Thursday, January 27, 2022

"The Global Elite Don't Care About Temperature, All They Care About Is Control"


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Thursday, Jan 27, 2022 - 14:00

This week, my kind friend George Gammon from Rebel Capitalist took the time to answer a couple of exclusive Fringe Finance questions for me. This interview is exclusive to Fringe Finance subscribers.

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George is one of my favorite economic commentators and has been a friend of mine, and my podcast, for years. I often describe his podcast as similar to mine, just more well thought out, more educational and more useful with less childish humor.

I thought it would be a good time to tap into George’s head, given that the last time I spoke to George was well before the current market volatility.

George prepared two, twenty minute-long exclusive videos for my listeners and subscribers where he set out to try and answer the following questions I had asked of him:

  1. What's new with Rebel Capitalist. How are you guys changing your outlook for investing heading into this volatility this year?

  2. What sectors do you like? Staying outside the U.S. or anything domestically?

  3. Will Jerome Powell hold his nerve this year and taper as expected? If yes or no, what will the outcome be for equity markets?

  4. What's your bull case and your bear case for gold - and explain what brings prices to these points.

  5. Have you experienced YouTube or social media censorship since being on the front lines of the Covid truth movement? It looks like Rebel Capitalist is still up and running. Any close calls?

  6. What commentators and fund managers do you read/listen to when the market throws a shit fit like this, and why?

  7. What's your take on how the nation will navigate Covid this coming year? What effect will it have on markets?

  8. Since last we talked, have you noticed a pivot in the MSM narrative? What forced the change, if so?

  9. Is there any chance this crash becomes "the big one" for the dollar? What would a DXY collapse look like to you and what collateral damage would that cause?

George responds in the first video by talking about:

  • His take on why lower inflation may not stop the bleeding for markets

  • Why prices aren’t going back down to where they were in 2019

  • Why midterm elections bode poorly for the Democrats and why the Biden administration may try to distract the voter with war

  • Why gold miners and hotels in New York City are his favorite types of investments

  • Why the Covid pandemic is coming to an end

  • Why he doesn’t think vaccine passports and mandates will be permanent

  • Where the U.S. economy is heading compared to places like the U.A.E. or Dubai

  • That he thinks climate change will be the next crisis that the global elite take advantage of

  • Why price controls are coming

Here’s Part 1 of George Gammon’s take...(WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW WITH GEORGE HERE).

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