Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Aluminium DOES cause Alzheimer's: Expert says new findings confirm the metal plays a role in the devastating brain disease

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Medical researchers studying the growing plague of Alzheimer's Disease in developed socireties have suspected a link between between aluminium and the disease has existed for many years. Lack of evidence prevented the scientific community and the alternative health lobby from recommending avoidance of aluminium in cooking utelsils and other activities as a means of significantly reducing chances of developing the disease. However, new research confirms the metal plays a role in the cognitive decline that is the most visible symptom of the disease.

Professor Chris Exley, of Keele University, UK,  says his latest research confirms the role of the metal in cognitive decline. Here, in a piece for medical-blogging website The Hippocratic Post, he reveals the findings from his latest study. 
There has been strong but not conclusive evidence of a link between human exposure to aluminium and the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease for half a century or more.  Without demonstrable proof however, there can be no consensus in the scientific community about the role of aluminium, a known neurotoxin in the development of the disease.

Exley's research, published in the medical science Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, makes a convincing case for the veracity of the link. Exley claims the findings are unequivocal in their confirmation of a role for aluminium in some if not all Alzheimer’s disease and his published research certainly seems to back that up. At the very least, these new results should encourage everyone and even those who have steadfastly maintained that aluminium has no role in the disease to think again.

Aluminium is probably not the only factor, so we are not looking at a way of totally eradicating the disease but we should all perhaps think more carefully about certain lifestyle choices in future. When the new results are put into the context of what is already known about aluminium and Alzheimer’s disease the significance of this research becomes too great to ignore as is clearly shown in the linked articles.


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