Wednesday, May 18, 2016

International Blogging for A Little Peace

Since I started using this blog properly late in 2014 it has gained a considerable following around the World. With many readers in the US, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and the far east visiting and very good followings in Russia, Poland, germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Ukraine and some smaller European nations as the blog questions government and corporate power, the use of propaganda and perpetual war to control public opinion, I'm starting to feel as if I am channeling the comedy great Mel Brooks:

(from the Mel Brooks film 'To Be Or Not To Be')

What do they want from me?
I'm good-natured. I'm goodhearted.
I'm good-looking.
Every day, I'm out there trying
to make the world safe.
I don't want war.
All I want is peace. Peace!

A little piece of Poland
A little piece of France
A little piece of Portugal
And Austria perchance

A little slice of Turkey
And all that that entails
Und then a piece of England Scotland
lreland and Wales

A little nip of Norway
A little spot of Greece
A little hunk of Hungary
Oh what a lovely feast
A little bite of Belgium
And now for some dessert
Armenia Albania
And Russia wouldn't hurt

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