Thursday, March 03, 2022

What The Right Gets Wrong About Putin

 by Douglas Murray, The Spectator, 3 March 2022

A fracture on the international right may seem small fry given everything that is going on right now. But it is worth loitering over. Because in recent years an interesting divide has grown among conservatives on both sides of the Atlantic. On one side are the Cold War warriors and their successors who have continued to view Vladimir Putin’s Russia as a strategic threat. Meanwhile, a new generation has arrived at a different view.

While the West has deranged itself with assaults on its own history, on biology and much more, an assortment of conservatives have come to see Putin as some kind of counterweight. A bulwark – even an admirable corrective – to the madness of our own societies.

As a guest on Steve Bannon’s talk show recently said: ‘The Russian people still know which bathroom to use.’ Of course knowing which bathroom to use isn’t everything. Certainly it is no basis for a foreign policy. But such shorthand has become commonplace. ... Continue reading >>>

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