Thursday, November 05, 2015

Autumn Gets More Interesting As Merkel Admits She May Have Caused New Balkans War.

The autumn of 2015 has been interesting with the escalation of the war against ISIS by Russian air Force jets and Iranian ground troops in Syria and Iraq, Europe's migrant crisis pushing prosperous north European nations towards civil unrest, and the downing of a Russian airliner over Sinai by as yet unknown causes though western intelligence reports suggest a terrorist bomb was planted on board before take off.

And it is set to get more interesting.

Border Security staff erect a fence in Hungary (source: Financial Times)

Merkel admits she may have just caused a second Balkans war

Hausfrau Volksfuhrer Angela Merkel admitted in a speech yesterday that reversal of her open doors immigration policy or going back on her pledge that all the world's three billion poor and disadvantaged people were welcome in Germany (she might not have used those exact words) may cause another war in the Balkans. Since not only federal German state, Bavaria but Hungary, Austria and, Croatia and Slovenia are rushing to erect razor wire barriers along their their borders before 2016 to stem the flood of illegal immigrants crossing europe's outer borders every day, Merkel's admission is an overdue acceptance of her role in causing an imminent second Balkans war. Is it now too late to avert such a disaster adding to Europes many problems?

Economic migrants housed in the UK military base in Cyprus, meanwhile, imagined they could blackmail the UK into giving them fast-track entry into Britain, were told to eff off and threw a hissy fit, burning the tents supplied by the UK authorities yesterday as the base commanders stood firm and reiterated the choices on offer: claiming asylum in Cyprus, or being returning them to the Lebanon. One even pretended to hang himself yesterday - but in a carefully non lethal way and very theatrically for news cameras.

These poor, victimised refugees and asylum seekers are suffering from a shortage of dead infants, crying babies and doe - eyed teenage beauties who can cry at will, all of which are essential to attract the attention of news crews. We hear that the annual Pusey Bear schlockfest is to carry a special appeal from the Cyprus refugees for donations of unwanted babies, dead infants or doe eyed teenage girls (cute kittens and sad looking puppies will also be acceptable.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) is reported to have responded to a wave of criticism over mismanagement and squandering funds by headhunting a New York PR firm to 're image' the organisation; the contract could include a multi-million pound TV ad campaign together with celebrity endorsements for the embattled Agency's senior managers.

Merkel is also beginning to realise that with France's precipitous economic decline into sick man of the Eurozone status, only Germany and the UK are rich enough to subsidise the rest of Europe - and if we leave, Germany will have to pick up the tab alone. Given the scores of billions at stake, expect a covert onslaught of secretly funded publicity from Berlin for the 'stay' campaign - and explicit support for Cameron from Merkel, for as long as she remains in power.

Winter is set to be even more interesting ...


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