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Will Selective Moral Outrage Of The Left Help Plunge World Into Nuclear War

Gen. Colin Powell's comment on the relationship of Bill and Hillary Clinton (Source:

As liberals (or progressives) and feminists continue to freak out about an audio tape of Donald Trump making some coarse (but true I can assure you) remarks about how women respond differently to wealthy men than to ordinary guys (I wasn't that wealthy but had good cashflow) the thing that stands out about the rather theatrical outrage of these screeching feminists is the selectivity of their moral outrage.

They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by the words of Hillary Clinton’s field organizer, Wylie Mao, who was filmed bragging about being able to grab co-workers behinds without getting fired.

They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by former President Bill Clinton’s actions.
They claim to be outraged by Mr. Trump’s words but not outraged by the victim shaming of comedian (allegedly) Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, formerly a talented actress, now it seems a professional race baiter, on ‘The View.’ In fact the standard Clinton supporter's reaction to statements from women Bill Clinton allegedly raped, apart from calling them sluts and whores, is to screech that Bill has never been convicted, Well that's true, but then neither has Donald Trump. And while talking about 'grabbing women by the pussy' is not a crime, doing it, and going further by forcing them to perform sex acts, as Clinton's victims allege he did to them, is. Still, hypocrisy and dishonesty were always core values of the left.

In case you missed it, Ms. Behar called former President Bill Clinton’s rape accusers “tramps” (echoing Hillary Clinton's description of them,) after Ms. Goldberg declared Hillary Clinton to be "the real victim" and "the person to whom dirty was done."

This list of hypocrisies and double standards by Clinton supporters grows exponentially day by day, and the moral selectivity could not be more outrageous.

Was it not Mrs. Clinton herself who declared, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported,” and was it not the screeching feminists and testicularly deficient liberal males that repeated and embraced this statement for months afterwards?

Apparently, Mrs. Clinton and her supporters were only referring to politically expedient sexual assault survivors, victims of Republican or conservative males and not the women raped assaulted and betrayed by right on, gay and lesbian loving, Muslim adoring, immigrant supporting, warmongering bill Clinton and the wife who acted as his procurer and protector.

Want to know about the double standards of leftie hypocrites? What Trump actually said, "when you’re a star, they let you do it,". That's not abuse, assault or rape, it's consent. Star's have known this about certain women for decades, we call them groupies. And most Hillary supporting celebrities, actors, musicians and sports stars have taken advantage of what these groupies will "let you do." It's no different than Monica letting Bill do things with a cigar.

As the Clinton supporters insist, it's not wrong because it's between consenting adults.

I've actually had a woman, a total stranger who'd seen me buying champagne for one of our team who was leaving, come up to me in a night club slide her hand inside my trousers and tell me she was going to fuck me senseless. She wasn't, I'm not that sort of boy, but I was the subject of a lot of bawdy comments the next day, from women as well as men.

Long before Hillary Clinton stated using about sexual assault survivors as part of her campaign, many of American voters she described as “deplorables”, men as well as women, were actually believing and supporting these survivors without any regard to their race, religion, gender or political affiliations. Believe me or believe me not, contrary to what screeching feminists would have you believe, most men find the idea of forcing a woman to have sex morally repugnant, and serial abusers like Bill Clinton disgusting. But apparently liberal and leftie women don't, it's OK for him to commit sex crimes because he pays lip service to the politically correct mantras of the 'left'.

Politics should not define our moral compass, nor should political leanings allow us to hold those who agree with our prejudices to different standards than we apply to those who hold different opinions.

Donald Trump did not, in the tape that caused the furore, say Bimbos, low life women, sluts, whores, tramps, or that anyone was looking for 15 min of spotlight. Presidential hopeful and misogynist Hillary Rodham Clinton was the one who used those terms, it was on TV. And let's not even get started on what her inner circle did to those women, indirect and direct threats, like calling by phone and giving names and direction of their families, or killing a pet and then bragging it by phone. Compared to serial rapist and sex abuser Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary, Trumps 'locker room talk' is baby stuff. Grow the fuck up, liberals and lefties, or someone might remind you of some of the crude things liberal hero JFK said about women before he became a presidential candidate.


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