Tuesday, June 28, 2016

.Dutch Socialists Calls For Government To Review EU Treaties

The Dutch Socialist Party is calling for a complete review and renegotiation of current EU treaties, to give the people a voice by means of plebiscites on matters affecting sovereignty, independence and the political nature of the European Union, a Dutch senator said on Tuesday.

Dutch voters make their feelings clear on E U neo - colonial expansion plans (Image source: russia-insider)

The Socialist Party is calling for treaty changes that will give citizens a chance to express their views on a new treaty on European cooperation," Tiny Kox said.

Commenting on the results of April advisory referendum on the EU-Ukraine association in the Netherlands and its subsequent review in the parliament, Kox noted that the country's government had little time left to consider the issue.

"Now, our government is running out of time, as Parliament awaits a final decision before summer holidays," Kox noted.

Over 61 percent of Dutch voters said no to the deal’s ratification, reflecting widespread unhappiness in most of northern and western Europe the the European Commission's plans to extend e U membership to nations in the middle east and north Africa. After the negative result of the national vote, the Dutch parliament rejected a proposal by the opposition to withdraw the ratification bill, providing the government with more time to review the matter.

The issue is likely to be raised at the two-day European Council meeting in Brussels due to start on Tuesday, though Brexit will dominate that meeting which may give the Netherlands politicians a little more time. Kox said that while speaking in the Dutch Parliament on Monday night, the prime minister refused to give clarity on the issue.

The European Union and Ukraine signed an Association Agreement in June 2014. It was formally ratified by all EU member states but the Approval Act for the ratification of the deal, adopted by the Dutch parliament in July 2015, has not entered into force yet.

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