ready to SHUT DOWN The Financial System

The New World Order, Illuminati, Shadow Government, call them what you like, are not happy. With Brexit looking more likely as Britain prepares to vote on whether it will continue as as an EU member, and several more major European economies preparing to follow, thus tearing the globalist European project apart, with traders in the USA and the far east warning of dangerous instability in commodity and bond markets and with anti establishment feeling running high all around the world, time seems to be running out for the push towards global governance, a global currency and the enslavement of the masses. According to derivatives expert Rob Kirby the algorithms that run the financial system may be turned off in the not too distant future.

The establishment, 0.01% etc. sense their plan for a Brave New World type society is heading for the abyss. Global financial systems and major economies are moving in the same direction at the same time. We reported earlier in the year, that the Baltic Dry Index, the shipping index that measures volumes of freight moving around the world, hit record lows. And it has not picked up anywhere near as much as it should despite the approach of summer.

If you listen to the mainstream media they tell you everything is hunky - dory, and how well the economy of your country is doing, so borrow, borrow borrow and spend, spend, spend. For years now the major currencies in the global economy have been underwritten by debt. Derivatives traders deal in debt, they buy bundles of debt, mortgages, second mortgages and secured loans preferably, and sell shares in the income it yields through funds with solid sounding titles like (let's make one up) the London and Camulodunum Secured High Yield Fund. How secure of high yield these funds actually are is questionable. But the financial markets do not make their money from investing at two and a half per cent, they make their money trading. yes, trading shares in your debt and your neighbours debt and your employers deb and your government's debt. Derivative are not just debt, there are commodities derivatives, currencies derivativeNIRPs, and stock derivatives as well as many other specialised kinds.

The world has been running on debt. And ultimate ownership of the debt is concentrated in the hands of the few.

Unfortunately, as John Steinbeck wrote in The Grapes Of Wrath the system is a monster. The monster must grow or else it dies and if it is to grow the monster must be fed. And as it grows the monster consumes more and more. The globalists want the monster to grow so they plan to enslave us all through our debts so that we have to work not for ourselves but to feed the monster. Rob Kirby talks about the inevitable consequences in this video.

But people have woken up to the scam, they are not prepared to take on more debt, to increase their credit card limit, sign up for a fifty year mortgage in order to get on the housing ladder. And around the developed world voters are rejecting the establishment politics that serves the monster.

Already some central and commercial banks have had to resort to Negative Interest(NIRP) - i.e. the customer pays the bank interests on their deposits - because the banks can't lend money when there are no borrowers. Negative Interest has so far only hit banks and big borrowers, but you can bet that it is on the way down to you, quite simply because it make more sense to levy interest on small investors and savers accounts.

The theory is that by telling customers, 'in future you will have to pay the bank for accepting your money and gambling with it', they will withdraw their savings and spend it on consumer goods rather than pay the banks, thus parking a consumer driven economic recovery after years of stagnation. There is no sign it will work, people will simply buy valuables, gold etc.

Not only have the globalists run national economies into the ground, they are also leading governments in a move to abolish the use of cash. Though policy this is in its infancy the emergence of digital currencies such as Bitcoin (afectively electronic coupon money) demonstrate that We The People are ahead of them. Because their plans for a global economy and a global government are being frustrated by the ability of the masses to think for themselves when for years socilogists and economists have been saying the masses were stupid and needed to be driven to do what was needed, several pundits, including Rob Kirby, think the elite could simply shut down the economy to bring us all to heel.

They might be surprised again by the scope of human ingenuity.


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