Saturday, January 18, 2014

Major Disaster Neeeded To Save The New World Order? What!

A member of the new elite publicly calling for a major distaster to get the push for the so - called "New World Order" and global government back on track? Could there be any more blatant warning that a false flag event or man made catastrophe that will shock the world is coming our way? Read the article and learn that those crazy conspiracy theorists have been telling the truth all along.

Yep, us swivel eyed loons who doubted the government and the scientists actually had it right (not completely right as we did not have access to ALL the data. but common sense enabled us to see through the lies. And the biggest lie of all was denial of plans for a New World Order. yes, those absolutely are the words the globalist control freaks used to describe their plans to abolish democracy and sovereign nations and create a global totalitarian government run by unelected bureaucrats.

But they kept slipping up, proving they are not as smart as they think or would have us believe.

Read this article for the latest story:
Major Disaster Needed To Save The New World Order?

And then read what the global elite have said about their plans, in their own words
New World Order - quotes

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