Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Organizations That Paid Hillary Clinton From 2013-2015

We asre not globalist at this blog, we are internationalists, all of our contributors love to travel in Europe and elsewhere, and we enjoy meeting the people and absorbing the culture. The DIVERSITY of these cultures and the varieties of way human communities make their society work is endlessly fascinating. But we are not globalists, we believe in nations running their own affairs without meddling from the big powers or supranational bureaucracies. Call us old fashioned if you like possums but we think the Westphalian system worked well.

And so, though not Americans, we dread the prospect of another incompetent liberal meddler following Barack Obama as US President. Because not only is Hillary a hypocritical liberal, she claims altruistic motives but is really the ultimate corporate crony, even more driven by self interest that Obama has been. A look at the list complied by The New York Post of corporate
donorsclients that paid Hillary for speeches and such (aka buying influence with someone likely to become President of The United States) shows she is the kind of person who will happily take money from the richest, most ruthless corporate clients while being hypocritical enough to present herself as a friend of the poor FFS.

 How corporate America bought Hillary Clinton for $21M - The New York Post

The actual list of corporate clients that paid Hillary Clinton a minimum of $225,000 for her speeches is too long to publish here, follow the link if you want to see them all.. Even if she was someone who had  built up a moderately successful business into a Billion Dollar international property and leisure empire, and could consequently claim to be a business mogul that's a lorra lorra money for a half hour speech (and she isn't a great orator by any means).

 So if you are one of those naive people who is thinking of voting for Hillary because fairness and equality, read just a few names from a long list of firms that between them paid Hillary Clinton $21 million in 2015 for doing very little, ask yourself what they could have been expecting in return for that kind of money. And then think again about whether you want such a greedy, self inteested person as president a nation that has the world's most powerful economy and some of the most appalling levels of deprivation in the world..

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