Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Democracy Not Quite Dead - UK Mandatory Vaccine for Health Workers To Be Scrapped After Public Outcry

Pedestrians walk past images of workers of Britain's National Health Service (NHS) fixed to hoardings outside a temporary field hospital, set up in the grounds of St George's Hospital in Tooting, south London on January 5, 2022. - Britain's state-run National Health Service (NHS) is struggling with staff forced to …
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In another embarrassing setback for Boris Johnson's government, sources in Westminster reported today the highly unpopular policy of mandatory vaccination for National Health Service front line staff looks set to  be scrapped.  In a massive U-turn on COVID policy the government backed down when faced with the prospect of around 15% of doctors, nurses, therapists and care assistants quitting their jobs rather than accept injections of the so - called clotshot.

The 'no jab no job' policy for healthcare workers in the UK, intended to coerce this vital group of workers 'into being vaccinated against the Wuhan Coronavirus in order to keep their jobs looks set to be scrapped, according to reports by a number of government sources. This climbdown by government policy makers is particularly significant as this group are far better placed to make an informed assessment of the reliability of assurances that the mRNA vaccines are 'safe and effective.

Both workers in the UK’s carehome sector, and carers working with people who receive care in their own homes  ,as well as staff in the nation’s socialised healthcare system, the NHS have been or were set to be affected by forced vaccination. Mandates for care home staff have already been in place since November, while mandates affecting frontline NHS staff are due to come into effect April 1st. This fascistic edict forced people who could not afford to give up their jobs to accept medication they did not believe was safe or alternatively forced them to undergo a medical procedure against their will.

If reports leaking out of Downing Street are correct however,  all of these mandates for healthcare workers in all sectors across the UK are set to be scrapped, with those already forced out of their jobs by jab requirements being allowed return to work in the sector.

The massive U-turn is apparently a result of the massive knock-on impact that sacking unvaccinated health workers was expected to have on the ability of the health service to function. This is understandable as after justifying its assaults on human rights and personal liberty by claiming it was acting to prevent the health service being overwhelmed, sacking 25% of front line NHS staff for ideological reasons would have made the government's position untenable.

Over 80,000 frontline staff in the country’s socialised service are believed to be unvaccinated, with a further 60,000 having received only one jab where the mandate requires double vaccination plus boosters to qualify as 'fully vaccin governmentated'.A number of organisations that operate in parallel with the NHS have been warning of catastrophic staff shortages within the health system should the mandate come into effect.

Some critics attacked the what they believed was a poorly formulated policy from ever being considered in the first place. All in all as our colleague Basil_Hallward reported on Minds.com yesterday, the whole narrative of this hoax pandemic is falling apart.



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