Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The Clinton Crime Syndicate Scandals Keep Piling Up

While the progessive left's hate brigade continues to scream and shout that Donald Trump is unfit to be president because he sometimes uses coarse language that upsets the Special Snowflakes, every passing day as the USA inches towards its presidential election, it seems a new scandal emerges about the corruption and criminality that has for decades been the hallmark of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, her immediate family and her associates.

With yesterday's news dominated by the decision announced by FBI director James Comey to reopen the investigation into the case of Mrs. Clinton's criminally negligent handling of state secrets while she was serving as Secretary of State, agent investigationg an apparently unrelated sex crime allegation against a Clinton associate having found a cache of emails relevant to the investigation but previously undisclosed, on the man's laptop, and rumours rife on the net that the suspect was part of a paedophile ring that the candidate's husband, serial sex abuser Bill Clinton has been linked with, Donald Trump's coarse language seems hardly significant.

Another as yet unconfirmed, but highly plausible rumour about the reopening of the investigation, a highly unusual step so close to an election, is that Director Comey's hand was forced by FBI agents disgusted that Clinton was let off with a caution at the end of the previous stage in this investigation even though there was clear evidence she had knowingly been involved in illegal activity. FBI staff have no reason to love Mrs Clinton, several agents assigned to her personal security detail have testified (and been backed up by media people) that she treated highly trained agents who job entailed being prepared to take a bullet for her if necessary, as her personal gofors and regularly harangued they with foul mouthed outbursts when told she could not have what she wanted. Such arrogance and crass manners do not win many admirers. 

But that was yesterday, today it gets even better:

Michael Walsh for PJ Media

The decent core of FBI agents who forced director James Comey's hand last Friday isn't finished with the Clintons yet:
The FBI unexpectedly released 129 pages of documents related to an investigation closed without charges in 2005 into President Bill Clinton’s pardon of Marc Rich, who had been married to a wealthy Democratic donor.The file was posted online Monday but received little attention until the FBI noted it in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon. It comes as Director James Comey faces fire from Democrats and even some Republicans for releasing information about his renewed investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of e-mail.
The unusual timing of the release was the result of a Freedom of Information Act request that had been completed and was posted under standard FBI practice, according to a law enforcement official who asked not to be identified discussing internal matters. But the Clinton campaign immediately questioned the timing of the release.
“Absent a FOIA litigation deadline, this is odd,” Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said on Twitter.
Boo hoo! The Marc Rich pardon -- which Eric Holder facilitated -- always stank to high heaven: a flat-out bribe to Bill Clinton, to present the most charitable interpretation. But then, the Clintons are never ones to look away from large sums of money, even when the national security of the United States has been compromised, as it was in Rich's case.

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It seems that neither ?Hillary nor her sex pest husband, both proclaimed as hot shot lawyers, have much understanding of the law. Either that or they believe the law does not apply to the elites.

A Donald Trump presidency may not appeal to many US voters, but at least he understands that the law must apply to everybody. Hillary Clinton is a tyrant in waiting. The African American President Barack Hussein Obama has turned the USA into an African style chaotic failed state, Hillary Clinton shows sje would government in the manner of the worst African dictators, establishing a crony caste and with them plundering the assets of the nation and irs citizens. 

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Clinton Kill List To Determine Who Will Be US 2020 Presidential Candidate?
And then, in accordance with Murphy’s law, which states just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do, Hillary Clinton has emerged, having found what she obviously thinks is a sure – fire route to the presidency, to offer her services as vice presidential candidate to whoever wins the nomination. And just to show how far The Democrats are removed from reality, many leading figures in the party and the left leaning media think it’s a good idea.

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