Saturday, February 19, 2022

Vaccines: What are Pfizer and Moderna hiding?

Throughout the pandemic alternative news sites, including Boggart Abroad in our humble way, have been bringing you news on the greatest scam in history that mainstream media would no (could not?) go near. Much of this censored news for the past twelve months at least, has centered on the mRNA vaccines marketed without full approval, after being rushed through development and by passing most of the several years long testing program. Naturally the reports in mainstream media have trumpeted the success of the vaccines (which do not make people immine and do nothing to stop the spread of the virus, but do change human DNA in ways that undermine the natural immune system, and never mentioned the shocking numbers of deaths and serious reactions that have occurred soon after people received the vaccine.

Once site that has steadfastly aggregated and presented the real news is Zero Hedge, where we found this bombshell that could destroy forever the credibility of the pharmaceuticals industry, the medical professions, politics and the media.

via Zero Hedge, 19 February 2022

What are Pfizer and Moderna hiding?

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by globalintelhub
Friday, Feb 18, 2022 - 22:11

Global Intel Hub -- Ed Dowd has been making rounds on the alternative media alleging that Big Pharma but specifically Moderna and Pfizer are involved in a massive fraud, which will culminate in lawsuits driving their stocks to zero.  If one understands how Big Pharma traditionally operates as a cartel, this isn't so surprising - but the severity of this fraud (people are dying and being mamed/injured) makes this in a class of it's own.  Here's one observation from Twitter:

We found a collage of evidence of the self-assembling Nano tech and shared it on Twitter, which immediately got flagged.  Why?  We have been posting tons of this evidence on Twitter for the last few months, and there is even an account @theysayitsrare dedicated to posting real anecdotal stories of vax injuries and other anomalies.  In our experience, if you are banned, censored, blocked, and/or vilified you are clearly onto something ... Continue reading >>>

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