Friday, December 09, 2016

The Triumph Of Leftist Immigration Policy: ‘Thousands of Nigerian Women’ Forced into Prostitution

While we Boggart Bloggers do not subscribe to the view that all feminists are either fat, ugly lezzas or or university brainwashed idiots, that behaviour of the feminist movement over the years, their great successes in winning for women in some counties the right to work in coalmines, become professional boxers or fight as front line combat troops really sums up the movement.

Feminists are of course solidly supportive of the kind of politically correct ideology that screeches about equality and human rights while supporting the efforts of the moneyed elites to grab more wealth and power for themselves while driving down the standards of the middle and working classes. One of the things feminists scream most loudly about is prostitution. All prostitutes are victims, all men involved with prostitutes are evil exploiters, they say (they could be right about the second part though not the first.) And yet they support efforts to encourage women from Africa and Asia to enter the west ilegally, even though this forces many young women into prostitution.

Here's an extract from an article from Thomas D. Williams that sums up how left wing thinking helps criminals to exploit, pimp and murder young, poorly educated women from third world nations.

The flood of African migrants into Italy has brought more harm than meets the eye, including “thousands of Nigerian women” forced into prostitution by well-organized Nigerian mafias, according to a series of recent reports.

The year 2016 has seen a new record in Italian immigration, with over 172,000 mostly African migrants arriving over the first eleven months of the year. Of these, the largest number (21 percent) are from Nigeria, lured into making the dangerous journey by a vigorous promotion campaign promising benefits and opportunities, as well as a free shuttle service provided by the Italian Coast Guard and a number of NGOs.

While most of the African migrants arriving in Italy are young men, a much higher percentage of the Nigerians are women. Currently, one out of every two prostitutes in Italy is Nigerian.

Arinze Orakwe, an official of the Nigerian anti-trafficking organization NAPTIP, fighting against the traffickers is an uphill battle, in part because of public opinion and propaganda about life in Europe. “Everyone thinks that the streets of Europe are paved with gold,” he said.

The human traffickers organizing the exodus from Africa into Italy include bands of Nigerian mafia gangs who force unsuspecting migrants into working for them as street beggars or prostitutes once they arrive in Italy.

One 24-year-old Nigerian woman named Gloria Erobaga recounted the harrowing experience of forced prostitution on Italian streets, after she had been promised “honest work” by the mafia traffickers who arranged her passage to Italy.

“They would continually check up on us to collect our money and they killed the girls who didn’t pay,” she said. “I know of Nigerian women in Italy who were killed, cut up and thrown into black garbage bags, like trash,” she added.

According to reports in the Italian media, “Nigerian traffickers are exploiting Europe’s migrant crisis to take girls to Libya and then across the Mediterranean into Italy.” In the past two years more than 12,000 girls and young women have arrived in Italy—six times as many as in the preceding two years. Of these, four out of five have wound up in prostitution.

Before organizing their journey through Libyan contacts, traffickers have the girls sign a contract to finance their trip, imposing debts of up to $30,000, which can only be paid back after years of working.

Many of the young women are taken to a priest of Voodoo, who conducts rituals called juju that supposedly bind them spiritually to their traffickers and insure the payment of the debt. These rites instill terror in their victims, convinced that they or their loved ones could fall ill or die if they were to disobey the traffickers, go to the police or fail to pay their debts.

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This is not the first time we have reported on the way the self - indulgent, self - righteous thinking of the emotionally needy retards harm the people they say they want to help, because they are not bright enough to see how neo - fascists have appropriated certain 'liberal' dogmas in order to push authoritarian agendas.

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