Saturday, May 10, 2014

Feeling Sorry For Labour Supporters After ealing Comedy Party Political Broadcast - There's A First

A lot of people, on hearing that I don't like the Conservative are quite shocked to learn that I despise The Labour Party even more. Are we really turning into a nation of Sheeple. The only reason I have been writing blog posts supporting UKIP is because they offer the only chance of breaking the grip of the different-in-name-only parties and returning britain to Parliamentary Democracy.

So far in the European election campaign I have been able to slag off the three main parties for claiming UKIP only had one policy, to take Britain out of Europe. The three main parioes only had one policy between them and that was to smear UKIP as racist. And that smear only showed the pathetic inadequacy of the main parties. It is not in any way racist to support controls on immigration, in fact the politically correct Denmark, it is only immigaration controls that saved the economy from the idiocies of the left.

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