Thursday, October 11, 2018

More Classified Hillary Clinton Emails Found On Private Server

It seems that scandal around Hillary Clinton's private email server is not ready to die yet. Two years after Crooked Hillary was humilisted by Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, the story of how she mingled private business with government business and tried to conceal her activities from official oversight by using a private email server while holding the position of Secretary of State has been arousing renewed interest recently.

It could be pure coincidence this is happening with the mid term elections only weeks away, but somehow we doubt that.

What many commentators are suggesting and what seems feasible to us is that sometime after the twentieth of this month Trump will declassify a tranche of the mails most embarrassing to The Democrats.

from Big League Politics

Hillary Clinton had many classified emails on her private server, which she hid from even her own State Department. The sheer amount of classified material on her server speaks volumes about Clinton’s gross negligence when operating as the Obama administration’s Secretary of State.

Judicial Watch found 288 new pages of Clinton emails Wednesday, writing: “Classified information was sent in a January 26, 2010, email from Jake Sullivan, Secretary Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser, to Clinton and her top aide Huma Abedin explaining that he has “pasted” (his word) from another document a written summary sent to him from former British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair’s conversations are with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Irish leaders regarding the sensitive Northern Ireland peace process. Also included is a classified April 8, 2010, email from secret Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal (who was barred from a State Department position by the Obama administration and regardless continued to advise Clinton on matters of state) about the change of government in Kyrgyzstan.

And the emails include a classified June 13, 2009, email from Sullivan to Clinton and aide Cheryl Mills regarding Sullivan’s discussions with Northern Ireland leaders. The new documents obtained by Judicial Watch also show Hillary Clinton being given speech-making advice by Blumenthal. They reveal a potential conflict of interest between the Clintons. They also contain information about a CIA team killed by al Qaeda”

A few items of Hillary Clinton information emerged Wednesday.

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