Friday, November 02, 2018

Leaked Document: United Nations Says Immigration Is Always Good And Should never Be Restricted

Only days after the European Court Of Human Rights (ECHR) gave a judgement with effectively reintroduced the notion of criminal blasphemy to Europe, but only for criticism of Islam (you can say what you like about Judaism and Christianity, and the more hateful and threatening the better,) a news reporter for German independent TV station RTL reported on a leaked United Nations document which reveals that corrupt bunch of Cultural Marxist paskudniaks plan to use immigration from third world shithole countries to destroy western civilisation. If you don't believe me just read the subtitles of the embedded video.

This blog has been telling you for fifteen years we are at war, not with Russia, China or Iran as mainstream media would have you believe but with the ruling elites of our own nations.

from Gates of Vienna

An RTL Commentator Utters Blasphemy Against the UN Migration Pact

RTL is the only major independent broadcaster in Germany. In the following clip from RTL, the commentator Jörg Zajonc expresses doubleplus ungood thoughts about the United Nations’ proposed migration pact.
Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:
Video transcript:

00:00 The U.N. Migration Pact, a wish-list detached from reality. Convolutedly
00:04 written, difficult to read and even more difficult to understand except for one claim:
00:08 Migration is good. It is always good and should never be restricted. Why?
00:12 No answer is given. The doubters are assured that it is just a consensus paper,
00:16 not legally binding. Officially that might be the case, but it IS binding — in a political and
00:22 moral sense. That can have legal consequences. That would mean anyone
00:26 can make a claim based on the Pact and take their case to court. What judge would
00:30 dare make a decision against the consensus? It comes from the U.N.
00:34 Additionally, it is noted in the pact that national laws should be taken into account,
00:38 but also encouraged that these national laws be adapted according to the interests
00:42 of the U.N. Then there’s the matter of “information”. There should be an open,
00:47 Fact-based discussion concerning this matter, but I ask how?
00:51 If the results are already established, the perception to be created should be more
00:55 realistic, humane, and more constructive. The media should involved in steering the
00:59 immigration. It says that — literally. And those who don’t play along, they will have
01:04 their financial support taken away. That’s written in there too!
01:08 There one thing that’s not explained in the Pact. If immigration is so great, then why
01:12 does it require a controlled information campaign or such a pact?


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