Monday, May 22, 2017

Sanders Supporters Class Action Against Democrats - What Mainstream Media Are Not Reporting

by Shane Warren

If you supported Bernie in 2016, chances are you already know how the Democratic National Committee did everything in its power to anoint Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Nominee. What you may not know is that a class-action lawsuit has been filed on your behalf to hold the DNC accountable for their cheating.

In essence, the lawsuit claims that the DNC violated their charter’s commitment to “impartiality and evenhandedness between the Presidential candidates and campaigns” by helping Hillary at every turn. If this is true, the plaintiffs want the DNC to compensate all Democrats as well as Bernie supporters who donated money under the assumption that the DNC wasn’t lying about their charter’s commitment to fairness.

Naturally, the mainstream media is silent about this lawsuit.

Progressive media, however, is not. Scroll through a Google search of “DNC class action lawsuit” and you’re bound to find at least one article about a bombshell revelation: According to the DNC, it’s their right to pick a candidate in a backroom deal without caring for what the voters have to say. In fact, posits the DNC, statements in the charter concerning “impartiality” are simple “discretionary rules” that they “didn’t have to adopt in the first place.”

Wouldn’t it be great if everything worked that way? Imagine it: You’re sued for putting horse meat in the food you call chicken, and instead of compensating your customers for the lie, you just walk out of the courtroom scot-free because you “didn’t have to make chicken in the first place”.

Unfortunately, the Democratic Party is not a restaurant, and even if it was, Bernie supporters wouldn’t own it. Instead, we’re stuck with an out-of-touch institution that acts as a coronating party for their favored candidate before the first vote is even cast.

If you’re a Bernie supporter, this story has probably gotten your attention already. Rest assured, this is only the beginning. Read on for the three subtle things that make the DNC’s defense even worse than it already looks.

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