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Google, The Google Manifesto And The Progressive Agenda

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* Googles Handling of the #GoogleManifesto * Anyone and everyone that knows me knows I have been a very vocal advocate of Google products for a very long time. To call me a fanboi of their products has not been an unfair association. Whether it was Gmail, G Suite, or even Google Talk and Hangouts. I even put massive efforts into Googe+ for quite a long while until it became clear it was a DOA product.

I have also been vocal about the things they do I disagree with. I resented them killing off Google Reader. I thought they way they dealt with Google Talk's transition to Hangouts was bad, and I still think Google Allo and Duo are among the most stupid implementations of any recent product. They don't even have feature parity with Hangouts, and they're trying to be 2 products taking on a single product competition (iMessage, WhatsApp, Signal, even Facebook Messenger.) Recently things have been progressively getting worse there.

Youtube has been the forefront of a massive ideological battle between the Progressive (Regressive left) and pretty much anyone not sharing their views. And it has been increasingly clear as time has gone by that Google is falling further and further on the Progressive side of the debate, rather than remaining agnostic or even completely outside the argument at all. I won't go into details, but when Google brings in professional victims, misandrist apologists, and actively shuts down voices that don't share those same opinions (look at the recent banning of Jordan Peterson) then it becomes clear there is no objectivity.

However, this latest scuffle has genuinely been the icing on the cake. Everyone in the media and a lot of the tech commentators are running around screaming misogyny, hate, calling the document nothing but a massive assault on women and their place in the tech industry. Rather than actually discuss the points and refute his comments, they attack the author. Rather than discuss the sentiments expressed, they have literally shut down any discussion. Further, Google said it was "against the code of conduct" to express or even hold such *opinions* and have fired the author for it.

All the while, genuinely oblivious to the fact that this reaction has literally validated the point that was being made in the document. They have literally reacted in exactly the way that was being pointed out in the document as being stiffling and contributing to what can only be described as an echo chamber of ideas. I have actually read the PDF of the so called #googlemanifesto and have seen quite a few scientists, biologists, and psychologists, all agree that the sentiments expressed in the document are legitimate.

The primary point of the document is that this push for "diversity" is well intentioned, but is achieving the exact wrong results. Rather than increasing the quality of people being accepted for positions, they're reducing the requirements for a select group in order to fill some diversity quota. This doesn't ensure that those people in those positions are the best for the role, but are instead merely there because they ticked a box that fills a quota. And as much as I hate to say it, the reaction of Google, the tech media, the mainstream media, and the progressives in general, bothers me enough that I have started moving away from using Google products.

I already run my own Nextcloud, but rather than sync back to Google services, I'm going to go the other direction. Rather than use Gmail, I'm going to run a local instance of RoundCube instead. When they killed Google Reader, I had to replace that, so I am treating this as the same sort of project. Products I can replace locally, I will be replacing with locally hosted alternatives.

There was a time where I could look past the ideological issues. I have been ignoring the fight on Youtube because it wasn't something that directly affected me. I was ignoring the very clear bias in search results and news results because I have learned how to think for myself. But when Google starts deliberately misrepresenting the views of people and using their views as reason to silence them (or fire them in this case,) then I can't pretend I agree with that.

It doesn't matter whether I agree with him or not, the fact that he was obviously let go for voicing his opinion, an opinion that is clearly against the generic opinion of Googler as a group, completely rubs me the wrong way.

What really bothers me, and the absolute irony of the whole situation, is that Google's actions, and the reactions of the mainstream and tech media, the reactions of the progressives online, actually validate what is said in the document. Rather than openly discuss the statements and ideas within the document, they are actively shutting discussion down with strawman and ad hominem attacks against the author and anyone that doesn't immediately agree with their view of the document. And for me, that's dangerous. I don't care how good the product is, when the


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