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Dutch Dairy Farmer Faces Having To Cull 95% Of His Cows


Dutch dairy farmer Martin Neppelenbroek at his farm in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands, on July 7, 2022. (The Epoch Times)

 Following on from our reports of the Dutch farmers' protests against new and totally destructive  environmental being imposed on member states by the Brussels bureaucracy we have today picked the story of one farmer who claims the new rules will require him to slash his livestock inventiry by 95 percent. predicts the new laws will result in him having to sell the family farm.

I can’t run a farm on 5 percent. For me, it’s over and done with,” he said in a July 7 interview with The Epoch Times.

“In view of the regulations, I can’t sell it to anybody. Nobody wants to buy it. [But] the government wants to buy it. And that’s why they [have] those regulations, I think.”

Neppelenbrook is referring of course to a detail in the World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset agenda'  which would see new laws put European and North American farmers out of business by preventing them producing food through fascistic laws justified by idiotic ideological goals like 'net zero'.

A cow at Martin Neppelenbroek’s farm in Lemelerveld, The Netherlands, on July 7, 2022. (The Epoch Times)

Neppelenbroek made the remarks while speaking with Roman Balmakov, host of “Facts Matter” on EpochTV, during Balmakov’s recent trip to the Netherlands.

As Boggart Abriad reported yesterday Farmers in Italy, Spain and Poland have joined Dutch farmers in protest of 'green' government regulations that will decimate the industry by forcing them to reduce their use of nitrogen fertilizer compounds. Cows produce lots of ammonia through their bodily waste but nitrogen, like Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is essential to the healthy development of plants and animals.

Not all farmers are required to get rid of so many cattle, pigs and chickens.

People living further from areas protected under Natura 2000, a European Union (EU) agreement for species and habitat preservation, can own more cattle.

The mor authoritarian governments of EU member states have gleefully embraced the regulations on nitrogen oxides and ammonia emissions which are tied to sites’ proximity to those protected areas. Naturally the protected areas are closest to the most productive agricultural land in the EU. This latest insanity from the Brusseld bureaucrats is worse for the citizens of Europe that the previos totally bonkers agricultural policies of paying farmers to not farm productive land with higher payments for letting good land return to a wilderness state, aka rewilding.

Will any of this save the planet as is ostesnibly intended. Of course not, it is just more control freakery led by the pseudo science of the mathematical modellers

Farmers, truckers, and others across the Netherlands have led nationwide protests against the EU and WEEF vision for the future wich includes plans for we the people to eat insects, worms and chemical shite vaguely resembling meat, which will be grown in factories.

Dutch news serviceNOS Nieuws reported that Christianne van der Wal, the country’s minister of nature and nitrogen policy, has not ruled out expropriating land from uncooperative farmers. According to a report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agriculture Service, the Dutch government has said its approach means “there is not a future for all [Dutch] farmers.”

For now, Neppelenbroek’s 70-acre-plus property is home to roughly 130 milking cows. It’s been in his family for half a century.

“I’m the second generation,” he said, adding that many farms in the Netherlands have been in families for much longer.

The Netherlands punches well above its weight in agriculture. The small, coastal country is one of the world’s top 10 food exporters. Though there is not a lot of space compared to nations like the USA and Canada, Ukraine and Russia, the climate is ideal for both livestock, dairy and arable farming and the Dutch have learned how to use to that space as effectively as possible.

Big Food Cartel Aims For Monopoly Food comtaminated with toxic chemicals by food companies Food crisis down to control freakery rather than shortages Food science fraud GM crops will not feed the world If GM foods are dangerous show us the evidence the Scienceology cult said. Here it is.

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As the corrupt politicians, greedy corporate businesses and insane scientists stepo up their efforts to assure the public that food containing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) is safe, why is public opposition growning. OK, recently exposures of corporate corruption, scientific fraud and politicical dishonest have destroyed trust but is there more to it than that?

How Globalism and Big Agriculture Corporations Are Destroying Independent Farmers.
The push to impose genetically modified foods on us all is stalling, it hasn't failed yet, the greedy and corrupt politicians and the science whores who will seel their arses for a research grant are still collaborating with Corporate businesses to bullt the public. But the more the fascists bully, the more obdurate We The People become. So now the shits are trying to destroy small, independent farmers so we will ot have any choice about eating their toxic shit.

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Food supply: potash monopoly could send prices sky highOn August 19 financial pages of newspapers led with the story “Australian mining giant launches hostile $40 billion takeover bid for world’s largest potash supplier”. For anyone who is not aware of the significance of potash, erved from several potassium compounds, the headline could be rephrased “world runs out of food”. This story indicated that those of us branded 'climate deniers' because we were intelligent and far sighted enough to understand the world faces far greater problems that those posed by statistics, hockey sticks and a few incidences of freak weather.

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