Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Truth About Fascism

The reason I am posting this in because over the past few weeks I have seen so many people (particularly those dumbed down morons us poor taxpayers have funded through school and higher education) equate nationalism with fascism I feel like shouting. THIS IS SO STUPID ITS NOT EVEN WRONG!

Fascism is not a political philosophy in the way that conservatism, socialism, liberalism and Marxism are. Fascism is simply extreme authoritarianism. Nationalism on the other hand can be good or bad. You would not call Daniel O'Connell, Eammon deValera or Michael Collins fascists yet they were Irish nationalists.

You would not call Otto von Bismarck or Guiseppe Garibaldi fascists, their efforts gave us the modern nations of Germany and Italy, which had before the mid nineteenth century been fragmented into small city states and principlalities.

You would not call Gandhi a fascist, but he was an Indian nationalist. The list goes on. Hitler on the other hand was not a nationalist, he was a globalist, his vision was of a world ruled by Germany.

A couple of weeks ago I defriended someone on FB, it was not because her opinion differed to mine, it was the persistent references to people who supported Brexit being too stupid and ill informed to understand the benefits being in the EU gave us and thus allowed themselves to be driven by xenophobia.

Unfortunately most of the leave supporters I know are much more intelligent and better informed than she, who I regard as an emotionally retarded loser who spends her time phishing for FB likes in the hope of gaining some self esteem from the illusory feeling of being part of a herd.

So read this not as a case for Brexit (it isn't) but a clarification of what nationalism actually is. Because after the result of the rigged vote (yes I do have evidence of that) condemns us to a future in the EU we are going to need all our nationalistic pride to survive when the Euronazis in Brussels get serious about destroying our national identity.

More on the case for moderate nationalism from Politico

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