Sunday, January 17, 2016

Austria Suspends Schengen, Imposes Border Control Amid Refugee Crisis

The Austrian government has temporarily suspended the Schengen border-free travel agreement, imposing full border control measures on everyone entering the country, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann told the newspaper Oesterreich in an interview.

"Everyone who is coming to us would be carefully checked at the border," Fayman told national newspaper Oesterreich.

Migrants from north Africa and the middle east clash with borderr guards on the Austrian border (Image source)

Chancellor Faymann said that from now on, Austria would have to impose strict border controls, and follow neighbour and traditional allyGermany" in implementing measures to deport people who have arrived in the country without proper travel documents or refugee identification.

"At border control points everyone has to show a valid ID to Austrian authorities," Faymann said, adding that if the EU cannot impose proper border controls to secure its external borders, member countries should assert their sovereign right and start controlling their own national borders, Osterreich reported.

Austria plans to use military personnel to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country as a result of several recent incidents in which the immigrants became violent when civilian border control officers asked for identification. Most of the illegals who enter Europe are hoping to reach Germany or Sweden to apply for asylum in what are reputed to be 'soft touch' counties for illegal immigrants. To get to Germany, having come via Turkey and The Balkans, the immigrants have to to hike across Austria. The violence does not stop once they migrants are in Europe of course, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland are all experiencing huge increases in rape and sex crimes since the illegal immigrants started arriving.

This move, following the closure of borders and restoration of border controls by Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, essentially means that the Schengen agreement has been thrown out the window, Hungary and several other member states having closed their borders in 2015. The Schengen zone currently has 26 member nations, including most EU countries and four non-EU states. The UK is not a member.

The idea behind the agreement is that the citizens of Schengen countries can access any country without the need to go through border controls and visitors can travel throughout the Schengen zone with one common visa that applies to each country in the Schengen zone. It was never meant to allow illegal immigrants, fugitives from justice and terrorists to enter Europe without having to provide identification or proof of nationality, this is a recent and completely illegal interpretation introduced by socialist leaders of France, Germany and other nations.

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If their asylum applications have failed it is because there is no reason to suspect they face death or imprisonment if they are sent back to their country of origin. So we give them a choice, we'll give you a free passage home or you can work dor your living shovelling shit on a pig farm. These people come to us as supplicants and beggars can't be choosers.
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